Written in Bone (David Hunter, #2) by Simon Beckett

Written in Bone (David Hunter, #2)

'I took the skull from its evidence bag and gently set it on the stainless steel table. 'Tell me who you are...'Forensic anthropologist Dr David Hunter should be at home in London with the woman he loves. Instead, as a favour to a beleaguered colleague, he's on the remote Hebridean island of Runa to inspect a grisly discovery.Hunter has witnessed death in many guises, but even he is shocked by what he finds: a body almost totally incinerated but ...

Details Written in Bone (David Hunter, #2)

TitleWritten in Bone (David Hunter, #2)
Release DateAug 1st, 2007
PublisherBantam Press
GenreThriller, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews Written in Bone (David Hunter, #2)

  • Gosia
    After enjoying the hell out of "The Chemistry of Death" I was very eager to start reading the second book about Dr Hunter. And... oh boy. I don't really know where to begin.The book starts interestingly enough: gruesome murder, interesting location, good ol' Dr Hunter... But then it takes over a hundred pages until something, ANYTHING happens. Some of the characters in the book were so cartoonish I was afraid I might injure my eyes with all the e...
  • Josiemaus85
    Wow, da waren dann doch noch ein paar Wendungen, die ich nicht habe kommen sehen 😅 hat mir wieder sehr gut gefallen.
  •  Li'l Owl
    Creepy! Like tiny hairs buzzing on the back of your neck, creepy!"Our lives, and sometimes our deaths, are stories written in bone. It provides a telltale record of injuries, neglect or abuse. But in order to find what was written here, first I had to be able to see it."When a body, burned beyond recognition, is found in an abandoned hut on the island of Runa, the local authorities call forensic pathologist, Dr. David Hunter for help.At first, Da...
  • Amélie
    Es gab so viel coole Wendungen in der Geschichte! Hat mir sehr gut gefallen! Ich liebe halt auch einfach David Hunter 😩😍 der nächste Teil der Reihe ist natürlich bereits heruntergeladen 😌
  • Thessia
    besser als Band 1. Aber umgehauen hat es mich trotzdem nicht.
  • Ivy
    Von Anfang bis Ende spannend, wobei sich mehrere Interessante Themen verflechten und die Spannung immer mehr aufbaut. Alle Charaktere, die Stimmung auf der Insel und die Umgebung sind so toll beschrieben, dass man praktisch dabei ist.Das nächste Buch in der Reihe wird auf jeden Fall auch bald gelesen!
  • Anna
    Ein wirklich spannender Krimi, welchen ich sehr genossen habe und welcher am Ende super spannend war und wirklich nicht vorhersehbar.
  • Hannah
    Excellent, gripping police procedural mystery. A slow start, but midway it takes off and there are several twists at the end that took me totally by surprise, especially the final few paragraphs - WHAT??!!If you enjoy the *locked room* variety of murder mystery, Written in Bone should satisfy. Gruesome in places, and a plot twist that's creepy to say the least, but a quick and satisfying read.
  • María
    4 de 5 estrellas ⭐⭐⭐⭐(me ha encantado)Agil, amena, intrigante y con un final lleno de sorpresas...... La saga me está encantando 4 de 5 estrellas ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(me ha encantado)Agil, amena, intrigante y con un final lleno de sorpresas...... La saga me está encantando
  • Anna
    Rating: 4.5 starsThis is the second in the David Hunter series, and was just as compelling as The Chemistry of Death. The tension, the forensics, the story telling; they all had me gripped from page one, and one of the reveals made me gasp out loud and say 'NOOOO!' I loved the eerie atmosphere of the remote island, cut off from the mainland during a savage storm; no-one can arrive, no-one can leave, and there’s a killer on the loose with a fond...
  • Gwenn
    This book rocketed along, with lots of twists and turns until the very last page. It's a variation of the "and then there were none" theme, with all the characters trapped on a very small island in the Hebrides and no obvious suspects for any of the murders. The hero, a forensic anthropologist, is not quite smart enough to figure things out before we do, but that is part of the wonderfully sustained tension. Now I'm off to find the author's first...
  • Metodi Markov
    Чудесен нов трилър от поредицата за д-р Хънтър.Превъзмогнал личната си драма от предната книга, той се занимава отново със съдебна антропология. На връщане от случай в Шотландия е повикан на остров от външните Хебриди, за да разследва случай на пр...
  • Димитър Цолов
    Разследванията на д-р Дейвид Хънтър продължават да ми се вслаждат. И "дедуктивните способности" на "малките ми сиви клетки", ако мога да използвам израза на Артър Конан / Кристи ;) стават все по-добри и по-добри - отново рано-рано се досетих за... (нищо ...
  • Mathilda Grace
    Je kleiner der Ort, desto dunkler die Geheimnisse seiner Bewohner.Wenn man dann noch auf einer Insel in einem dicken Sturm festsitzt, wird eine Mordermittlung schnell zum Wettlauf gegen die Zeit, denn plötzlich gibt es einen zweiten Mord, einen Mordversuch und jede Menge Verdächtiger, weil irgendwie jeder etwas zu verbergen scheint.Auch der zweite David Hunter Roman folgt dem bekannten Schema und bietet dabei jede Menge zum Grübeln. Ich mochte...
  • Jenny
    Auch der zweite Teil der David Hunter Reihe hat mir wieder gut gefallen.Die Hinweise auf den Täter waren wesentlich weniger offensichtlich.Ich konnte gut miträtseln und lag mit meiner Theorie auch nicht ganz daneben,aber im Gegensatz zum ersten Teil bin ich nicht hinter alles gekommen.Schade fand ich,dass das Setting doch recht ähnlich war wie im ersten Teil.Wieder spielt sich alles in einem abgelegenen Dorf (hier Insel) ab und wieder gehört ...
  • Ivana Lukanic
    Napeto,zanimljivo do zadnje stranice puna iznenadenja....svakako procitati .
  • Šejla
    Ovu sam knjigu tako brzo pročitala i toliko me oduševila. Baš po mome ukusu.
  • Alexandra
    Der Oskar für die grauslichsten Einstiege in Kriminalromane geht an.... Simon Becket!! Jedes mal auf Seite 1 beginnts mich zu schütteln in Chemie des Todes (Band 1) ging es um Larven und ihre Arbeit an einem toten Körper und in "Kalte Asche" um die Wirkung von Feuer auf Körper. Sehr sachlich - deshalb aber nicht minder grausam sondern eher mit verstärktem Ekelfaktor wird dem Leser extrem detailgetreu vermittelt, was passiert, wenn der Körp...
  • Roland
    This reader loved The Chemistry of Death and in Written in Bone the descriptions of the actual finds are no less enthralling. However, it is unacceptable if, in I-narration, a third person in a chapter (i.e. a later report by the I-narrator – anything else would be impossible) fails to see shadows lifting themselves from the dark. This is cheating or oversight – not good writing. The extended ending with twist upon twist, too, is not convinc...
  • Gerald Sinstadt
    When Patricia Cornwell embarked on her series of novels about a forensic detective, the territory was fresh and interesting. But disciples have appeared, disinterring the bodies and conducting autopsies but finding little that is original. Simon Beckett is a follower though with a link back to Agatha Christie. Written in Bone has a self-styled forensic anthropologist for a central character, thus justifying any amount of grisly information about ...
  • Anne
    I unfortunately didn't enjoy this book as much as the first one in the series.The writing style was, again, fluent and easy to read the whole way through.The main character was as amazing as in The Chemistry of Death.The other characters were well developed, but I somehow just didn't feel drawn to them.The biggest thing I have a problem with is the solution.I felt like it kind of came out of nowhere. I would have liked a bit more build up.There w...
  • Dimitar Jovanovski
    Like 'Chemistry of death' before it, I really enjoyed this book. Beckett writes so well that it's almost impossible to skim read his novels. Every sentence earns its place in the book. Again, the atmosphere is palpable, and the characters well-written and vivid. There's a very real sense of isolation and a feeling of a community turning in on itself as the characters are effectively stranded on a lonely Scottish Island with a psychopathic killer ...
  • Jasmine
    I didn't like this as much as the first one it was really really similar thematically and basically feels like he's reworked the same plot. he's still clearly a smart guy which I like, but I mean there aren't enough crimes in london he has to go out to bumfuck scotland to find one? fine whatever, then there's a storm OH NO. But then ugh really a bit too thematic and cliche. on the other hand, I liked the ending it was awesome. I think he really p...
  • Carmina
    Konnte mich nicht ganz so überzeugen wie der erste Teil. Die Handlung plätscherte lange vor sich hin, ohne dass so richtig Spannung aufkam. Die Rahmenhandlung erinnerte mich auch sehr an den ersten Teil, da hoffe ich, dass sich Beckett für den dritten Teil mal was Neues ausgedacht hat. Das letzte Drittel des Buches konnte mich dann wieder voll überzeugen, es war super spannend und die Auflösung und ihre Wendungen fand ich richtig gut. 3,5*, ...
  • Cátia Santos
    Melhor ainda que o anterior! Só peca por me ter deixado novamente descobrir muito cedo quem estava por detrás dos crimes, mas não deixou de ser surpreendente!E não podia ter concluído o meu 2013 reading challenge de melhor forma: no dia 31 de dezembro, com um livro 5*! :)))
  • Esma Tezgi
    4.5Okuması güzel ve gerilimi iyi ayarlanmış, merak uyandırıcı bir polisiye.Yorum için tık tık :)
  • Сибин Майналовски
    Ами прекрасно. Нямам други думи за тази книга. Класическа "заключена стая", обрати до последната страница, разтърсващ финал и никакви сантиментализми. Прекрасно. Наистина прекрасно.
  • Kawana
    Ich wollte eigentlich 4 sterne geben weil ich fand dass es schon parallelen zum ersten teil gibt....aber das Ende! Krass.
  • Lénia
    Gostei tanto!! Absolutamente inesperado e muito, muito bem construído.
  • Bernadette
    Dit boek van Simon Beckett begon weer erg pakkend door zijn beeldende omschrijving. Toch 4 sterren (3,5) in plaats van 5. Helaas had ik de dader(s) vrijwel meteen op het oog. Waardoor de ontknoping op een aantal punten na niet echt heel spannend was. De epiloog daarentegen zag ik niet aankomen. Overal wel weer een boek dat erg sterk geschreven is en de spanning is op veel moment wel echt leesbaar. Elke keer als je een stukje dichterbij de waarhei...