The Lesson Plan (Lords of Lancashire #1) by Jackie Barbosa

The Lesson Plan (Lords of Lancashire #1)

This ebook consists of THE LESSON PLAN, a 22,500 word novella and excerpts from two related short stories, GRACE UNDER FIRE and TAKING LIBERTIES. THE LESSON PLAN is the first novella in the Lords of Lancashire trilogy. The first three chapters of HOT UNDER THE COLLAR, the secord Lords of Lancashire novella, is included at the end of this volume.COVER COPY:Despite her imminent debut, Miss Winifred Langston has no interest in trying on expensive ba...

Details The Lesson Plan (Lords of Lancashire #1)

TitleThe Lesson Plan (Lords of Lancashire #1)
Release DateDec 18th, 2011
PublisherCirce Press
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Novella

Reviews The Lesson Plan (Lords of Lancashire #1)

  • Susanne
    What do you get when you combine my two favorite genres in one novella? An amazing amazing amazing read! My only complaint is that it should have been longer! I loved Conrad and Freddie and one full length book wouldn't have been enough! *Hurries of to buy the rest of this series*
  • Victoria Vane
    This was a light-hearted and very well-written erotic romance novella in which the strait-laced hero and reckless heroine reminded me a good bit of Hew and Vesta in THE VIRGIN HUNTRESS.Although the sex in this novella was very advanced for the level of the heroine's experience, I have come to accept this as par for the course when reading "erotic" romance. I would still like to have had more story and character development but the writing was won...
  • Dee Tenorio
    So there I was, innocently making some food for my troupe of kids, and I thought, “Since I suck at cooking and I’m bored watching food cook, where’s my Kindle? I have a Jackie Barbosa novella to read.”Holy. Sh**. People.Can I just say how much I LOVED “The Lesson Plan”?Now, I do love my historicals, but I must admit, I don’t actually keep track of all historical errors and such, so any classification errors in this particular review...
  • Chryssa
    OMG!!!This book was one of the best surprises I 've ever come across!As it was an Amazon freebie, I told myself why not? and the result was....beyond words! Sizzlingly hot, wickedly funny and deliciously was like book chocolate!!!It is the story of a tomboy, Freddie Langston, and a man of every female's dreams! Conrad Pearce is not the all too "stiff" proper aristocrat that everyone thinks he is! He thirsts to dominate the woman in ...
  • Wendy
    Great cheeky and loveable heroine, hot hero, witty dialogue and some very nice steamy love scenes. I enjoyed this one. ;)
  • Mrs Caroline Trevor
    GreatI found this a really good book. Freddie is an unconventional lady who liked to dress like a man but she still stirs the loins of her neighbour.
  • MaggieReadsRom
    Memorable Scenes: - the stay in the shelter during the 'kidnapping' > awesome and subtle little hint of BDSM- Conrad's proposal and what followed > beautiful and hot!This novella didn’t have a lot of secondary characters and I didn’t mind that at all as the focus remained on Freddie and Conrad, their chemistry and the development of their romance, which is something I like in historical and contemporary romance. This being said, I was very ha...
  • Kelly
    A fast, naughty little read. I liked that Freddie didn't have to become the perfect lady in the end. Also, the sex was nice.This book was a free Kindle download I picked up 08/31/12 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
  • Michelle Connolly
    Silly plot and annoying characters make for a rather unmemorable 'romance' story.
  • Mudpie
    New to me author and I am definitely checking out the rest of her books!This novella leaves me wanting, in a good way! Freddie and Pearce deserve a full length novel, but I think the author has done a great job giving us a condensed but complete story.The sexy times are steamy, and uptight Pearce's thoughts were scorching hot! Freddie and I were totally approving of him deciding that Freddie would be a perfect wife and mistress rolled into one! R...
  • Michelle
    I like stuffy heroes. I like those spunky heroines who challenge them. Most of all I like to actually read about those instances wherein the spunky heroine has ruffled the stuffy hero. So while I enjoyed the premise of this book. I think the downfall for me is the novella-ness of it. If this were not a novella, and I got to see more of Conrad being ruffled to all ruffledness by Freddie I think I would have given this a higher rating. But I will s...
  • Chapparita
    The book ended at 76%, so I'm not convinced that I really read 108 pages. I think I read more like 82 pages of a good story, which left me with 26 pages of excerpts from other books. I liked the story, but there were a 2 or 3 veiled references to rape that really turned me off. In case I've misunderstood the author's intent, I'm giving this story a 3, but rape references are enough to make this a 1 star book for me.
  • Sophie
    Spicy and delicious historical novella. It hinted at first like this would have a mix of BDSM but then thankfully it didn't have anything like that (okay (view spoiler)[it does, however, include spanking (hide spoiler)])It was a nice read but maybe with a little too modern language.
  • MrsMascara
    Lovely characters a, cute and slightly unrealistic plot line - but too short for me! Was a bit disappointed with the price forLess than 100 pages!
  • Sonia N.
    An Aristocratic Lady?I so enjoyed the storyline and the characters. Reading how Freddie's brother plots a scheme with his good friend Conrad! They believe that the fear of being stolen from a coach by a highwayman will help in their plan! I enjoyed this book, it had action and romance. And sizzling love scenes!
  • Monique
    Originally reviewed at AsianCocoa's Secret Garden3.5 StarsThe Lesson Plan was a fun novella with an impulsive, unconventional heroine and a reserved, level-headed hero. I really enjoyed Freddie’s wittiness and fun spirit. As a tomboy, she would rather hang out with her twin brother, Walter and their friend Thomas. But at the ripe old age of twenty-one, Winifred has learned that she will have to travel to and take part in her first London Season...
  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    After reading Carnally Ever After, there were a few pages giving the reader a sneak peak of this book. I had to have it. Read it right away and really liked it a lot. And, I don't generally read historical romances. I generally bypass them, but I mistakenly requested Carnally Ever after on NetGalley, which lead me to this book by the same author.The Honorable Miss Winifred Freddy Langston has made it to the age of twenty-one without being taken t...
  • Ellen (more books, please)
    First time reading Ms. Barbosa though I follow her on Twitter. I don't usually read erotic fiction (or erotic nonfiction for that matter, if such a creature exists) because the bit I have read was execrable. Seeing how witty and articulate Ms. Barbosa is on Twitter, seeing it for my favorite price of free I decided why not. I enjoyed it. It is sweet. Sex is front and center due to the length and really hot due to that whole erotic thing, but it w...
  • Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect
    4.5 stars. I had been looking for a satisfying 'brother's best friend/best friends sister' romance and although this wasn't as long as I wished this fit the bill nicely. Winifred 'Freddie' is improper, wild, wears men's trousers, and is in love with Conrad her best friends brother and her brother's best friend. Conrad is stuffy, proper and secretly attracted to Freddie, his best friend's little sister. Nash, Freddie's brother, devises a plan to m...
  • Janet
    My first Barbosa. She's a fluid fun writer who had me paging forward but I wanted more. The description of the book oversold the "hawt" aspect, imo. The banter reminded me of many a Laurens I have read (which is certainly not a criticism, since I'm crazy for old-skool Laurens) but it was not that original. The scene where they're interrupted in the bedroom brought a similar scene in Welcome to Temptation to mind. Which brings me to what I would h...
  • SandyL
    The Lesson Plan was a quick, sexy and fun read. Even though it was short, the characters were well-rounded and interesting. Winifred "Freddy" Langston has been able to avoid going to London for the season to find a husband for several years, and has now reached the age of 21. She'd rather dress like a boy, fish, ride her horse, shoot guns and all manner of other un-lady-like things. She's been in love with neighbor Conrad Pearce since she was you...
  • Christiana
    This was a quickie which was highly enjoyable. Freddie totally rocks! I have a weakness for heroine-secretly-loves-brother's-friend romances as well as heroines that are flawed, non diamonds of the first water characters. Freddie encompasses all of these traits and is impressive as a crack shot, cheroot smoking, pant wearing equestrian. Conrad is said to be boring and stuffy but his attempt at helping Freddie's brother paints a different picture,...
  • Shirley
    This was a fun quick read. Although I don't read much historical romance, it seems that when a find a cute, funny one I really enjoy it and that's exactly where The Lesson Plan falls. The characters were great and I loved the little 'mind games' that they played with each other not to mention themselves. If you're in the mood for something sweet, with a little bit of naughty heat and a few laughs, this one is perfect. I might even pick up the sec...
  • Suzan
    I really enjoyed this, I'm not usually a big fan of historical fiction but in short bursts like this where it's more focused on the characters story rather then historical events I do occasionally enjoy them! I loved Freddie and Conrad. She is great as a tomboy aristocrat who does not want to conform to what's expected of a female of breeding as her older brother wants her to do! She too busy having fun riding like a man (rather then sidesaddle a...
  • Jennifer
    Bought for free on Amazon: August 31, 2012. Read for The Unread Reader's Why Buy the Cow reading challenge.A hot little historical novella that was a quick and fairly enjoyable read. I really liked the hero, Conrad, and the way that he tried to hide his true feelings for Freddie over the years. I'm a sucker for an unrequited love storyline. That being said, I really did not like Freddie. While I admired her strong personality and confidence, I fo...
  • Lorraine Lesar
    Another free read from Amazon. This is a short, sexy historical read. The chemistry between the two leads is good and I liked the brothers - got to be a story on the way for these. Winifred is the typical "tom boy". She wears trousers, excellent shot etc. - wants to be "one of the boys" except for her feelings for the stuffy Conrad. A plot is hatched between Winifred's brother and Conrad, to frighten her and teach her a lesson. However, being a r...
  • Dezera Castro
    I loved this book. This was my first taste of Jackie Barbosa and I loved it. This book led me to quite a few more reads by this author and I was not disappointed, far from it. Freddie is a precocious tom-boy who likes her independence and Con is the older gentleman who wants to take it away. Into the story comes a sexy highwayman who doesn’t disguise himself very well, and a steamy night in an abandoned shack. This book puts out, but leaves you...
  • Sherri Dub
    I enjoyed this book, though it was a quick read. I liked the premise of a male suitor being seduced by a saucy virgin in Victorian times.The Hero is a priggish, snob who values his place in society enough to dissuade his own desires from becoming realities...until he accepts a task from a friend that will change his world.I liked the way the sex scenes flowed, easily, without being forced.I will definitely read more from this author, so glad I fo...
  • dumbells
    Heh, ha'penny. Forgot they used to call it that. It's really been too long since i read that word. And that was the most significant historically accurate about this book. The rest of it, interaction between people, some of the naughty vocabulary... it all didn't feel very believable for the period. It was a quick read so it kind of missed a deeper characterization, so i'm gonna go with 'it was ok.'
  • Bethyboo ღ The Book Addict ღ
    Historical is probably my least favorite genre, but I had to read it since it was part of a group challenge and now i sit here not knowing what to write in my review. I will give this two stars because i did enjoy the sex scenes, but everything else just bored me. It reminded me a bit of Tuck Everlasting mainly because of the MC's name and her behaviour.