Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2 by Mizuho Kusanagi

Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2

Aku benci rambut merahku.Tapi saat Suwon bilang rambutku seindah langit fajar,aku langsung menyukai rambutku.Semua tentang Suwon tidak akan bisa hilang dari diri Yona, hingga peristiwa tragis merenggut semuanya. Suwon membunuh ayahnya!Kabur dari istana, Yona menyembuhkan luka hatinya di desa Fuga, kampung halaman Haku.Tapi masalah baru menghadangnya di sana!

Details Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2

TitleYona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2
Release DateOct 19th, 2011
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Adventure

Reviews Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 2

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...This is a review of volumes 1-2 which I read together back to back. See the plot section for my thoughts on the individual volumes.Princess Yona is the pampered daughter of her kingdom's king. Isolated and doted on she has two childhood friends, Hak, a general who also protects her and her cousin, Soo-won who helped her mourn her mother's passing and who she is crushing on...
  • MrsNightRead
    Still can't get over the beautiful artwork and FREAKING HAK
  • Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic)
    4.5 stars
  • Jillian -always aspiring-
    I get the hype only two volumes in.
  • Shala
    This story continues to develop in an unexpected way! It keeps me guessing, and I love it for that. Yona is growing and changing. I cant wait to see where she ends up!
  • Babù93
    Penso di essere l'unica a cui piaccia Suwon! 😂A parte questo volume davvero carini *-*
  • Laia Hurtado Arnaiz
    Excelente es una pasada de Manga me encanta Yona
  • Tâm
    The fire in her eyes. 😍🔥Soo-won's for-the-greater-good-kind-of vision. Everything is just so sad in this volume.Soo-won is definitely my favorite character in this series, despite the fact that he has killed Yona's father and betrayed her. He is not cold-blooded, he feels sad and guilty too, but he must leave all those emotions aside because the kingdom needs a greater king. The formal king, Yona's father, did not do a very good job on ruli...
  • V
    The first volume of Yona of the Dawn left me wondering, "why, why hadn't I read it sooner?" It felt classic, with a villainous twist, action, and set-up for an on-the-run-adventure.This one not so much. The princess' guard and protector, Hak, it felt like, he did a 180. Instead of vowing to protect her out of loyalty to her and her father, he suddenly started with the sexual harassment and wanting payment with her body....Um, I don't mind witty, ...
  • Latasha (Latashasbookworld)
    I'm loving this manga so far. The character and story development is building up so nice and easy to follow. I love the Wind Tribe and love that they immediately took in Yona. The humor is amazing. I even like Su-won character and the mystery on what happen to him. And the angst between Hak and Yona, I'm living for it.
  • Ken Yuen
    Like seeing Yona's character growth moment. Although she does spend most of this volume in shock. Hak and the Wind Tribe characters seem pretty fun. I like the reoccurring joke about Hyeong-dae being dead.
  • Samthefangirl
  • Cristina entre letras
    4,5 ❤ 4,5 ❤️
  • Cath
    4/5 stars.
  • Cliff Poche
    The Princess is becoming a Warrior!
  • Rema
    The artwork is as beautiful as ever and Hak is just magnificent. His fighting skills are just breathtaking and the scenes that feature his fighting are just perfect. Things moved pretty fast in this novel. Fuuga is a cozy place and the wind tribe were a happy lot. It's interesting to see the place Hak grew up in. Yona gets out of the funk she's in and develops the fire in her eyes that she becomes so well known for later on. Finally, Yona and Hak...
  • Jhaniel
    Once again I reiterate that I am actually caught up in the manga so I am a bit biased when I go back to declare these first chapters 5star--they aren't as good as chapters that come later, so I'm being overgenerous in light of what's to come. Still, the character work here is very solid and is important foundation-setting for our characters and our plot, and this whole story is so well-told, I cannot begrudge it that perfect rating. Go read Yona....
  • AlenGarou
    Adoro i coglioncelli della tribù del vento (Han-Dae e Tae-Woo) e ovviamente Mundok u.u Anche se con il senno di poi...Ad ogni modo la fuga sulle montagne è sempre epica u.u Yona deve incazzarsi di più.
  • Amanda Kern
    CoolThis is an awesome series. I buy it to support the author for I wish more manga would officially translated. I also buy it for I can have the whole series eventually one place.
  • Elly
  • Camila
  • Lunari Lizardi
    "La princesa está encendida como una llama ardiente. Su mirada no vacila. ¿Era la princesa alguien que podía tener ese tipo de expresión?"
  • Lynn
    Today's post is on Yona of the Dawn, volume 2 by Mizuho Kusanagi. It is the second in her Yona of the Dawn series. It is 190 pages long and is published by Shojo Beat. The cover has Princess Yona and Hak on it as they are running. The intended reader is someone who likes epic high fantasy, shojo manga, and revenge plots. There is no foul language, no sex, but there is violence in this story. The story is told from third person close mostly of Yon...
  • Ruthsic
    Continuing from the story in the last volume, Yona is now on the run from her usurping cousin Soo-Won, while under the protection of Hak, who takes her to his tribe's lands. While on the way, she seems despondent and even Hak worries about her, and they both contemplate their friendship with Soo-Won. Once they reach the water tribe's lands, Yona starts to awaken a little, seeing the cheerful people around her and the optimism that they show despi...
  • Jessica Headlee
    Right off the bat, this volume brings character development onto the table. For those who didn’t like Yona in the first volume, by the end of this volume I promise you’ll start to see her differently. The writer has done a fantastic job of subtly pushing her in a more active role in this story, and while she hasn’t taken charge yet, I believe that they’re setting her up to do that soon. Other characters get some development as well, thoug...
  • Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment)
    The interesting thing about Yona's character is that she doesn't have a distinct personality. We watch her evolve from very little not just in terms of enlightenment, but in terms of definable personality traits. This bothered me at first and I desired some facial expressions from her, but ultimately I think it works for the series. (Is she a Mary Sue though? Let's discuss!) The way the author focuses on Yona's experiences and development makes t...
  • Luana
    Continuano le avventure di Yona e Hak, in fuga dal castello reale dopo gli eventi del primo volume. La loro visita alla tribù del vento (di cui Hak è il generale) e l'imminente incoronazione del nuovo re danno al lettore l'opportunità di saperne di più sulla struttura del regno di Koka e sulle differenti posizioni assunte dalle cinque tribù che ne stanno alla base (cielo, fuoco, terra, acqua e vento).Interessante è il personaggio di Suwon, ...
  • Chelsea Gouin
    This series is just so...nice. Yona and Hak are still on the run from the traitor Su-Won; trying to survive in the forest and make it to the sanctuary of the Wind Tribe. Su-Won, in order to ascend to the throne, must get the leaders of all the Tribes to agree to his ruling...of course, the Wind Tribe opposes and the Fire Tribe decides to pressure them into changing their vote. Hak is not having it and tries to flee quietly but Yona awakens and de...
  • Jasmine
    (view spoiler)[ I want you...give yourself to me, Hak!ok, what kind of situation do you think this is from? a love scene? an order? well, Hak is leaving the village, we have no idea what he has in mind ( go kill Soo-won? live like a traveler? change his identity?) Yona suddenly shows up, firmly decided to leave the village. Hak doesn't want to take her they argue and then in the end, while Hak starts to walk away this is what Yona says to him. an...
  • brightredglow
    This is actually my 2nd time reading Yona Vol 2. Now that I'm moving some of my manga reading to Kindle (if available), I'm re-reading series like this one. Ah, this volume is one of my faves in the series because of the Wind Tribe. I also like how Kusanagi doesn't have Yona dwell too much in pity. She has an understandable stretch but it doesn't go overlong. But this is the volume where the mix of fluff and dread is at interesting balance. Also,...