The Nest Home Design Handbook by Carley Roney

The Nest Home Design Handbook

Decorating for the first time can be completely overwhelming. How do you find your style? How do you keep expenses under control? What essential pieces does every home need for maximum functionality and flair? How will you merge tastes—and stuff—to create a space that feels like home to you both? Here to take the guesswork out of decorating is The Nest Home Design Handbook, a practical, gorgeous, room-by-room guide to giving your place unique...

Details The Nest Home Design Handbook

TitleThe Nest Home Design Handbook
Release DateMay 6th, 2008
PublisherPotter Style
GenreNonfiction, Design, Reference

Reviews The Nest Home Design Handbook

  • Miss Jessica
    I shouldn't read interior design guide books, being that I have a degree in interior design. not to say I know everything nor is this book without good, sound advice and very pretty pictures. But when I read these books all I think is, I've heard this idea before, and, the real key to furnishing a home is have money and buy nice things. whereas, I need ideas on a designer's income.
  • Kayla
    it was well organized and insightful. a lot of the style tips were more modern, though they did try to keep it open enough to use for any style.
  • Lindsay Wilcox
    This was really helpful and included design layouts and tips for designing lots of different rooms.
  • Jenny
    Although the content leans towards more modern (not my personal style), I'm giving this four stars due to the amount of information covered in the book.
  • Ligaya
    Modern, contemporary interior design book. I didn't discover anything new but did appreciate that some of the photos in this book seemed to show spaces that are actually lived in and not just staged to be pretty but untouchable.
  • Jodi
    An excellent reference book showcasing decor, design, organization and DIY projects. It gives lots of practical layout suggestions and basic design tricks.
  • Erika RS
    I gave this book a 3/5 because it is something like a 2/5 on textual content and a 5/5 on pictures. Since I bought it for the pictures, that mix works out great for me.That said, the content is quite good for a book in the genre of "picture centric books about home decorating". It has a number of good one page summaries of various design principles, and it goes into slightly more detail about practical matters like televisions and computers than ...
  • February Four
    Does exactly what it says: gives simple ideas and ways to decorate, organize, and personalize a place. It gives you guidelines in a straightforward but interesting ways, there are DIY how-tos and tool/item checklists for the most basic things like painting walls, and overall this is a well-written and interesting design book. Definitely recommended for people starting to look at designing their place for the first time.
  • Monika
    I have to admit, the thing that made me pick this book up was the cover--I have those exact same wall graphics that I put up in my office!But knowing that someday (hopefully) soon, I'll be buying a house, this was a great prep, and great resource for decorating. The images gave me inspiration for what I want for my "future" home, and how I want to decorate it....and now I'm using some of the tips for decorating my apartment. Great as a resource!
  • Susie
    Having moved recently I'm trying to find the way to decorate and organize new rooms. I liked this book a lot. It offered checklists, real ideas that included decorating/organizing for more than one person (they caution making rooms comfortable for just you and encourage thinking about who you live with) and, overall, had more than a handful of ideas that I will use.
  • Brooke
    i got this book this christmas because i have a growing interest in interior design. This book is nice but pretty basic im more interested in interior design as a whole that being the actual interior structure and construction of uniquely shaped rooms...taking not your everyday average square room and planning the decor for that.
  • Rachaelita
    I've been leafing through decorating books lately to figure out what to do to our walls. The section regarding this topic in the book was quite helpful. There ideas were refreshing and simple to implement. I wasn't too fond of the pictures they provided but I did like the layout plans and suggestions. Now I just need to myself a sketch pad and some tools to start the process.
  • Nathanael Coyne
    This book on home design has some great suggestions and is fairly structured in its approach, covering terminology and options for types of seating, lighting, rugs etc but I felt it was a little too 'arty'. I would be keen to hear recommendations of other design books that are of this calibre but a little more practical with functional design solutions.
  • Afton
    Just in case you all got a "currently reading" from me about "two knotty boys"--that was just because it was the link above this one and the drop down showed up right beside this one. Seriously, why would that be under a "decorating" search anyway? I am not reading that book, and if I were, I would not be sending updates about it. ;)
  • aubrey
    i thought this book was very nice and tells you how to arrange your living room and how to design a mantel, etc. a good book for that kind of help. currently i am on the hunt for inspiration and ideas and this didn't quite do it for me.
  • Shannon
    Love almost every pic in this decor book! It mixes modern, vintage, and traditional asthetics, which is not easy to do. This book has provided the most inspiration for the decor design of our new home.
  • Kate Davis
    A lot of it is stuff that anyone who has thought about decorating already knows, but the photos are fantastic for inspiration and there are some helpful things I hadn't thought about (the kitchen 'work triangle' for example - who knew?). Worth checking out and skimming through.
  • Andrea
    I liked the diagrams in this book that explain termonology for different types of furnature, cabintets, window treatments, etc. The "ideas" were not really my style. They seem pretty trendy and I think at least some of the trends in this book have passed.
  • Mitzi Moore
    Whether you're just starting to decorate, or you've been living in style for decades, this book will give you good ideas and/or reinforce the ideas you have already put in place. Full of pictures, it's like reading a giant magazine.
  • Robin
    Love the modern design featured in this book! I liked the tips on hanging pictures and decorating a mantelpiece. Wish they had included a guide in the back to say where certain items were from - I love some of the pillows and posters but have no way of tracking them down.
  • Mo
    I'm a bit of a design dunce, so this was a good book for me. If you already have a good sense of style or know some design concept, then this book is probably too basic for you. There are also some good resources in the back of the book.
  • Relyn
    Oh, fantastic design books. It was full of information, ideas, and inspiration. The style is FAR more modern than I am, but I still found much to love in this great book. Plus, tons of inspiration.
  • Anne
    Some nice design ideas. I don't really go in for the "rules," but there are some great pictures and helpful info.
  • Kate
    this book is a total lifesaver. it served as a massive help during my living room chapter drafting by helping me articulate (in common design terms) how to arrange a space.
  • Vanessa
    I cannot wait to put these tips into action in our new home. Really love the "design center" in the back, that will keep me experimenting until our house it built.
  • Ellen
    I think this is one of the best basic interior design books around. Its great for amateurs who've done their homework and newbies who haven't
  • Melanie
    Great ideas for those redecorating on a budget. The styling is great and it gave me lots of good ideas.
  • Aasheeta
    Great primer on home decor.