Information Graphics by Sandra Rendgen

Information Graphics

How complex ideas can be communicated via graphics“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”—Albert Einstein Our everyday lives are filled with a massive flow of information that we must interpret in order to understand the world we live in. Considering this complex variety of data floating around us, sometimes the best — or even only — way to communicate is visually. This unique book presents a fascinati...

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TitleInformation Graphics
Release DateMay 27th, 2012
LanguageMultiple languages
GenreDesign, Nonfiction, Art

Reviews Information Graphics

  • Alexandru
    In the beginning, this books seems just another huge coffee table book that contains visual information in various languages, thus hard to understand. But after reading it in depth, it is clear that the book focuses more on the way the information is presented and not on the information itself. And for any person who is involved in presentations or research it is quite useful.
  • Daylyn
    Great book on the history of infographics. It's amazing to see how we've used infographics over the millennia.
  • Shimona Hirchberg
    So good!!
  • Parka
    ( More pictures on my blog )This is one humongous book on infographics put out by Taschen. It's 480 pages and it's heavy so there could be additional weight surcharge depending on where you're shipping to.As an artist at the newspaper, I also create infographics occasionally. I bought this book for reference. It's a good reference with lots of examples. But there are some things to take note.The infographics presented are rather heavy on data. Th...
  • Jeremy Kuzub
    This is physically the largest book I own, and I managed to get it home from LA in my carry on baggage somehow. Probably the most thoughtful part of this book is the initial mini book that is slightly inset in the first 96 pages; It is a historical view of information graphics, from their origin through the 20th century. The book is an example of its subject, being information and graphics. It is inspirational, in that it can be opened randomly f...
  • Jonathan Jeckell
    This book is enormous and heavy. It's rather intimidating to even consider reading it because it's so big and you will be tempted to browse it. However, the short essays and the paragraphs describing the huge amount of examples of infographics in the book are written in three languages, which wastes a lot of space, so it's really not that hard to do an end-to-end survey of what the book is trying to tell you. The book is filled with a huge number...
  • BlackOlive
    This book is STUNNING. A behemoth measuring as tall as my 17" MacBook Pro is wide and a good 3" thick. The binding is perfect for this size book, allowing it to lay flat as you approach the middle. The paper stock is impeccable — a thick bright white coated paper that feels luxurious to the touch. The design of the interior is also perfectly in line with the subject matter in that it is structured by "type" of information graphic and color-code...
  • Sergej
    Essentially this is a great book if you carefully read the description and understand that this is mostly historical point of view on where data visualization comes from plus illustrations/examples of infographics made in the past. There are very short descriptions for each example and I, having no background in this field, hardly can decompose/reverse engineer the examples to understand why it was done like that and not the other wat. I.e. this ...
  • Azem
    This book is HUGE. Heavy and really beautiful. Not one to take with me to have a browse through when I am on the bus - but to dive into and enjoy at home.The graphics are inspiring and the printing is gorgeous. A lot of research has gone into putting this book together and the authors/editors have done a great job at pulling together some really fantastic examples of Information Graphics.I highly recommend this book for graphic designers.
  • Johanna
    I wouldn't necessarily call this a book. A hardcover at 9.7 x 14.6 in., 480 pages, it is a hefty tome. This unique tome presents a fascinating perspective on the subject of complex data and our attempt to make sense of them by communicating via graphic visualization. It features 200 projects and 400+ examples of contemporary information graphics in fields ranging from journalism to art, government, education, business, and more. This 'book' is a ...
  • Karen Whitney
    I bought this with a gift certificate I recieved for my birthday. It is stunning! A vast array of charts, maps, and other forms of visual information. It is a beautiful testament to the innumerable ways we can present and receive information. You know it is good when the bookseller at Elliot Bay is jealous of your purchase. I look forward to many hours of absorbing information from this visually inspiring volume.
  • Katherine Collins
    Here is a duo of fantastic data visualization books, Tufte-style. You could get lost in either of these for hours on end… so much information in such a small space (well, relatively small – they are massive books). If you are wondering how to convey dense information in a coherent way, without watering it down, you will find inspiration here. [along with "Atlas of Science"]
  • Kate Green
    It's a work-out to carry this book anywhere, but it is a valuable resource in looking at presenting loads of different types of data in engaging and accessible ways.
  • Robert Campbell
    Absolutely amazing! Three languages. Stunning graphics. Exceptional production. One of the best examples of the book as cultural artifact that I've seen in ages.
  • Maggie S.
    Most likely my best purchase of 2013.
  • Will Carey
    One of the best compilations of info graphics I've seen in one boom
  • Cyrus