Real Food Fermentation by Alex Lewin

Real Food Fermentation

Discover how to preserve your favorite foods in every season with the easy techniques and recipes in Real Food Fermentation: Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen. Learn the process of fermentation from start to finish, and stock your pantry and refrigerator with delicious fruits, vegetables, dairy, and more. Fermenting is an art and a science, and Alex Lewin expertly takes you through every step, including an overvi...

Details Real Food Fermentation

TitleReal Food Fermentation
Release DateJul 1st, 2012
PublisherQuarry Books
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Health, Nonfiction

Reviews Real Food Fermentation

  • Kristi
    This book covers a lot of fermented foods in very little space, plus has many detailed photographs. As such, it is a great starter reference book for those new to fermenting their own foods and beverages. This is especially true if you are not sure if you are just looking to dabble. After some usual introductory information about equipment and choosing your ingredients this book covers sauerkraut and other lacto-fermented vegetables; fermented da...
  • Athena
    An excellent cookbook-guide to fermentation (veg, dairy, beverages) that is copiously illustrated with step-by-step photos; should be easily used by beginning & experienced cooks alike.In addition to illustrated recipes with suggestions for use, Lewin also gives a lot of vital information in the opening chapters and in brief sections that accompany the recipes. He typically gives a few different options for accomplishing fermentation with differe...
  • Terry Miller
    The author makes fermentation of vegetables and other foods very approachable for the novice preserver. The illustrations are of high quality and appear to be useful in illustrating the author's intended points. The book covers a lot of technique and it appears that the reader will benefit from reading the entire book prior to starting a recipe.I will note that the author spends quite a bit of effort proselytizing the benefits of the slow food cu...
  • Hana
    Most of the recipes were far too complicated than what I was looking for. I did find the recipe for Kombucha very interesting and informative since I have already been brewing my own. The only other recipe I would be willing to try at this time was preserved lemons and limes (which I had never even crossed my mind to ferment).
  • Jillian
    I now feel pretty solidly that I could make my own sauerkraut.
  • Dawn
    Good introduction to fermentation methods.
  • Justin
    There is a good selection of recipes here. A bigger selection than most but not nearly as impressive as the most. The recipes are well described and photographed.
  • Lauren
    Pretty basicI dont really have much to compare it too, except Fresh and Fermented which is definitely a 5 star rating... this book just seems a little short but it does have some information, just seems basic. Pretty basicI don’t really have much to compare it too, except Fresh and Fermented which is definitely a 5 star rating... this book just seems a little short but it does have some information, just seems basic.
  • Cydney
    A great deal of time is spent discussing how to chop vegetables with an excess of photos of chopping, slicing, and food processors that add nothing to the learning experience. Less time is spent discussing the how-to of fermentation and that can be somewhat vague. For example the section on sauerkraut, on which we are supposed to build our fermentation skills, has 6 steps on how to chop a cabbage (7 if you count the one that suggests a food proce...
  • Loraine
    I didn't know I was part of an emerging slow food "craze," because I've come to the place where I want to preserve foods via the age-old lacto-fermentation process naturally. As a kid, growing up on a farm in the 1950s, we pickled, we made sauerkraut . . . so I've actually gone back to my way of cooking from scratch. And let me tell you, fermented wild dandelion greens are delicious! So is fermented kale & carrots!I highly recommend Real Food Fer...
  • Toby
    This is a nicely put together and visually appealing introduction to fermentation. There is a good section on the basics of technique and equipment as well as a well illustrated introduction to sauerkraut. There are a few great inventive recipes, and good intros to kombucha, kefir and a few other things. I would recommend this to someone who had no exposure to fermentation, but if you've done much of anything at all, I would probably recommend Th...
  • Sarah
    An excellent, helpfully visual primer for beginning home fermenters. All the classic, easy basics are here: sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, cultured butter, crème fraîche, pickles, chutneys, vinegar, cider, and kombucha (with a recipe toward the end for corned beef, which I previously did not know was traditionally a fermented food!). There is some more brief information on cultural staples like wine, beer, cheese and bread, since each of th...
  • Kerry
    Fun, enthusiastic primer on fermenting food. Instructions are easy to follow and the writer keeps gadgets and ingredients to a minimum--she doesn't necessarily advocate the use of fancy appliances or the purchase of cultures, though she admits that these are available. This makes fermentation a realistic endeavor rather than an expensive one that requires the practitioner to hunt down esoteric foods or bacteria in order to create healthful and ta...
  • Mindy
    I enjoyed learning more about fermenting foods. This book explains the basics of fermentation but the best thing about it is the very detailed pictures and detailed instructions in the book...very helpful! I can't wait to try some of the recipes! Fabulous into book to fermentation!
  • Pixie
    I haven't read a lot about fermented foods, so I don't know for sure how good this book is (i.e., can you get all this info on the internet?), but I liked the recipes. Some day I might try some of the simpler ones.
  • Bree
    Notes:put together like pioneer woman cookbookstons of colorful step-by-step photospart cookbook, part informational booksuper excited to try carolina-style slawSandor Katz's books are better but this is a great beginner book
  • Kristine
    Excellent book- the best on fermentation that I've picked up. The photos are so helpful and the recipes easy to follow. Due to this book I got brave enough to try a few new things that I will now make regularly!
  • Matt Kruse
    A good, basic introduction to a variety of fermented foods. It hits the highlights on a lot of areas (kraut and other veggies, dairy, non-dairy beverages), but doesn't have a lot of recipes in any one area.
  • Elizabeth
    Marvelous. Let's get culturing!
  • Teri L.
    Good introduction to fermented foods, and a primer on making your own.Great bibliography on articles, books and films about the good food movement.
  • Rachel
    Great for the beginner! Step by step directions , clear directions and recipes, great tips and helpful techniques.
    Great starterLots of information to get started. But not a lot on kombucha tea or water know kefir.not quite what I needed.
  • Dan
    A good basic introduction to the world of food fermentation. It's definitely aimed at the home cook, and is amply illustrated with step by step recipes.
  • Kevin
    Neatly organized. Detailed instructions, good information overall.
  • Jon Stoski
    Great book to get something started. Has great pictures, and makes hands-on jobs a snap. You _will_ get the pages dirty.
  • Aleen Simms
    Haven't tried fermenting yet, but found the photographs and step-by-step instructions useful for learning.
  • Heydi Smith
    Love this book. I want to try them all!
  • Carla
    To the point! Actually processes the homemaker can use.
  • Kirsten Swanson
    awesome pictures, great informative text