Praying God's Word for Your Husband by Kathi Lipp

Praying God's Word for Your Husband

Women often offer up polite prayers to God without any real hope of seeing change in their marriage, their husbands, or themselves. Kathi Lipp directs women to Scripture and shows wives how to pray God's Word boldly and in full confidence of seeing God-sized results. With a light touch and an approachable style, Lipp shows women what a blessing it is to pray for their husbands, addressing specific concerns, like praying for hisparentingcareer and...

Details Praying God's Word for Your Husband

TitlePraying God's Word for Your Husband
Release DateJun 1st, 2012
PublisherFleming H. Revell Company
GenreMarriage, Nonfiction, Prayer, Christian, Religion, Faith

Reviews Praying God's Word for Your Husband

  • Sundi
    I'm Single, and I've struggled with a fear of men for many years. Over the last few years, God and I have been on a healing journey. I felt led to purchase this book and begin praying for my future husband. It has been life changing for me! Everyday, I journal through a prayer, speaking them over my future husband, knowing God has a man out there for me. Thanks, Kathi, for writing this book.
  • Laura
    Many wives, me included, tend to pray for their husband with a quickie checklist, marking that job off the list for the day. Kathi has written her book, Praying God’s Word for Your Husband, to help us out dig out of that rut and dig deeper into God’s Word and pray the Word over our husband. She’s practical in directing us to pick a regular spot and time, focusing our mind, preparing our heart, and, yes, even praying with a prayer partner or...
  • Laura
    Title: PRAYING GOD’S WORD FOR YOUR HUSBANDAuthor: Kathi LippPublisher: RevellJune 2012ISBN: 978-0800720766Genre: Inspirational/MarriagePlace your husband in God’s hands.Many wives approach prayer as a checklist, something that has to be done in order to carry the “Good Girl Christian” card. But with this accessible guide, prayer can feel as natural as breathing. The reason is that the Word of God itself becomes your prayer. With an access...
  • Melanie
    I can not think of a better Father's Day gift to give my husband than to be committed to Praying God's Word for him! Nothing is eternal like prayer. Kathi Lipp directs the reader to use scripture in praying for their husband and how to pray boldly for him. She shows us concerns such as:· parenting· career and finances· relationship with God and others· emotional health· future· and teaches us how to approach those concerns through prayer. W...
  • Lisa Johnson
    Title: Praying God’s Word for your HusbandAuthor: Kathi LippYear: 2012Pages: 208Publisher: RevellNote: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspo... or on Twitter @lcjohnson1988 Prayer. You may be thinking not another book on prayer! Then again you may be thinking,” I have been praying for my husband and it didn’t change a thing”. Perhaps it cha...
  • Lynn
    This review originally appeared on my blog.http://lynnhugginsblackburn.blogspot....I have a few pet peeves. Well, probably more than a few. And if I tried to list them, there is one that would make the top five. Maybe the top three.Man bashing.I'm not talking about good natured teasing. I'm talking about the tendency for women to gather for lunch or an evening out and spend a significant portion of their time airing their husband's faults and wea...
  • Victor Gentile
    Kathi Lipp in her new book, “Praying God’s Word for Your Husband” published by Revell gives us a look at the power a wife has to change her husband’s life God’s way.From the Back Cover: Place your husband in God’s handsAre you ready to see God move in big ways in your husband’s life, your life, and your marriage?Many wives approach prayer as a checklist, something that has to be done in order to carry the “Good Girl Christian” c...
  • Michelle
    Kathi Lipp has written a book that is both inspiring and practical. It's certainly a book that can be read from beginning to end, but it's also a great resource to keep on your shelf to pull from in times of specific need. I completely love the idea of our prayers being grounded in scripture, so that we're always praying God's word, and there's no doubt that we're praying His will. Our husbands need our prayers, and Kathi has laid it all out perf...
  • Siobian
    Though many women approach praying for their husband as something they must do to achieve "Good Christian Wife" status, Kathi Lipp offers an easy to read manual on making prayer for your husband an essential part of your life. Through chapters such as "When He Feels Overwhelmed", "His Health and Safety", and "His Relationship With You" (just to name a few) Lipp shows readers how to take scripture and incorporate it into meaningful and heartfelt p...
  • Abbie Riddle
    This is one of those books that makes a great gift for any woman - especially a newly wed or soon to be wed. Kathi Lipp has provided an excellent resource and jump start for your prayer life in regards to your husband. Often we struggle as women to find adequate scriptures to prayer in regards to our husbands. Of course there are the obvious about their health and well being and their stress and provisions. But there is so much more that we need ...
  • Ibjoy1953 Hannabass
    MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKIn her new book, Kathi Lipp shows us the importance of why we should always pray for our husbands. I fail at that so often, and since my husband is not a Christian, I need to be praying for him more. Kathi starts out showing us how to use her book, then she gives her readers an outlook on just what kind of things to pray as we pray for our husband. Things such as his work issues, finances, his feeling overwhelmed, his past...
  • Jocelyn Green
    I love this book. I only had to read a few pages to realize this will never be in one of my give-away packages because I need this for my own husband. The prayers are powerful, because they are grounded in Scripture. This is one book I will keep on my nightstand, and it will travel around the house with me whenever I need to search for a quiet spot to pray.There is more power in the prayers in this book than in all the pep talks I've given my hus...
  • Colleen
    Excellent book filled with specific scriptures to pray for your husband (or yourself, or your children). I enjoyed the format of the scripture followed by an example of praying that scripture. I can see this book as one I can use during my devotion/prayer time. My one concern is that the initial chapters seemed to communicate a "name it and claim it" approach, but I didn't sense that as the book progressed. Highly recommend this book if you are l...
  • Nellie
    This book is not about a list of topics to pray for your husband. It is a set of 14 topics that men tend to struggle with. Each topic is chock full of specific verses with a suggested prayer following the Scripture verse. I enjoyed reading the book along with accompanying stories that pertained to each topic. I think the suggested prayers can be used as a springboard to praying the way you need to pray for your husband.This is a book I will keep ...
  • Ariel
    I'm not married yet, but this book was still very helpful to me. Each chapter was targeted at a specific reason to pray for your husband, and each chapter was filled with example prayers directly based off of scripture. It explained ways to lift up your husband in those areas, and things to avoid making him worse. It was really helpful, and it's given me great insight for when I am married and praying for my own husband!
  • Mandy J. Hoffman
    Good:Like how she talked about TV causing bitterness towards our husband. So true.Like the idea of praying Scripture not just my personal thoughts.Bad:Scripture is used out of contextShe was influences and quotes books I would never read because they are bad theology.
  • Wendy
    Enjoyed the read and the author's perspective on praying Scripture over your husband. The lessons in this book can be applied, however, to any family member, friend or situation.
  • Leslie Monroe
    This is such a great resource. I love the examples of prayers tied,to Bible verses.
  • Tara Lane marineau
    Good practical ways to pray and support your husband.
  • Tori
    I normally don't rate books that are totally outside of my wheelhouse, but in this case, I feel like the issues I have are still relevant even though the theology doesn't align with my own.The emphasis on, if you are being treated poorly by your husband, considering that it might be your fault and praying for it to stop as opposed to considering whether his behavior is appropriate or talking to your husband is at the VERY BEST passive-aggressive ...
  • Mary
    Kathi Lipp provides a wonderful prayer guide with actual examples to help women pray over every area of their husbands' lives. Read this with your Bible and journal in hand and re-read it often. She not only provides her own life examples but actual scripture references and sample prayers. I found it so instructive and helpful that I have now purchased her follow up book: Praying God's Word Over Your Life. HIGHLY RECOMMEND for all women seeking e...
  • Joann Rodriguez
    So much for everyoneThis book is a great resource for different ways to pray for our husband's and scripture to back it up and pray over our husband's. There are stories from other wives and their situations and prayers they pray. This book is filled with so much to chew on and use in every day prayer.
  • Regina
    Helped me focus on my husband's needs.
  • Natalie Mangrum
    Take this review with a grain of salt. I use as a reference only. Loved it for that purpose.