The Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte

The Sprouted Kitchen

Sprouted Kitchen food blogger Sara Forte showcases 100 tempting recipes that take advantage of fresh produce, whole grains, lean proteins, and natural sweeteners—with vivid flavors and seasonal simplicity at the forefront. Sara Forte is a food-loving, wellness-craving veggie enthusiast who relishes sharing a wholesome meal with friends and family. The Sprouted Kitchen features 100 of her most mouthwatering recipes. Richly illustrated by her pho...

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TitleThe Sprouted Kitchen
Release DateAug 28th, 2012
PublisherTen Speed Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews The Sprouted Kitchen

  • Huma Rashid
    I am a big fan of cookbooks of any kind: whether they offer traditional recipes for comforting, familiar fare, or branch out with inventive ideas that I've never even thought of, much less attempted before.Sara Forte hits a unique balance between these two opposing perspectives in "The Sprouted Kitchen," a book born from her blog about whole foods. There are so many amazing recipes - from snacks to entrees to even happy hour - that include ingred...
  • Kate
    I was excited to cook from this book and was hoping to give it a great review on Goodreads, but I was leafing through the recipes before settling in to give the book a serious read and stopped on a recipe for chocolate-drizzled oatmeal shortbread. "Huh," I thought, "sounds good and not horribly unhealthy." I shut the book after reading Forte's smug assertion thatI was a Girl Scout for years, and I definitely stood in front of markets and went doo...
  • Donna
    Whole food based cookbook with beautiful photography done by a wife and husband team. Most of the recipes fall under the term "California cuisine"
  • Sandy
    Great cookbook, great photography. I really like cookbooks with little story sidebars.
  • Salina Salleh
    I read within 2 hours. Given free pages until 458 only. Table of content is perfect. Easy to find which menu to try cook first. The brief information on ingredients at the early pages for me is simple and easy to understand. You dont have to be an expert to understand that kind of information. People with less knowledge on nutritional education can easily understand. Recipe books that I had read before, not that thick and very less pages. The inf...
  • Elizabeth
    I checked this book out from the Chicago Public Library so many times throughout the spring + summer that I apparently hit the limit for how many times a single book can be renewed in a calendar year and I had to sadly return it for good. Sara Forte’s recipes are light, not fussy, usually involve minimal ingredients, and vegetable-centric. Thus, they are the perfect summer dishes. 4 stars because, unless I move to California, I can likely only ...
  • Bree
    Notes:not one recipe contains anything 'sprouted'!!!the breakfast section was the only part with anything that looked goodbig dessert section didn't interest me at all
  • Michelle
    The author has such a lovely personality but I'm less inspired by this book than her other one. Its still great for healthy meals but there are fewer recipes that I feel like I need to make.
  • Anne Elizabeth
    Have cooked my way through this entire book so many times! Wonderful and delicious recipes! My favorite!
  • Sally
    Some promising recipes, but I have yet to try them. 3 1/2 stars.
  • Angela
    Loved!! Made multiple recipes
  • Andrea
    No sprouted foods within the first chapter, stopped reading after that.
  • Millicent
    I borrowed this book from the library, but I am definitely buying it. Her taste and mine are the same. I first discovered her blog,,, and after trying out her recipes I decided to check out her cookbook. She has designed a book of healthy recipes, mostly vegan, that are both original and delicious. I was so happy when flipping through the book, I found recipes that allowed me to use some ingredients that I had, which I didn't ...
  • Chantal
    I find the title of this book misleading. I was expecting to find a book of recipes that incorporated sprouts. Since I'm into sprouting I am looking at ways to use them in dishes. This is not that book! Ok. So I got over that, and gave the book a chance. The pictures are STUNNING (yet I still have to say, misleading)Since there were no sprouts to be found in this sprouted kitchen, I expected this book to comprise of healthy vegetarian or vegan re...
  • Tiffany
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photography thanks to Sara's wonderful & talented husband, Hugh. Her recipes are really great, however, many of them are crazy expensive. Execution of the cookbook is wonderful. Typography is on point & the stories are cute to read. They're not annoying or grating like some are & the book doesn't look like a pioneer of rodeo circus (see what I did tharrr haaaahhh). I'd recommend this book to any cookbook collector out...
  • Stephanie
    My Mom gave me this lovely cookbook after she checked it out from the library and fell in love with the author and her photog husband (I have a photog of my own at home). Lucky me! Or maybe lucky Matt! I immediately made the red grape salsa (and goat cheese!) crostini, roasted cauliflower pasta, and grapefruit margarita for dinner tonight. Sooooo gooooood. And the pictures are really wonderful. Very fresh, very healthful recipes. I think I'm a pr...
  • Po
    Pros: Some interesting recipes that combine things that wouldn't occur to me (Strawberry and Leek Quesadilla?) and overall tasty sounding. I tried the Capellini with Roasted Cauliflower and the Acorn Squash with Balsamic Reduction. They were good but not great. Cons: Vegetables that are not in season at the same time are used in the same recipe. (I don't usually cook this way so this is probably a minor issue for others.) also, she uses many fatt...
  • Pam
    Sara Forte has created a luscious cookbook full of beautiful photographs and interesting combinations which focuses on fresh vegetables and whole grains. Many of the salad ideas look excellent for summer when we are looking for lighter fair that requires little cooking. My complaint is the she often uses unusual ingredients which are difficult to find unless you live next to an extraordinary grocery. I wish she had recommended possible substituti...
  • Drew Noble
    Another hit-or-miss cookbook from Sara Forte. I have made the almond cacao nib cookies (excellent) and the zucchini bread bites (challenging recipe not worth making, much too much liquid when using her suggested replacement of cooked and cooled quinoa). I have a couple of other recipes I want to try from this book as well. What I like about her recipes are that they are unique and simple. As a long-time cook who doesn't like complex recipes I app...
  • Casey
    This is an inspirational cookbook proving that "healthy" food is not so far out of reach for anybody. She writes this book with her husband by her side and the way she talks about him is absolutely adorable, like he hung the moon. They work very well together, the recipes are great and the pictures are fantastic. This a good book for anyone looking into whole foods. Some of the recipes are slightly out of touch with what I would enjoy but I found...
  • Pamela
    Beautiful photos. Inspiring recipes. I like the chatty style of the author. Not all vegetarian, but enough great recipes to keep my entertained. I borrowed the book from the library and copied a few recipes to try, and if they are tasty and not too time intensive, then this book will go on my Amazon wish list. Author has a great website, so I may use that as a reference rather than her cookbook.
  • Monique
    Lovely cookbook with various levels of complexity. Wonderful photos and easy to relate to commentary. There were several recipes that seemed to complicated for me to make in 30 minutes of less (which is my guide for adding recipes to my monthly menu plan). The snacks and quick meals really worked for me.
  • Jasmine
    Beautiful photography to go along each recipe---- for me, this is actually imperative for a cookbook to be engaging. Tried a handful of recipes, enjoyed them all. Am considering buying this for my own cookbook collection :)
  • Lauren
    I'm giving this 3 stars because it was beautiful. However, there are very few recipes that would work for my current lifestyle and ages of my children. Still incredibly inspiring and lovely to peruse.
  • Courtney
    Sara and Hugh not only cook and photograph unique and extremely palatable dishes, but they also bring you into their home and lives. In reading The Sprouted Kitchen, you come to know and love the hearts of the Fortes (plus the Almond Meal Cookies with Coconut and Cacao Nibs are delish)!
  • Kelsee
    Love this book and the recipes. Simply writte and gorgeously photographed, and I'm already enjoying the goodies within. The smoky red lentil soup was amazing! Perfect book for anyone starting to introduce more "whole foods" or focus on veggie-centric meals.
  • Melissa Baker Linville
    This is a great cookbook for those looking to incorporate whole foods and lots of vegetables into their everyday diet. The recipes are easy to follow and have basic ingredients, while still providing an innovative way to spice up your meals.
  • Laura
    So many yummy clean recipes in this one
  • Heather
    Very cool ideas - but they are not what I would call easy recipes.