Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3 by Mizuho Kusanagi (草凪みずほ)

Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3

Yona dan Haku memulai pengembaraan mereka mencari pendeta yang bisa meramal masa depan.Setelah terjatuh dari jurang karena terdesak oleh prajurit lawan, Yona dan Haku diselamatkan Yun dan Ikusu.Apakah Ikusu adalah pendeta yang mereka cari?!Jalan apa yang ditunjukkan sang pendeta kepada Yona yang ingin melindungi orang-orang yang dicintainya?

Details Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3

TitleYona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3
Release DateNov 9th, 2011
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Fantasy, Romance, Graphic Novels, Adventure, Shojo

Reviews Yona, The Girl Standing in the Blush of Dawn 3

  • Dani - Perspective of a Writer
    Check out more manga and graphic novel reviews @ Perspective of a Writer...This is a review of volumes 3-4 which I read together back to back. See the plot section for my thoughts on the individual volumes.Princess Yona is the pampered daughter of her kingdom's king. Isolated and doted on she has two childhood friends, Hak, a general who also protects her and her cousin, Soo-won who helped her mourn her mother's passing and who she is crushing on...
  • WhattheGemini
    I really love this series. The Characters and fight scenes are amazing. If you love Inuyasha, I think you will reallllllyyyy love this series.
  • Cath
    5/5 stars
  • Kogiopsis
    The plot has arrived! And I am psyched. Yona is off into the wild blue yonder to collect her very own part-dragon male harem, and in the meantime working hard at becoming a more active protagonist. Her primary struggle seems to be about seizing control of her own fate, which suggests to me that she'll eventually find a middle path between 'kill' and 'be killed'. Also, Gija and his grandmother are delightful.
  • Selena
    This volume was kind of all over the place. We get introduced to what looks to be the main quest of the story (find the dragon warriors), but then we're given a chapter of backstory on the annoying (my description) "pretty boy" character (the character's description of himself, no joke) that I don't really care about, and it killed the flow of a story that was finally starting to get the ball rolling. We then continue on our path and (view spoile...
  • Cliff Poche
    Enter The White Dragon!
  • Malvi
    Poco a poco se va enredando un poco más la trama. El punto fantastico que tiene e encanta. Estoy deseando continuar leyendo más de las aventuras de Yona.
  • Jessica Headlee
    This volume is all about world building and setting up Yona’s quest for the first portion of the story. We’re introduced to some new characters, one of which I don’t think we’ll see again for a very long time. The pacing in this volume was a little weird. After the dramatic ending of the last volume I was hoping some of that would bleed into this one, but it does in parts. The story picked up some good momentum when Yona learned of the pa...
  • Seobin Baeg
    A new character, Yoon has arrived. His medical knowledge and wit have managed to bring Hak back from near- death state. He also knocks some senses to Yona(Thank god, we will now have a more mature protagonist). His relationship with the priest is complex, from motherly, to fatherly affection. Yoon's poverty yet his motherly nature and the priest's kindness was probably what drawn them together. One good thing that came from Akatsuki no Yona is th...
  • Camila
    Ay! No puedo dejar de leer! Me encanta :B
  • Karen
    I'm in love with this manga
  • Jessica Duet
    So we meet the priest, hak survives, and the white dragon appears! Can't wait for volume 4!
  • Ruthsic
    After their fall from the cliff in the last volume, Yona wakes up with Hak in the dwelling of a priest Ik-soon and his ward Yoon. Yoon is a prickly but domestic young kid, who nurses them both back to health. While living with them, Yona realizes more truths about the unhappiness in the kingdom, how she was unaware of the hardships common people face. Ik-soon advises her on her path forward, while warning her that if she only kept Hak at her side...
  • Camila Florit
    Cada capitulo que leo de este manga me pregunto lo mismo ¿por que no lo he leído antes?Los personajes son demasiado reales, son del tipo que sientes que te puedes encontrar al doblar la esquina de tu casa (al menos en personalidad, me encantaría encontrar a un Hak), cada personaje tiene su personalidad, sus motivos específicos a la hora de que va avanzando la historia, es decir no tienen "huecos" hacen lo que hacen por que tienen sus razones ...
  • Chelsea Gouin
    Volume Three continues the saga of Princess Yona. Having found the priest, Yona seeks his divine guidance on how to continue her journey and win back her kingdom. He shares the prophecy of the Crimson King and the protection of the four dragons and suggests Yona seeks out the dragons. Yun is convinced to join Hak and Yona on their search and they head to the mountains to locate the White Dragon. Yona also convinces Hak to teach her how to defend ...
  • AlenGarou
    Le parti di Ik-Soo le ho sempre trovate un po' monotone, ma è sempre bello ricordare l'evoluzione di Yoon: da teppista a mammina premurosa ahahahaPer quanto riguarda Kija, è in fondo alla mia classifica dei draghi XD Ma almeno con Hak ci regala qualche gag.E a proposito di Hak. La scena del quasi bacio è sempre un top.
  • Miss
    lol i'm honestly really enjoying yona's continued obliviousness to hak's feelings, he's gotta put up or shut up if he wants to get anywhere with her :')anyways this is a set up volume, establishing a structure for this story arc -- yona will be questing to gather her dragon guardians. i'm picking up some fushigi yuugi vibes here and i'm down with it3 stars
  • Henrietta
    wow will this manga ever not make me cry. just. kija's granny is so important. and i love how all of the dragons are so special in their own way. i love them so much ;-;. and the part where yona started learning archery.......... that was nice :'))))))) hakyona is life.
  • Celinda Reyes
    I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself but I love this series so much!!! The characters are amazing, the mythology is so interesting, the plot always keeps me hooked, and the humor throughout each volume is awesome! Definitely recommend this one.
  • Shaya
    Seguimis las aventuras de Hak y Yona que al final se ponen en marcha para buscar a las cuatro personas que tienen los poderes de los dragones y la van a ayudar en su proposito, me ha gustado mucho aunque todavia no enpiece la accion pero es un manga que me encanta y espero cob ansia el 4 tomo
  • Melissa
    This volume is fairly slow-paced, but it does have excellent character development. I really enjoyed Yona’s archery training. I also love the White Dragon’s village.
  • Ima Ne
    3,5 stars
  • Jesica
    BLOG: www.adictaxictoxico.blogspot.com.cohay no puedo creer que el sea el malo, espero aunque no creo, que tenga "buenas" razones para hacer lo que hizo.
  • Sarah Schanze
    Another good volume! I wish the English release books were closer to the Japanese releases, but I'm still glad they're being translated.
  • Freigeistbloggerin
    Eine schöne Fortsetzung:)
  • Thessa
    the art in this one was exceptional the story is becoming more complex with some interesting backstories
  • Noelle
    Another enjoyable volume. I'm really loving how the plot is developing. It's giving me some slight Fushigi Yugi vibes, which I'm not at all mad at.
  • Jasmine
    Ik-soo is such a cute character! he is the first fantasy character with this kind of attitude of caring for others, being clumsy and love everyone no matter what.
  • Emi
    Pues sí que ha mejorado en este tomo. Me ha picado la curiosidad y me gustan los personajes nuevos.
  • Kira
    3.5Read on kindle from Overdrive