Wickedpedia by Chris Van Etten


It's the return of Point Horror for the Internet generation! Don't open the door. Don't answer your phone. And whatever you do, DON'T turn on your computer. . . .Cole and Gavin love playing practical jokes through Wikipedia. They edit key articles and watch their classmates crash and burn giving oral reports on historical figures like Genghis Khan, the first female astronaut on Jupiter. So after the star soccer player steals Cole's girlfriend, th...

Details Wickedpedia

Release DateJun 24th, 2014
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreHorror, Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Teen

Reviews Wickedpedia

  • Mehsi
    Just a warning to all: This book is not really good for those who are squeamish or can't handle gore. There are a few parts that are really gore.I was really looking forward to this book, sadly it was just not meant to be.Things wrong:*The blurb is a lie. A lot doesn't happen in the book. Which is really a shame, the blurb (and also the cover) were things that got me to want to read this book. I do hope this gets fixed for the official book, othe...
  • Rebecca McNutt
    What happened to Point Horror novels like 'The Lifeguard', 'Prom Dress' and 'The Perfume'? I used to love the original Point Horror novels (although the writing style was a little immature and the sentences were kind of choppy). Now it seems like the publishers of Point books are trying so hard to sell books to teens in the digital (lazy) age that they've forgotten what makes a story creepy.When I first saw the title 'Wickedpedia' I thought that ...
  • Dania
    I feel cheated.When I first read the 'description' of this book written on a book club catalog that I got from my brother's school, I was excited and I instantly knew I had to buy it. It somehow reminds me of the currently-hyped-about movie, Unfriended. But hell, was I lied to, the 'description' is nothing like I imagined the story to be like. After reading the whole thing I must say that it is quite disappointing. The storyline is too absurd in ...
  • Abbie
    None of the characters in this were likable, and I didn't feel anything for them when they died. I was quite bored of this one from the very start unfortunately, and it got worse as the story progressed. I kept on thinking "when is someone going to get killed?" throughout the beginning, but when it did finally happen at 27%, I didn't find it to be worth the wait. It was rubbish, and so were the other deaths. Overall, A boring read. I'm glad it's ...
  • Carina
    The book was overall well-written and was a good thriller. A little predictable at some point, but maybe to others it won't be. It was creative and certainly a page turner.
  • Mike
    DNF at 36%This is one of the most asinine, contrived books I've ever read. It's almost too pulpy and airplane fiction-y to be worth talking about, but seriously, I have to give a brief couple of sentences to how the conflict is set up. Cole and Gavin are mad, and they want a way to take revenge on their classmates who have wronged them. So their solution is to make Wikipedia articles on them that say embarrassing things about them.I've been revie...
  • Joy
    - - -2.5 starsAs you can probably tell already, I don't read horror. I tried my hand at it once and I just couldn't get through the book. And when I say horror, I mean like Stephen King style. It just doesn't grip me for some reason. Give me action any day!When this book arrived unsolicited, I was intrigued however. It seemed like the perfect Halloween read, so I've been holding off my review until now. Sorry if I get some facts wrong here and th...
  • Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books)
    I, like many, grew up reading the Point Horror books from Scholastic. I have fond memories of staying up late into the night reading books by R.L. Stine, Caroline B. Cooney, and Diane Hoh just to name a few. Naturally, when I heard that Scholastic was bringing back the Point Horror books I was excited. When I heard of Wickedpedia, I knew it was one I'd definitely have to read. Unfortunately, while the idea for Wickedpedia was intriguing, it faile...
  • Elise
    Ahhh, Wickedpedia.Oh, how you pulled me in with your beautiful cover and show stopping blurb, and oh how you crashed and burned. I guess in all honesty I'd give this 2.5 stars, but since I don't seem to have that option, I'll just be nice and give it three stars.Wickedpedia is a short book that focuses on two high school students, and the murder of their peers. Cole, soon to be valedictorian, amazing cook, perfect life. Perfect until his girlfrie...
  • Zachary Robbins
    So in the beginning Cole just lost his girlfriend (Winnie) to the soccer star Josh, and Cole is trying to get her back. So he tries to find a way to set Josh up to make Winnie not like him. so when he found a way to set up Josh, Josh got put second string on the team. Then Cole and Gavin made a Wikipedia account and say false stuff about people that they don't like, just messing around they said that whoever they were talking about would die and ...
  • Ms. Yingling
    Cole is upset over his breakup with Winnie, especially since she dumped him for dumb, soccer playing Josh AND is now doing better in GPA than he is. Cole's best friend, Gavin, commiserates with him, and the two pull a prank on Josh, editing a Wikipedia page on serial killers so that Josh gets incorrect information and fails his project, thereby disqualifying himself for soccer. Cole and Gavin get the bright idea to make Wikipedia pages for their ...
  • Mandy
    There are a few different covers out there for Wickedpedia, and each one creepier than the last. It had the promise of a real Goosebumps-style thriller and the perfect fall read, but it wasn’t mean to be. From the get go, I wasn’t enthused about any of the characters. Cole and his friends are seniors in high school, so around 17/18, but from their conversations, they could be in middle school. They’re all incredibly whiny and melodramatic a...
  • Marissa
    I thought this book was amazing!!!!!! This book was about two guys named Gavin and Cole. Cole's ex-girlfriend Winnie dumped him for the star soccer player, Josh. Cole and Gavin discover wikipedia pages about people that go to their school. After school, a guy named Scott from the soccer team goes to the soccer field and hears someone talking to him. So when he walks to the edge of the woods and then turns around someone runs up to him and wraps h...
  • Easton Adams
    8. “Wikedpedia,” by Chris Van Etten, was a very jacked up novel. First Cole and his best friend Gavin are introduced, and we can already tell that they are the main characters. To describe them they are both computer nerds/ techy kids. They love to go on wikipedia and edit main pages for fun and make fun of people. Later in the story, a student on the soccer team steals Coles “girl” and Cole and his friend gavin decide to get back at him ...
  • Sara
    Bleh. That's the best I can say. I think what may have annoyed me most is that the description on the back of the book was not accurate. Who does that? It's almost as if the description was written before the book itself. The plot had holes. The characters were not well developed. The saving grace of this book, for this middle school librarian, was that the lesson of Wikipedia not being a reliable source (for middle school kids) is reinforced by ...
  • Jessica Yee
    I didn't think this book was the best choice for me. There was too much violence and none of it made sense. Even at the end, the murders were not explained very well and left me a little confused. Also, the characters that were killed weren't very likable, so I had a hard time sympathizing with their deaths.
  • Ryan W
    It is a great book. Lot of suspense. Point HORROR
  • Orchid
    Yeah, I'm just annoyed from the very beginning by the writing style and characters. Cutting this one free and moving on.
  • Donna
    Another Point Horror reboot that doesn’t quite hit the mark. This wasn’t published long enough ago to really escape the women’s movement of “it’s really not okay for boys to get so butthurt over being dumped for them to go out and get revenge on their ex” so anything creepy about people starting to get killed in the same way Cole wrote their fake Wikipedia entry gets drowned out by that. It’s just skeevy and my made skin crawl, that...
  • Brianna Rojemann
    The book “Wickedpedia” is about two boys, Cole and Gavin, who just love to joke around. Cole’s girlfriend, Winnie, breaks up with him and starts dating the school’s star soccer player, Josh. Cole and Gavin come up with ways to get Winnie to break up with Josh, so Cole can win her back. They edit a wikipedia page on someone to prove to Winnie and everyone that he cheats. Josh gets busted and kicked off the soccer team. Winnie still stays w...
  • Ben
    The book is in a high school setting with a couple main teen characters. The main characters in this book are Cole, Winnie, Gavin, Angela, and Josh. Cole is a high school student who wants to get his girlfriend back after they broke up. To do so he needs her to break up with her current boyfriend.The book is in the pov of cole so you see everything from him for most of the the book there is a couple changes but not a lot. There was a couple of ou...
  • Liz's Book Bucket List
    {Thank you Scholastic Inc. and Netgalley for providing this in return for an honest review}So when I read the synopsis of this book, I really wanted to get my hands on it because it sounded like it could be somewhat like the horror films in the 90’s, which I absolutely loved. Although the premise of this book is really cool, the execution was not so great. There were a lot more things I disliked about this book than liked, which in the end, mad...
  • Meredith
    ....What just happened? It’s not like this book is bad, it’s actually really good, like the story, but WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE GAVIN? Out of everyone it could be, why Gavin? I actually kinda liked him until he turned out to be a full fledged killer. I also wasn’t a fan of he tweets. You have to read them backward, to understand the conversation. Oh well. All in all, his book was kinda good. Not as good as others, but it was okay.
  • Mara Teter
    l enjoyed this book because you want to put it down because it's terrifying but you can't because its so good its a good book for people who love horror and gore. if you get scared easily do not read. at first you think this is normal but then it turns creepy fast.
  • Joy Landers
    A 3 1/2 stars. Compelling story about taking revenge with no intent to do more harm than hurting feelings. But someone takes it literally and makes it come true
  • Alice Regalado
    I literally couldn't finish it, it was so bad
  • Bookismymiddlename
    great book. very gory tho
  • Verity Anderson
    My RaitingThis book was a very exiting thriller. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys school thrillers. Their wasn't a dull moment.
  • Liliana
    Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookR.L Stine was one of the first authors who really got me into reading when I was in middle school. Till this day I absolutely LOVE the Fear Street series! But besides his Fear Street books, I've also read some of his other books, including a couple of Point Horror ones. So this is what prompted me to request this book. I like Point Horror :) I like horror, period! The concept of Wickedpedia really intrigued me and i...
  • Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Books)
    Cole and his best friend Gavin do not think too highly of soccer-star Josh. For one thing, Josh "stole" Cole's girlfriend Winnie, which they constantly rub in his face. To show the school (and Winnie) that Josh is a loser and a cheater, they mess with some Wikipedia pages, which Josh ends up repeating word for word in a history report. Not satisfied with just that though, Cole makes up Wikipedia pages for everyone he has beef with... complete wit...