Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan

Well Fed

Preparing quality food is among the most caring things we can do for ourselves and the people we love. That's why Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is packed with recipes for food that you can eat every day, along with easy tips to make sure it takes as little time as possible to get healthy, delicious food into your well-deserving mouth. If you count meals and snacks, we feed ourselves about 28 times each week. All of the Well F...

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TitleWell Fed
Release DateMay 21st, 2019
PublisherSmudge Publishing, LLC
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Health

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  • Mary
    I discovered Melissa Joulwan's blog (and cookbooks) when I googled "Paleo marinade for shrimp" and turned up her recipe for "Ginger-Lime Grilled Shrimp," which was so good that I ordered both Well Fed and Well Fed 2. These cookbooks are staples in my kitchen, and I'm slowly cooking my way through both. Things I love: big, colourful photo of every recipe, suggested pairings that "taste great!" and ingredient substitutions to change up the flavour....
  • Jodi
    This is a solid recipe book for anyone choosing to eat dairy, grain/gluten and legume free. It’s great to have a recipe book where the meals don’t contain lots of junk you are trying to avoid, and where all the recipes are not just gluten-free OR dairy-free etc. but all of these at once.I like that the book isn’t all about trying to recreate unhealthy foods using healthy foods. That gets so boring and ties you to that unhealthy mindset for ...
  • Kt
    I've been feeling a little uninspired with cooking. Even told my husband "man I think I need to remember how to do... anything" Not that I'm the greatest by any means. But when it comes to a super picky eater (my husband) and trying to keep it healthy... the same old same old every night just doesn't cut it. And then you start to cheat with easy fixes and not so health alternatives 'cause well... I don't feel like cooking and I don't want what I ...
  • Tozette
    "Well Fed" is well laid out and prettily presented, so it gets points for that. There's a helpful section on spices, spice blends, substitutes for common (non-approved) foods and a handy-dandy checklist of kitchen equipment. The recipes are interesting, and not totally confined to weary attempts to reproduce the taste of dishes we can no longer eat - although there is some of that and where it exists I continue to be skeptical about it: cauliflow...
  • MicheleStitches
    Let me begin by saying that I am not fond of term "paleo" but it is the commonly used word for this style of eating, so I employ it only because others will know what I mean (no grains, dairy, legumes, processed foods, or chemicals.)Okay, now on to the book...This is more than just a cookbook! The author, Mel Joulwan, has a wonderful way of adding stories and interesting information. I actually READ this book, not just perused the recipes. While ...
  • Michelle
    Super great recipe book for Paleo beginners and anyone with kids. Melissa tells you what you should do at the beginning of the week to have your fridge full of food for the week. Because of this book I have my husband on the BBQ with chicken thighs and zucchini while I'm boiling eggs, frying a pack of chicken sausages, roasting cauliflower and stir frying broccoli for the week. Most times I also have something in the crock pot, too. I learned how...
  • Sarah
    Absolute best cookbook I've ever purchased. Got this and Well Fed 2 at the same time. The recipes are amazing and the author offers endless ways to mix it up depending on which ethnic flavors you are jonesing for. If, like me, you love lots of ethnic foods, you know it's hard to find a cookbook that offers much variety.I'm already looking forward to round two of the Moroccan Meatballs or I might make that sauce and use chicken instead. I laughed ...
  • Dita Murinová
    Tohle bylo mé první nahlédnutí do paleo světa. Musím říct, že spousta věcí mě tam zaujala. Určitě se nechám inspirovat, ale teď na kolejích, s vařičem a malým prostorem určitě žádné velké životní změny nechystám. 4 hvězdičky jsou hlavně za to, s jakým humorem a zapálením autorka mluví o jídle, životě a paleo stylu. Celá recenze ➜ http://blog.jsemdita.cz/zpatky-na-str...
  • A. B
    The concept of the grain free, sugar free, legume free, dairy free diet isn't new. They gave this diet a new name, a shiny appearance, and some vamped-up marketing. Now it's the latest fad. However, this diet has been used since at least the 18th century to specifically treat digestive issues such as Chron's, IBS, Celiac's and others. (During that time it was widely believed these problems were the cause of psychological problems and not real phy...
  • Katie Love
    While a Paleo or even a gluten/sugar/grain free diet should be simple in theory I've found in practice (despite living in California with tempting fresh produce) it can be difficult to figure out on a daily basis: "what the hell do I eat?". If you have a busy life, getting on track to eating healthy can be hard and expensive. You want to eat right to reduce stress but then eating becomes stressful. As a intro guide I love "Practical Paleo", but d...
  • DebHo
    I loved this book and I would not consider myself a "Paleo" eater. Her use of flavors and spices made me exuberant to eat dinner again. Only thing I would mention is I cut way back on the salt each recipe called for, my own personal taste, and also I calculated the nutrition for each recipe and did not necessarily agree with serving sizes. Example: The scotch eggs were huge and half of one egg was plenty for an adult. Her Coconut-Almond Green Bea...
  • Melinda
    A good cookbook. Used with the paleo diet, probably the most worthwhile part of this cook book has to do with cooking like a restaurant. Do alot of prep work, and then when it comes time to put a meal together you have all the elements already assembled. You shop for everything on one day, and then spend another day doing the prep work. 1 to 2 to 3 hours chopping, steaming, and grilling all of your basic food elements. Having them all set aside i...
  • Drjerseygator
    This is practically the only cookbook I use! I got it for my paleo lifestyle, but use it for entertaining as well as for our every night type dishes. If I don't mention that it's a "paleo" recipe, no one would know. I love the way Ms. Joulwan gives alternate suggestions for changing up the recipes (which she calls "you know how you could do that?"...this has taught me to be more experimental and think about flavor combinations. Reading and using ...
  • Andrea Johnson
    This is the first Paleo cookbook I have bought, choosing to find recipes online instead. I finally decided to take the plunge however, and purchase one and have not regretted it. Melissa Joulwan is a talented and funny writer - on her blog and also in this cookbook. I love her ideas for a "weekly cookup", hot plates, etc. She has a great section on pantry essentials as well. The recipes I have attempted so far have been delicious! I will still us...
  • Trace
    February 4, 2015 update: I am boosting my rating for this book from a 4 star to a 5 star. Her pages on hot plates and her weekend prep blitz to prepare for the week are amazing, and for me are worth the price of the book! I have been referring to these pages so much over the past few weeks. And I've not yet made a recipe from this book that didn't rock. 5 stars all the way. I loved this cookbook - lots of great ideas for cooking once at the begin...
  • Joshua
    I love the informality and obvious passion which infuses this book. I generally eat Paleo, but always have to eat gluten free, which means these recipes all work for me. It's not just recipes; I love framing cooking to prepare for the week as a Crossfit WOD. ("for time"' including cleanup.) 4 stars instead of 5 just because I would have loved a higher ratio of recipes to front matter; I hope there will be a sequel!
  • Kathleen
    I have followed Joulwan's blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, for over a year. Her recipes are fantastic! I couldn't wait to get my hands on her cookbook and it's certainly money well spent. The layout is beautiful and it is filled with tips and recipes from various cultures. It's not another Paleo cookbook filled with frittatas, egg cups, and tons of desserts. The book focuses on real, satisfying food! Love it!
  • Katherine
    I don't really buy into all of the paleo stuff, but I am trying to eat less highly processed food. Joulwan gives both recipes and ideas for putting food together into meals. For less experienced cooks, her information on weekly 'cookups' is pretty fabulous.
  • Sarah
    I really enjoyed this cookbook! the only reason I didn't give it a five is that I wasn't able to test many recipes. I checked this out from the library, but I am planning to buy a copy soon.
  • Jirka
    Vynikajici kucharka pro (nejen) nadsence do paleo stravy. Povinnost do kazde muzske casti kuchyne :)
  • Sarah
    The forward and introduction are warm and down to earth-- focusing on fresh foods that make you feel good, recognizing that people have work and commitments that take time. The author is honest about occasionally cheating, and some other comments make it clear that this is a book for people who are going Paleo as a health optional choice, not a health requirement. She also talks a bit about CrossFit; those two seem to pop up together a lot.The bo...
  • James Shrimpton
    I've had this book for just over a week and I've already made half a dozen recipes from it. The food is good, the recipes are clear and easy to follow, and the cooking tips are really great. I especially love the vegetable section, the number of sides is great given that a lot of paleo type books say: "Eat loads of veg", but don't really give you much help in cooking it in interesting ways... Well Fed has majorly upped my cooking and, as a result...
  • Sara
    The “hot plate” concept is genius and Melissa Joulwan is a genius. That and her particular weekly cook-up strategy solve so much keeping me from building a regular habit of cooking at home. It’s so easy that in retrospect it seems completely obvious. Even if you aren’t into “paleo” I’d recommend this cookbook just for the logistics.
  • MJ
    I use this book weekly to plan healthy, tasty meals for my husband and I. Mel Joulwan is a master of spices, and everything I've made has come out flavorful and is easily devoured. Instructions are also easy-to-follow and make cooking at home simple!
  • Diana
    LOVE this book! Kept checking it out from the library, and finally gave in and just bought it. The Super Snack and Hot Plates alone are worth the cost of the book. Seriously. This book has made the Paleo transition easy...and lost me a ton of weight. Love!
  • Rachel Teferet
    A bit fancy for my level of cooking, but has great ideas and recipes :-)
  • A.C. Paige
    I love how this cookbook is arranged. I'm trying to eat less meat, so it's nice to have and entire section for vegetables.
  • Sabrina Dunford
    I loved the layout of this book and the versatility of the recipes.
  • Melody
    This book had a handful of promising-looking recipes that I'm looking forward to trying.
  • Colleen
    I discovered Melissa's site while doing the Whole30 and once I did, I abandoned all other recipe sites/books. She ruined me. After making so much delicious food from her site, I bought two of her cookbook and made some more. This book doesn't give you that much more overall tips and tricks than you'll find on her site. There are a few more gems, but the absolute stars out of this one remain the Chocolate Chili and the Bora Bora Fireballs.