Dragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair, #1) by Seraphina Donavan

Dragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair, #1)

Lilly Montague has spent her life caring for others. Free of her responsibilities, she moves to New Orleans and takes the only job she can get—waiting tables in a sex club. Hopelessly attracted to both Phillipe, the doorman, and to Remy, the club’s very dangerous owner, she can’t hide her disappointment in realizing they are a couple.But one night changes everything, and Lilly is confronted with her deepest, darkest desire—to have them bo...

Details Dragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair, #1)

TitleDragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair, #1)
Release DateDec 6th, 2011
PublisherCobblestone Press
GenreErotica, Menage, Fantasy, Paranormal, Dragons, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Adult Fiction, BDSM, M M F, Shapeshifters

Reviews Dragon's Lair (Dragon's Lair, #1)

  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    Zero story, just porn, dragon porn.
  • Alana ~ The Book Pimp
    Okay- short novella... no easy way to say this. It's porn put to paper. It really is. So if you like that sort of thing, you'll be all over this like white on rice. If you are NOT into porn- especially MMF - and I'm not talking about them just making her the sandwich between them, there is MM graphic action. There is an added Paranormal/Urban Fantasy slant to this, as the "MM"'s of the sexual equation are essentially Dragons ... but have evolved ...
  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    Rating: 3.5-4 StarsRidiculously hot, Seraphina Donavan cranks up the heat with her erotic novella Dragon’s Lair!Lilly Montague left everything she knew to start over in New Orleans. Spreading her wings and discovering her sensual side, Lilly never knew there could be so many possibilities until she takes a job waitressing in a sex club. Remy and Phillipe instinctively know that Lilly is their mate but convincing her to accept both of them is go...
  • Ronda Tutt
    Deliciously Hot!Awesome! So I totally got wrapped up in this sizzling hot story as Lilly searches for a waitress job in a restauraunt but ends up finding a waitress job working in an erotic club by accident. Lilly never knew working could be full inspiring pleasure and that she could see so many fantasies’ fulfilled to include her own. Remy and Philippi are two hot Cajun men who are a little more than human, dragon's actually and when they lay ...
  • MsRomanticReads
    I think my head exploded. I'll write a review when i get a certain imagery out of my head.
  • Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell
    Finally responsible for no one but herself, Lily moves to New Orleans and adventure. Landing a job as a waitress at a high end sex club, she finds herself torn between the two owners Remy and Phillipe. When she discovers the duo are longtime lovers, she writes off both men as a lost cause. As a dragon shifter Remy recognizes Lilly as he and Phillipe’s mate, but gaining her acceptance is going to be a tricky maneuver and require all his skills a...
  • Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly
    Dragon's Lair is a sinfully HOT short story by newbie author Seraphina Donavan. In fact, though I thought I'd read it all, there was a "double dragon do me" type of naughty scene that took me by surprise. But in a good way, ya know? I've just never read anything that had "gone there" and I was kinda shocked at how provocative the imagery was. It really turned me on! *blushing furiously*Another thing that was just great about this story was the bo...
  • Daria
    Whats not to like about to the point, hot, sexy reads? Just the length of the book. The only thing (for me) that kept me from giving this a 4 star rating was the price and length of the book. I love shifters and Ive always loved dragons. Lily gave up most of her life(willingly) to the care of her injured mother, after that she strikes out for a life she hopes is different. That life she is introduced to comes in the form of Remy and Phillip. Remy...
  • SheReadsALot
    Don't you hate it when the story has a good plot and good characters but the story just doesn't reach the potential it could have had, it should have had? This was my problem with this story.There's dragon shifters that didn't shift. A heroine who moved for a new life and had struggles prior to the move but she wasn't delved in to deep enough. A brief history of Arcadian dragon shifters - they're hung like a donkey and are super horny...oh and th...
  • Eniko
    A short, but HOT fantasy erotic story that I loved and could not put it down.A young woman is in the wrong place at the right time and her life changes forever. When she walks thru the door of the Dragon’s Lair in search of a job, she finds true love with two men who are two halfs of one Dragon shifter.A good twist on shape shifter genre that I have not encountered before. Plenty of steamy scenes and enough story to keep it interesting. I will ...
  • Stephanie
    I really enjoyed this book. The only bad thing was that it was to short. Remy and Phillipe are both really hot and patient. I like the way they introduce Lilly to the lifestyle of having two mates. What I really liked about Lilly is that Seraphina made it o.k. for her to be less than perfect (meaning skinny) and that she can still get two smoking hot guys. Thanks Seraphina!
  • Heather
    If I could give this one 20 stars I would!!! This is one of the HOTTEST books I've ever read...*phew*...If you want a toe curling...the pages practically burn book..THIS is the one
  •  Rosebud
    short. progression of events would have benefited if this would have been longer. Overall pretty good. m/m/f.
  • Jen
    This was a quick read. I was expecting something a little longer, Wanted to know more about their Dragon haritage - and I think the meeting could have played out a little longer - But for a quick erotic read I think it was pretty good :) Basically we start off with Lily, she is in a new town, Ready for a job interview at a restaurant, only to find out she's on the wrong street. Turning in circles, she bumps into Philippe. He reads her thoughts an...
  • NhaughtyV says Damn the Zon Save the Reviews
    Would have given 5 Stars had the story been longer...Remy and Philippe are ancient dragons and lovers who own a sex club in New Orleans. Lilly is desperate for a job, and stumbles upon the Dragon's Lair. At once Remy and Philippe sense she could be the mate they have been searching for, but wonder if she will accept them.This book is HAWT!! I am sooo glad that moaning at the gym is acceptable, 'cause I was reading it while riding the stationary b...
  • A.R. Von
    A short, enjoyable erotic read that brings the very best of heat to all the right places and keeps you turning the pages in anticipation until the very end. Who knew walking the wrong direction would lead to such deliciousness for Lilly? Lilly’s a bit skeptical at first, but is literally put on the spot for both a too good to be true job offer and two tasty male specimens (Remy and Philippe) that want both want her as theirs. There’s sex, lot...
  • Jacque
    This erotic novella is a quick read but sizzling hot and packs a punch! Remy and Philippe are sexy immortal dragons and know they have finally found their mate in sweet Lilly. The story is well written and flows smoothly while the sexual tension builds until Lilly can no longer resist. The M/F/M sex scenes are steamy and explosive. There is some mild BDSM and the M/M sexual interactions between Remy and Phillippe may not be for everyone. I only w...
  • Obsessed
    I was expecting a bit more from this story and was disappointed. The intimate scenes are hot, but by the time I got to them, I had already graduated to "unimpressed." And what's the deal with Philippe's super-guaranteed seduction move being a foot massage?!? Really??? Maybe that works for other women, but I think he needs to come with something better than that for a guaranteed seduction. I think that's where the story started losing me.2.5 stars
  • Melissa
    For a quick erotic read this was good. Why do authors create such awesome worlds and characters and then tease us with a short story? If it was a novella between two full length books in a series to tide a reader over I would understand. However, this appears to be a stand alone. I enjoyed the authors writing style and I just want more for the price I paid on Amazon.
  • Maria
    I don't know why I put it i my shelves when I don't like books that have this kind of relationships... I may like when they play around but knowing that at the end one one will stay with the woman not 2 and 1 :/ oh well had a good experience and it wasn't disgusting or anything is just that this type of books are not just for me...
  • Kathryn
    I've always loved Dragon stories. This one has two. And their reason for living in Lilly. Kick up your normal paranormal romances with the added erotica and mystery surrounding the owners of Dragon's Lair, Phillipe & Remy, add to it New Orleans and scent of good chicory coffee and you have a novella you won't set down until you are begging for release.
  • April
    Oh I love me a sexy dragon shifter tale!! This was a great little read. Plenty of steamy scenes and just enough story to keep it interesting. I do wish it had been longer and we could have seen a more drawn out seduction. There was also very little m/m going on, could have been a bit steamier there. But a very entertaining read.
  • Tanya
    This was really good for such a short story. The characters have to be spot on to fall for them quickly enough. I also enjoyed the setting of New Orleans...I love when a guy says "cher" It's so darn sexy.
  • Summer
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  • Carrie
    Okay, this is a very short book... If you want a steamy sex scene this is good.
  • Kathy
    oh my...
  • Chasity Bowlin
    This book was so hot. Love the characters and how they interacted with one another. Very good. Also loved the fact that the heroine is not a skinny mini but a "real" woman.
  • Mitabird
    2.5 stars
  • Paris (kerbytejas)
    short story - unbelievable sexual situations between the dragons & Lily....ouch is all i can say