The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

The long-awaited cookbook by Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen—home cook, mom, photographer, and celebrated food blogger.Deb Perelman loves to cook. It’s as simple as that. She isn’t a chef or a restaurant owner—she’s never even waitressed. Cooking in her tiny Manhattan kitchen was, at least at first, for special occasions—and, too often, an unnecessarily daunting venture. Deb found herself overwhelmed by the number of recipes available...

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TitleThe Smitten Kitchen Cookbook
Release DateOct 30th, 2012
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

  • Riya
    I am giving this cookbook 5 stars not only because it was an excellent cookbook with easy directions and colorfully detailed pictures, but because it made me want to attempt to bake again! I will admit right now that although I do enjoy cooking, a baker I am not, and it is only once a year that I will attempt to bake even a dozen cookies. This book, however, changed all of that.I first requested this book (I must mention that I received this wond...
  • Caroline
    This is currently becoming one of my favorite cookbooks that I own. Everything I have tried (which is a lot) from this cookbook has been fantastic and solid and quite delicious. Her little "stories" before each recipe are entertaining and a joy to read. The pictures are perfect, and each recipe is written well, tested, and easy to follow. A great, great book.
  • Allison
    I want to cook like 90% of the things in here. Since some of the recipes are also on her blog I can tell you that the salted brown butter rice crispy treats are to die for and the mushroom bourguignon is good, probably even delicious if you love mushrooms (I do not). For recipes that are totally new, I tried making the swiss chard and white bean pot pies (sans pancetta) last night and they were fabulous. And I am dying to make the apple cider car...
  • Virginia Campbell
    Award-winning food blogger Deb Perelman shares her fun & fabulous food and photos in "The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook". Using her natural cooking intuition, ceaseless curiosity, and expansive imagination, the author has created a wonderfully inviting culinary world in the space of her tiny kitchen. Sharing food preparation tips, and stories and photos for each recipe, Deb Perelman adds her own flair to user-friendly ingredients. While I found much t...
  • Eh?Eh!
    2016-09-29 favorites, things that made my eyes widen when I tasted thembuttered popcorn cookies*cheddar swirl breakfast buns**wild rice gratin with kale, carmelized onions, and baby swiss***balsamic and beer-braised short ribs with parsnip puree****harvest roast chicken with grapes, olives, and rosemaryChocolate Peanut Butter CookiesTomato Scallion shortcakes w whipped goat cheeseBroccoli slawRed Wine Velvet CakeZu...
  • Melanie
    I don't think I had ever read a cookbook cover-to-cover before this one, but Deb Perelman's book is as addictive as her blog. I want to make EVERYTHING but so far have only made the 'sweet peas and shells alfredo,' which were easy and delicious. This is really everything a good cookbook should be: clear, realistic, AND aspirational. I also appreciate that Deb keeps her stories light and her humor self-deprecating - it's a cookbook not a memoir, a...
  • Heather
    I won this cookbook as a Goodreads giveaway and I was so excited! I follow Deb's blog, The Smitten Kitchen and to have all of her best recipes at my fingertips is just amazing. I cannot wait to make all of her scrumptious creations, especially the hazelnut crepe cake! Definitely not a book for people looking for quick, easy recipes, but if you want to get a little creative in the kitchen and have the time, this one is for you!
  • Cynthia Paschen
    Completely drool-worthy. Good clear instructions. Wonderful large color photos. Off to make beer braised short ribs right this second. Don't try and stop me.
  • Natalie
    I love this cookbook and read it like a novel in one evening. I love the little blurbs at the beginning of each recipe and the photography is gorgeous.
  • Kristin Shafel
    I have been following the smitten kitchen blog for years and have made several of Deb Perelman's recipes, a few of which have become staples in our house—mushroom bourguignon, roast chicken with dijon sauce, lemony zucchini goat cheese pizza—and I can't wait to dig in to even more here in her cookbook. It is about two-thirds savory, one-third sweets, and all of it looks absolutely delicious. Perelman has a warmth and familiarity in her commun...
  • Meredith
    What a gorgeous book from one of my favorite bloggers (who also happens to be one of my favorite sources for awesome recipes)! I was thrilled when I heard that she would be putting out a cookbook, and this truly lived up to my expectations. There are photos and notes and chatty introductions accompanying each recipe. Yep, there are a few strange recipes...I don't really understand the popcorn cookies...but there are so many promising ones that I ...
  • Erin
    So many great recipes in this book! And bizarrely, the ones that caught my eye were all savories, and mostly salads, at that. The chocolate brioche pretzels look amazing, though.Wonderfully put together with a great blend of pictures and recipes and a little blurb of text for each recipe. If you like the blog, you'll love the book. If you haven't read the blog, I think you'll love the book anyway; it's one of the best I've seen in a while.
  • Jill
    I had been anxiously awaiting this, and Deb Perelman did not disappoint. I read (devoured?) the recipes cover to cover, and could hardly keep myself from pulling out every pot and pan in the kitchen to try them all immediately. As expected, gorgeous photographs and clear, encouraging directions.
  • Beth
    The "Smitten Kitchen" blog was mentioned in passing in an article I read somewhere online. I checked it out half out of curiosity, half out of an aquisitive desire for a larger stock of relatively simple recipes. I was impressed enough with what I saw to buy this, the author's first cookbook.I subscribe to a popular meal kit delivery service, and one thing that is striking about Perelman's recipes is their base similarity to that service's. I thi...
  • Meggie
    As many other devotees, I’ve enjoyed Deb’s cooking, writing, photos and recipes for many years. How exciting to hold her recipes in a book! It is full of great tips and ideas, many accessible and fun recipes and inspiration. We’ve already enjoyed the eggplant calzones and yummy oven fries. As with her blog, I love how her cooking is unfussy, uses fewer bowls and complicated steps and quality ingredients.
  • Goodreader
    I started going to about two years ago because I needed a cake recipe. I found the chocolate peanut butter cake recipe (the softest, deepest chocolate cake combined with a sweet, cream cheese peanut butter frosting and topped with a semi-sweet (or dark chocolate) ganache) and I was hesitant to attempt this cake because it looked difficult. However, Perelman makes even the most difficult things wildly simple. She never leaves ou...
  • Sarah Eiseman
    Deb Perelman is the creator of The Smitten Kitchen, a fabulous blog on food and her cooking shenanigans in New York City. This blog (and now book are fabulous if you like pictures of different steps during food prep. Like The Pioneer Woman, Perelman is also a photographer. The pictures in this book are fantastic and the recipes are delicious. I made the Cheddar Swirl Buns (like a savory cinnamon roll), the Apricot Breakfast Crisp (I made mine wit...
  • Alison
    What a lovely cookbook, full of delicious recipes that for the most part, aren't too daunting. There are headnotes and color photos for every recipe, and the book is divided into several sections - including two for mains, meat and veggie - and she has some great info at the start of the book and in the appendix. At a glance you might think that these recipes would call for high-end ingredients, but that's not necessarily the case, and this comes...
  • Sarah
    My interest in Deb Perelman was initially piqued when she came in to do a book talk/signing at the bookstore where I work. Whilst shelving, I was able to overhear much of her journey to self-taught cook and was intrigued. Upon later perusing her cookbooks my interest continued to spike. The gorgeous photographs and accompanying recipes are highly appealing. This is food that begs to be eaten. The hefty tome includes food for all times of day and ...
  • Exapno Mapcase
    This is a Goodreads First Reads review.This is a great collection of recipes brought together with a warm sense of humor. The recipes are well laid out and the ingredients list shows the measurements in both imperial and metric, something that is not often done. Her goal is just to have fun cooking, so there is no running around looking for rare ingredients. It just makes you want to get together with friends and family.
  • Christina Holt
    I'm in love with this cookbook! Deb's recipes aren't so advanced to be intimidating to a new cook, like me, but are complex enough so that I'm learning something new with each one. There's a really great array of main dishes (vegetarian and not), appetizers, sweets, breakfasts, sandwiches, pizza, and just so much more! The book itself is beautiful with a clean layout and lots of pictures. Every recipe I've tried has surprised me by how wonderful ...
  • Zomick's Bakery
    I am a baker at Zomick's bakery and must give this cookbook 5 star. That is not because I found recipes I could prepare, but gave me an interesting idea for some old traditional challah recipes I could restructure. If you are into cooking get this one and you'll have plenty of interesting recipes to try. - Zomick's bakery
  • Deidre
    I love this cookbook. A good variety of classics, variations on classics, and interesting new ideas. Ranges in level of difficulty - this is not geared for people who never cook, but they could figure it out if they needed to - and for those of us who cook often, it's not oversimplified so much that we're bored. I can't wait to try out so many of these recipes!
  • Sara
    There is nothing in here that I don't want to eat. Deb Perelman has even talked me into the recipes I was initially unsure of. She is such an engaging writer! I can't wait to get cracking on some of these delicious dishes post-Thanksgiving.
  • Kat
    I have never been so entertained by a cookbook! Not only do I want to cook 90% of Deb's recipes (popcorn cookies? I am so there), but her wit, charm, and humor come through every recipe description. I plan to be a dedicated blog follower after working my way through her recipes!
  • Natashya KitchenPuppies
    Beautiful book from one of the world's most popular food bloggers. Stunning photography and 100 innovative yet comforting dishes. See my full review here - http://livinginthekitchenwithpuppies....
  • Gina Enk
    Love this! This book makes me laugh, makes me want to cook and makes me happy. Beautiful photography and great writing. So glad I'll be meeting the author at a signing event later this month!
  • Pablo V
    And her cook the food and her food and soda
  • Mary
    Deb's blog is lovely, as are all of the recipes I've tried - not one bad apple in the pile! This cookbook looks like one delight after another, and I can't wait to get started.