Hush Money (Jack MacTaggart #1) by Chuck Greaves

Hush Money (Jack MacTaggart #1)

When Hush Puppy, Pasadena’s socialite Sydney Everett’s champion show horse, dies under suspicious circumstances, junior lawyer Jack MacTaggart is assigned to handle the insurance claim. But the case soon takes an unexpected turn, thrusting Jack into a spiraling web of blackmail and murder in which he finds himself both the prime suspect and the next likely victim. In Hush Money, an acclaimed debut novel and the first in a s...

Details Hush Money (Jack MacTaggart #1)

TitleHush Money (Jack MacTaggart #1)
Release DateMay 8th, 2012
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Animals, Horses, Thriller, Mystery Thriller, Humor

Reviews Hush Money (Jack MacTaggart #1)

  • Jim
    This was practically a perfect read. It had a twisty mystery surrounding the death of a show horse & we got to listen to some rounds of show jumping that were almost as exciting as watching the real thing. It was all done exceedingly well. Handling horses & horse people properly in a novel seems to be a rarity.The characters were well done. Jack does wise crack a fair amount & it was generally very well done. The others acted well within their si...
  • Ruthie
    I received “Hush Money” by Chuck Greaves as a part of the come giveaway program. I received an ARC copy (Advanced Reader’s Copy) which typically means that not everything about the book is finalized, typically things like the cover. I hope this is the cover it’s published with though, because I think it does a great job of fitting the story inside! Now I know that most of the books that I talk about on my blog (or my Good Re...
  • Nancy McFarlane
    Jack MacTaggert, a wise-cracking young lawyer, is a new addition to a prestigious, highfalutin law firm. Jack, his law firm and the moneyed players in the grand-prix world of horse jumping become all mixed up in this tale of insurance fraud, dead horses and murder (of the human kind). Greaves has written a sharp, funny, fast-paced mystery with a smart, sarcastic young hero who, I hope, we will see lots more of.I used to love Dick Frances books an...
  • Maddy
    PROTAGONIST: Jack McTaggart, lawyerSETTING: Pasadena, CASERIES: #1 of 3RATING: 3.5WHY: Lawyer Jack Mactaggart is assigned to handle the insurance claim for a prized show horse who has died, Hush Puppy. Its owner, Sydney Everett, has been involved in funny business involving a dead horse before. Jack ties her into a scheme involving the son of the senior partner of his law firm. With the aid of stable manager Tara Flynn, Jack delves deep into the ...
  • Vanessa Wright
    Champion show jumper Hush Puppy was rocketing through a spectacular Olympic campaign - until he turned up dead in his stall at Los Angeles's posh Fieldstone Riding Club. Since the insurance claim should have been routine, the owner's law firm sent disgraced trial lawyer Jack MacTaggart to manage it. But MacTaggart isn't convinced that Hush Puppy's death was an accident. With the Fieldstone Club's annual Grand Prix approaching, MacTaggart must rac...
  • Jonathan
    I'm not familiar with Chuck Greaves' work, but after this novel,I definitely want to be more familiar with it. In this novel, which just happens to be his first one,a socialite named Sydney Everette has to file an insurance claim. Her beloved show horse,who she named Hush Puppy,dies under mysterious circumstances and Jack MacTaggart has to get to get to the bottom of the mystery. In doing so,he has to enter into the world of equestrian, which he ...
  • Karen
    Jack MacTaggart is a rough-around-the-edges lawyer working for a polished firm when he is assigned to defend a race horse owner accused of scamming the insurance company after her horse dies. When Jack's mentor is murdered, it is soon apparent that the two cases are connected.
  • Bea Clark
    Fun mysteryVery enjoyable! Hope to see Jack and Tara together again in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  • Laura Underhill
    Jack McTaggart - would love to meet him. Great sense of humor, honor, and intelligent.
  • Caren
    Enjoyed it for the showjumping and attorney scenes.
  • Douglas Lord
    Reminiscent of Steve Martini’s Paul Madriani novels is Greaves’s legal thriller, starring a hands-on lawyer. When the titular, bazillion-dollar horse dies under shadowy circumstances, the insurance company refuses to pony up (Ha!)—especially since the owner’s prior boss died the same way with a fat settlement check following. Checking in on the situation is Jack MacTaggart, a lawyer pinch-hitting for the firm representing the owner. MacTa...
  • MissSusie
    This was a new to me author and narrator and only picked it up because it is nominated for an Audie award in the mystery category.When the book started I thought ok it’s a legal thriller, then we have a death of a horse and all that goes along with the hoity toity horse crowd, then we have a murder and some medical mystery so this is hard to categorize. I enjoyed the main character lawyer Jack MacTaggert he was somewhat cynical, and has a dry s...
  • Stephen Campbell
    Hush Money, the debut novel by lawyer turned author by Chuck Greaves, introduces Jack MacTaggart to the world of mysteries and thrillers. Jack's a lawyer who is most comfortable representing clients against powerful interests. But the fun begins when he's assigned the task of dealing with a wealthy socialite whose horse, Hush Money, has just died.Of course, all is not as it seems. The wealthy socialite may have financial problems, and the horse m...
  • Scott Soloff
    Beautifully constructed book! Characters are well drawn; plotting is superb; the pacing delightful. It absolutely deserves five stars.But, it is not a GREAT book. It is an excellent book. Way above average. I had to stop and reflect what elevates a book to greatness?I'm not sure that I have the answer; however, I did manage to come up with an example.Jim Butcher's "Harry Dresden" series, I believe, rises to greatness (also, there appears to horde...
  • Adrienne
    I really liked this book. When I was a young girl, we lived across from Bay Meadows race track in San Mateo, and we were frequently at the track. I especially liked the paddock, and got to know the horses and jockeys. This book brought a lot of those memories back for me.This was a well written mystery, with a nicely placed plot, that seemed to go just about the same way the rider would lead the horse to the jumps, faster and faster until the fin...
  • Eli
    I will refrain from giving a plot synopssis, since other reviewers have done so.I enjoyed Hush Money and you will too if you like lawyer books with a good mystery and a witty main character. I don't normally read lawyer books and I did find that some of the legal lingo in book was a little hard to follow at times. I really enjoyed the main character's wit, which did a good job of not coming across as rude nor snobish.The ending was a little abrup...
  • Cialan
    Chuck Greaves' HUSH MONEY, was a great romp. The horse world, which I happen to love, but which others can find tedious, was exposed in an engaging way with rich characters and great settings in the barely disguised Flintridge Riding Club. The central character was complex and motivated with all the requisite components of a mystery handled with an expert hand (this despite HM being Greaves' first book). The combination of horses and mystery made...
  • Lee
    Jack MacTaggart is a newly hired lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Pasadena. He is assigned to handle an insurance claim on the death of a horse, a show jumper insured for $2 million dollars. Funny book though I found it a bit over done, sort of a low tech wanna-be James Bond. Even though Jack is the new kid, everyone turns to him for answers. He knows nothing about horses but quickly becomes the expert and the go to guy in case of emergency. T...
  • Donna Siebold
    With the flavor of Mickey Spillane and the legal twists of Grisham or Turow, Chuck Greaves introduces Jack MacTaggert.Jack is investigating the mysterious death of Hush Puppy - a champion show horse. Twists and turns abound including the death of another horse, blackmail and murder. Working frequently "on principle" Jack follows all the leads getting bruised and battered along the way. The beginning is slow but it ends up being an enjoyable story...
  • Heaven Morgan
    Hush Money is a riveting story of an attorney who is sucked into a crazy equestrian world. I adore the love stroy underlying the mystery itself and it is a reletively easy read. While reading the book I went through the ups and downs with Jack and I felt as if I was watching through the fence. I was a little disappointed with the open ending. I hoped there would be a happily ever after but despite this Hush Money is intriguing and there is a nice...
  • pearl_seeker
    A fun romp through the legal system and the monied horsey-set of L.A. The bad guys were fairly obvious, but the story was well-written and fast-paced. The writing is refreshing and fun to read. I would definitely give Chuck Greaves another go-round with his smart-ass attorney Jack MacTaggart. Unlike some authors (I'm looking at you, Deborah Coonts and Janet Evanovich), Greaves has not populated his novel with obnoxious, secondary characters.
  • Peggy
    This is the first book in the Jack McTaggert mysteries,and the author's first book.I loved the writing as well as the main character in lawyer Jack McTaggert.Mr Greaves fleshed out his not only his flawed hero but everyone involved in the mystery. No one in the book the book is a one dimensional including McTaggert.I liked this book so much that I'm now reading the 2nd one in the series,Green Eyed Lady.Hush Money is well worth the time in reading...
  • Colleen
    Hard to believe this is a debut mystery-- the writing is very accomplished: smart, funny, well plotted, with solid characters, a good mystery, and a wonderful sense of place, in this case Pasadena and the moneyed world of the horse club in La Canada. An entertaining legal mystery that has me ready to jump right into the next one.
  • Simon
    I have been a life-long fan of the mystery genre with a host of favorite authors: Amanda Cross, Joseph Hansen, Dashiell Hammett, Erle Stanly Gardner, Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Richard and Frances Lockridge (the last are truly under rated in my opinion), and above all, Rex Stout. Seriously, this book held me at their level. I look forward to reading the next in the series.
  • Amanda
    I received this as a Goodreads giveaway.I'm a fan of mysteries, and this one was good. I really liked Jack and his quick wit and smart ass comments. This kept me guessing, and I liked the ending. There were some parts that seemed improbable, but it was entertaining enough that I let it slide and just enjoyed the story.
  • Patrick O'Connor
    Entertaining, if conventional legal thriller. A bit over the top but why not? What was entertaining for me is that it takes place in my town of Pasadena so the locales were very familar and easy to recognize. I could argue with the charactors on what were the best routes to take places. And the parking in Old Town isn't that bad.
  • Mary MacKintosh
    This first novel by Chuck Greaves, set in Pasadena and surrounds, focuses on the horse set. Jack McTaggart, a young lawyer from a rough background but working in a prestigious law firm. He is mentored by an older attorney with a courtly, ethical perspective on the law. McTaggart has the same perspective. Assigned to support a wealthy woman's
  • Michell
    I was taken aback by the casual racism and sexism peppered through the characters' language. I still thought this was a good mystery (hence the three stars); I just also thought some of the language used was unnecessary. It didn't seem to add to any character development or furtherance of plot.
  • Cynthia Naden
    This is not moving in the way I like a mystery to go but the horse world that he describes is very interesting. Other than for a book group which I am currently reading it for it takes place in Pasadena, the city where I reside.
  • Vicki
    The many one-liners (the kind I wish I could remember but never do) don't impede the galloping pace of the plot as lawyer Jack MacTaggart learns more than he wants to know about horse shows when he investigates a possible insurance fraud.