Bot Wars (Bot Wars, #1) by J.V. Kade

Bot Wars (Bot Wars, #1)

Twelve-year-old Trout St. Kroix has been searching for his missing father for the last two years, after his dad disappeared while fighting in the Bot Wars. The Bot Wars began after robots became so advanced that they revolted and demanded more workers' rights, causing the government to declare all robots terrorists and ban them from the Districts. Trout never questioned anything the government told him--even when his own nanny bot was banished--u...

Details Bot Wars (Bot Wars, #1)

TitleBot Wars (Bot Wars, #1)
Release DateMar 21st, 2013
PublisherDial Books for Young Readers
GenreScience Fiction, Childrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Adventure, Dystopia, Fiction, Robots, Fantasy, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews Bot Wars (Bot Wars, #1)

  • Adam Silvera
    At age 22, I can promise that 12 year old Adam would've reread this book almost instantly. REVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON SHELF AWARENESSThe robots in this futuristic novel fight back when threatened--in an ultimate battle of survival between man and bot.The Bot Wars have left 12-year old Trout St. Kroix and his brother, Po, alone for the past two years after their soldier father went missing in Bot Territory. The war ends after thousands of casu...
  • Richard
    In full disclosure I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.I must admit I was somewhat concerned with the fact that in the books description it is compared to Percy Jackson, I loved the Percy Jackson series, but I am always very skeptical of books that compare themselves to popular series as it always seems that they are just trying to get attention by doing this and often fail to meet the bar that they set themselves. I needn’t have worried as...
  • Summer
    I think the premise for the book is really good, and I was hoping there'd be some good Asimov references... but I got really turned off by all the weird names like "Trout" and "Lox" and "Bims" ... and then references to technology that wasn't really that innovative, just things we have nowadays with different names. There's a lot of recycled material from virtually every robot novel out there.The characters and plots are pretty bare-bones and not...
  • Elizabeth Meadows
    Awesome premise and great story! Really likable characters too. Lots of twists and turns. Can't wait to read the sequel!
  • Eastonreads
    Very suspenseful book. It's super awesome! The little details keep you focused on the book. Totally get this book!
  • Dani
    Filled to the brim with action, this book left me rooting for Trout and Vee the whole time.
  • Erin
    Cool gadgets. Interesting world.
  • Thomas
    A juvenile in the Asimov tradition. Not bad but rather routine.
  • Apurva Muddappa
    Another book my 10 year old son just plowed through, when he got closed to the end he let me know to start looking for book 2
  • Becky B
    It all started with the ThinkChip. Before that, robots were just machines integral to the economic and domestic life of the United States. But after the invention of the ThinkChip, robots started to reason and emote like humans, and went on strike for rights. Thus started the Bot Wars, a long battle that redrew the United States. It was during the Bot Wars that Trout St. Kroix's father went missing. Trout's grown up with his older brother Po in t...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Trout and his brother, Po, are trying to survive on their own after their father has gone missing in the Bot Wars. Po does his best, even though he lost a leg to disease (he tells the girls he lost it in the war), and takes Trout on weekly visits to the Heart Center, where they see if any activity has been supported on their father's heart monitor. When nothing shows up, Trout decides to get help from a friend to post a video about his father. Th...
  • Freya Hooper
    What this book is about: Trout lives in the United Districts, a place where all robots have been banned since the Bot War. Before the war, humans were creating robots to take over many of the lower level jobs. These same robots, over time, became sentient being. Soon they were demanding their rights to equal treatment and they revolted when they were denied these rights. Human declared the robots evil and a war ensued. Trout’s father disappeare...
  • Luu
    Dvanásťročný Trout žije vo svete, v ktorom ľudia vylepšili roboty natoľko, až sa stroje vzbúrili a ľudia ich "museli" zakázať, pretože sa nechceli zmieriť s tým, že roboty (respektíve už "roboti") myslia a cítia ako ľudia z mäsa a kostí. Ľudia však stále nejakú tú technológiu používajú - každý človek má v sebe zabudovaný čip, ktorý vysiela informácie o jeho polohe. Signál z čipu Troutovho otca pred dvoma ...
  • Evan Macrone (Will Work For Books)
    I finished Bot Wars and it was very...interesting. This is one of those books that I have a hard time figuring out how to write a review on. The best way for me, in these situations, to present my feelings about this is probably in a pros and cons list, so here we go, i guess; PROS: -Didn't drag-was very fast paced but not in a way that felt like they were summing up chapters in pages (I'm looking at you, The Neptune Project), but more like they ...
  • Jason L
    August Jason Lee Block 2 Bot WarsJ.V Kade Trout lives in a world of robots and some robots are good and others are evil. Trout’s dad disappeared in the Bot War. Trout’s mother died when he was very young. Ever since Trout’s dad went missing, he and his brother go to the health center every day to see if they can track their dad. Then Trout went to Tellie’s house to make a video about his dad. Then Trout gets kidnapped by a robot. The robo...
  • Rebecca Sutton
    I'll start by saying this: I've never been a huge fan of robots. Sure, I loved the 80's film, Short Circuit, (Number 5!) but who didn’t? I thought Real Steel was an awesome movie (robot boxing!) and C-3PO (the feistiest little droid) is one of my favorite movie characters, but that was the extent of my robot admiration. Until I read J.V. Kade’s BOT WARS. Two brothers searching for their missing dad in a world where robots have been declared t...
  • Jared
    The book Bot Wars, by J.V. Kade, is a very inspiring and adventurous story. The story starts out when humans create robots for work, but they become so advanced, they start to demand for more rights. That caused the Bot Wars. 12 year old Trout St. Croix us a boy that lives in the United District. About 2 years ago, his father went missing while fighting in the Bot Wars. Trout always trusted the United Districts government until he posts a video a...
  • Susan
    5 stars for this excellent scifi YA book. So... my 10 1/2 year old son read this, loved it, and recommended it to me. He's been doing that a little more often lately, and I love when he does. So I read it, because he has good taste in books and because it gives us another point of connection. He was right: this is an excellent book.The storyline is outstanding, with an excellent mix of information and mystery to drive you through the story and ne...
  • Reading is my Escape
    Bot Wars - review   Twelve-year-old Aiden (Trout) St. Kroix lives with his older brother Po. Their father disappeared two years ago while fighting in the Bot Wars—a devastating conflict that began when robots became so advanced that they revolted and took the lives of thousands of people. When the government banned and declared all bots terrorists, Trout didn’t question a thing. In the end, all he wanted was to find his dad. Desperate, Trou...
  • Morgan
    Originally posted here: http://nothingbetterthanabook.blogspo...This book was awesome! If you know me at all, you know that that means a lot. Pretty much all I read are books that have lots of romance in them. So, for me to LOVE a book about robots, with almost no romance, you know the book has to be really good. The plot was very fast paced, and I never wanted to put this book down. There was never a spot in the book where I got bored, or felt l...
  • P.M.
    Trout St.Kroix lives with his brother Po but wants desperately to find his father who went MIA after the Bot War. Po wants nothing to do with the search so Trout posts a video on the Net. All that does is bring the government of the United Districts down on both boys. Po is captured and tortured and Trout goes on the run with LT, a robot who has been sent to rescue him and bring him to his father. Trout is shocked to find out that the government ...
  • KathyP
    I got this for my 12 year old son. It looked like something I'd enjoy, so I read it, too.Very well done! I was immediately impressed with the original teen slang. Don't gear out man! He's a total drain-clogger! That new invention is totally wrenched! I'm jammed! (It's bad to be "jammed").From page 1, her writing felt fresh because of this. Her description of a future America was neither too far-fetched nor too original. But she added a lot of ne...
  • White House Public Library
    This book was a very interesting read. We start out with a normal boy in the future that lives in what was once America before the Bot wars erupted. In this action-packed story, the young boy, "Trout", tries to search for his father who volunteered in the bot wars but was missing in action. After posting a video about finding his dad, the government of the UD (United Districts) comes after him and his brother, Po, who also served in the war. He e...
  • Kristen Badger
    Kade, J.V. (2013). Bot wars. New York: Dial.In this futuristic science fiction novel robots that were once an integral part of our lives have been banned. The government is tainted and it is up to a twelve-year-old boy named Trout, with the help of some of his friends, to make the public aware of the bad things that have been happening. This book could be used with Social Studies classes to discuss geography (students could mark the locations men...
  • Ceilidh
    No.Nope.Je n'aime pas. Je deteste.DNF @ page 57 (or thereabouts)This one sounded great...when I read the blurb. Buuuut, reality was not so sweet. The writing style, confusing action sequences, and ridiculous discrimination combined with stereotypical characters made this book a big NO on my list.Oh dear. If this sort of thing keeps going, I'm'n'a have to make a separate shelf for "tried valiantly to read"s.If the blurb sounded good to you, a simi...
  • Joe Padon
    Kade, J.V. (2013). Bot Wars. New York: Dial.Robots have become too advanced and self-aware in this thrilling story about a twelve-year-old boy named Trout and robots. As robot protesting begins, the government deems them all to be terrorists. As the robot war takes place, Trout’s father had been missing and later his brother disappears too. Trout is determined to find them.Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books 06/01/13Publishers Weekly 01...
  • Pages For Thoughts
    I liked the topic of the book, and robots taking over the world seemed very funny, and I thought it would be great! Unfortunately, I was very disappointed. The concept is very twisted, and the plot is sometimes hard to follow. Sometimes there would be a key piece of information that I feel is missing, so it gets challenging to keep up with. I think there should have been more in it about the humans, and not so focused on the robots and technical ...
  • Tom
    It looked incredibly generic, so I thought, "This must be better than it seems." No, it was worse ("like space junk in my stomach"). Sorry to be so negative, but this book to me was poorly thought out and executed in so many ways.Still, I read all the way through, so I must have enjoyed it some. And judging by other reviews, other people seem to have enjoyed it more.As an aside, I'd really love to see some quality young-person literature in robot...
  • Daniel
    This book is one of those ones that make you want to live in them. In a society where intelligent robots are seen a terrorists and banished to the South, Trout St. Kroix's dad is missing. When his brother gets kidnapped by the government, Troy must run to the Bot Territory in hopes of finding his dad. This book's technology and setting is amazing. How Mr. Made uses slang to make his setting real is masterful. All in all this is just a wonderful b...