Independence Day by Stephen Molstad

Independence Day

Although the movie Independence Day captured the imaginations of millions, it also left many unanswered questions about the alien invasion. This second ID4 original novel gives fans the complete story of the courageous pilots who banded together in the Arabian desert to crush the alien City Destroyer.When Reg Thompson, an R.A.E Pilot and Instructor, survives an early attack against the apparently invulnerable City Destroyer, he retreats into the ...

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TitleIndependence Day
Release DateApr 28th, 1998
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews Independence Day

  • Adam Czarnecki
    Okay, so this book is surprisingly good. I got it as a gift some time ago and was going through my book collection the other day and, with the new movie on my mind, decided to read a little of it. I know what you're thinking, though, and I thought it to. It's a movie tie-in, right? Put out twenty years ago to further capitalize on the ID4 craze. I wasn't expecting much, but the first chapter was so intriguing I decided to keep reading. The novel ...
  • Adam Aufderheide
    Great book, I like how they expanded on a side character, this is an amazing blend of science and Fiction.
  • PJQ2
    I bought this book from a book shop that was closing. The owner was retiring so all of the book were marked at a dollar a piece. Now, I really wasn't expecting much out of this book, but the more I read of it the more I liked it. I actually grew to like and care about the characters and in some instances I despised a few of the characters as well. I liked this book so much that I even recommended it to my mom. To my surprise she read it in three ...
  • Telizmary Pinales Roussel
    Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. "Mankind." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom... Not f...
  • Gene
    I liked reading this book. It was certainly better than I expected, though I had no idea about the plot before reading it. I expected an immediate sequel to Independence Day that detailed the days after what we saw in the movies. What I got was a prequel that focused solely on Dr. Brackish Okun and government cover-ups, and it worked. The story was good and at times compelling. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because a lot that we learn in t...
  • Erin
    I admit to loving this book. It tells the story of how Dr. Brackish Okun (played by Brent Spiner in the films) first came to Area 51 straight out of college, and revolves around the intrigues in the lab and with the previous head of research there. It's...not an intellectual read, but I liked the film character and so enjoyed getting to see his backstory. This book is probably not considered strictly "canon" to the films, but I can't think of any...
  • Susan
    Surprisingly good.
  • AronJean
    A whole lot of fun, gave a lot of interesting insight on one of the more interesting characters in the film. I'd read more like this!
  • Zoltán
    Ahogy már mások is jelezték, a könyv címe voltaképpen egy hoax, átverés. Beetetés, amire ez a könyv egyáltalán nem szorult volna rá. A nyitó fejezet paragrafusait leszámítva ugyanis a regény retrospektíve azokat az előzményeket tárja elénk, melyek egymásutánisága végül a filmet ismerő közönség számára oly ismerős pillanatig, a földönkívüli idegenek inváziójáig vezet. Ily módon nem a Függetlenség Napja f...
  • Jesse Poland
    Ok, So yes, Movie is coming out, and yes I saw the Omnibus at chapters and said, "wth!", picked it up with the prequel to the new movie and since it comes out in a week, ya I am burning through them all. To give you a bit of context how fast, I picked the Omnibus up on Tuesday, Finished the ID4 part on Thursday Morning, and am half way through Silent Zone now. On so obviously as seen by you the reader and written/reviewed by others, It centers on...
  • Conan Tigard
    Silent Zone is a good prequel to the movie ID4: Independence Day. The story mostly takes place in Area 51 with the scientists trying to figure out how to make the alien ship function. Since only one of the characters is in the movie, it is impossible to say whether Molstad is true to the movie. I found that I had to sit down and watch the movie again just to be sure that Okun was who I though he was. But Molstad does a good job explaining why the...
  • Barry
    This was just another book. It neather moved me nor made me cringe. If it was a longer book, I probably wouldn't have bothered to finish it. That being said, it was easy to visualize the antics of Dr. Okun (especially since Brent Spinner fits Okun's personality) and they were enjoyable in themselves. I probably wouldn't recommend this book because, though entertaining, it didn't add anything to build on an important part of the story the movie wa...
  • Heather's Mum
    Offshoot of movie ID4, The Silent Zone details the early career of Dr. Brackish Okun (played by Brent Spiner in the movie)and also delves into the aliens' technology. In addition, this book discusses the crash at Roswell, New Mexico. Dr. Okun finds a second craft in Mexico in an area nicknamed the "Silent Zone." The Secretary of Defense Albert Nimziki, director of the CIA, shreds a report by Okun on the possibility of aliens visiting Earth someda...
  • Anna
    After fighting back the attack of Aliens soldiers of Delta Company find in an alien battleship a notebook of young scientist from 1970s. The notes say about researxh in supersecret lab. In 1970s there was a report on possible Alien invasion on Earth, but someone wanted to hide it.
  • Bryce Tidd
    This book was very good. It had a very good storyline with mystery, and it always kept me wondering what would happen next. I definitely recommend it because it is very sci-fi and all about the mysterious spacecraft that landed at Roswell. Overall a very good book.
  • Lee Sargent
    It's actually not a bad story, written well enough and is solid companion piece to the film.There is one major plot element introduced in the beginning which is left unresolved and several unanswered questions but I enjoyed it
  • Patrick
    Great compendium for ID4 fans. Definitely a "popcorn" book, a quick read.
  • Martin
    Enjoyed this book. Filled gaps from the film.
  • Mike B
    wish there were more, I enjoyed this novel
  • John
    Interesting book. Answered a few questions that came from the movie. Also brought up a few more. This book also made me like Dr. Okam. Before reading this I never really gave him much thought.
  • John Stinebaugh
    A cool prequel. Makes Dr. Okun a much more interesting character and makes Nimzeki a complete villain.
  • Bryan Ericson
    This is a well written prequel that explains the background for the movie Independence Day. Definitely worth reading before the sequel this summer.