Vietnamese Home Cooking by Charles Phan

Vietnamese Home Cooking

In his eagerly awaited first cookbook, award-winning chef Charles Phan from San Francisco's Slanted Door restaurant introduces traditional Vietnamese cooking to home cooks by focusing on fundamental techniques and ingredients.When Charles Phan opened his now- legendary restaurant, The Slanted Door, in 1995, he introduced American diners to a new world of Vietnamese food: robustly flavored, subtly nuanced, authentic yet influenced by local ingredi...

Details Vietnamese Home Cooking

TitleVietnamese Home Cooking
Release DateSep 25th, 2012
PublisherTen Speed Press
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction

Reviews Vietnamese Home Cooking

  • Carrisa
    Loved the ingredient glossary, it not only said a bit about the ingredient, but also had a picture of what it looked like! Very useful for cooks who don't use galangal or rau ram all that often (or not at all). Made the Pho Ga: Chicken Noodle Soup (pg 8). Delish~
  • James
    High end home cooking, seems far less fusion than his Slanted Door book. Subjects are sorted by cooking method and while there's some recommendations for sauces and spices, it needs a larger ingredients section. No nutritional data included, which may be an issue with people on low salt diets and the like. Also seems a bit meat heavy.
  • Shira
    Rare is the book that inspires your cooking, informs your restaurant etiquette, tickles your travel bone, and teaches you how to cook a cuisine. Enjoy, enjoy, and invite friends over for lunch!Update! I'm still enjoying the heck out of this book...and the pages are getting more food stained each week. Bliss!!
  • Mari
    Numerous recipes in this book require a trip to the Asian or international grocery store. The local Giant Eagle or Kroger are just not going to carry tamarind pods, rice paper rolls, or jicama root. I looked forward to making the Imperial Rolls, the main reason I read the book, but it is three pages long. I immediately walked away from this recipe and others that require a significant time commitment and serious cooking savvy.
  • Ho Thi
    Charles Phan who runs the Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco has this great book on Vietnamese home cooking. This book brings back fond memories of my childhood. I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend it.
  • Gina
    This book was beautiful, and everything looked delicious, but if I'm being honest I am not at the point in my life where I have the time for most of these recipes. I will, however, try one or two on a day off.
  • Ash
    Ingredient glossary was very helpful and I have a few new recipes to try.
  • Riegs
    Definitely for more experienced cooks and requires special ingredients, but well written with great descriptions of techniques.
  • Lareina Hui
    This is by far my favorite cookbook to date (and I've read a LOT!) Being Chinese-Canadian, I've longed for the authentic flavors of real Asian cooking. Since moving to Los Angeles, I've found myself missing it even more than ever before. Most restaurants in the city are completely Americanized, so the best Viet and Chinese food I can find is always in my own kitchen. Phan is bang-on with this book - online recipes/other cookbooks have listed simi...
  • Eling
    I wish you could do 1/2 stars here, because I really want to give Vietnamese Home Cooking 4.5 stars. First of all, the photography is stunning. Really, really beautiful photos of food (although not the ratio of one photo per recipe that is my ideal, it was pretty close), great ones of the ingredients in the reference section, and gorgeous ones of Vietnam's food culture. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of recipes covered, but I think the t...
  • Charcoal
    This book has beautiful pictures in general. However, it doesn't have enough pictures of the finished recipes. Most of the recipes in the book require many ingredients that I don't have or use on a regular basis. I did like how he has a "picture glossary" at the end which identifies many of the ingredients that are called for in the book as well as the benefits of these items.
  • Tina
    For those of us unfamiliar with a lot of the ingredients used in Vietnamese cooking, this book can be a little daunting, but the recipes seemed easy to follow. Less pictures than I would've liked, but overall a decent addition to the library's cookbook collection.
  • Anonymous
    Beautiful cookbook. Simple ingredients, great techniques with explanations (and pictures if it is somewhat complicated). I love cookbooks that teach me something different (not just listing of ingredients) and this book has more than a few things for me to try.
  • Janet
    Yum! For the most part I think I'll leave the cooking to Mr. Phan and enjoy his dishes at his restaurant, Slanted Door! But I may attempt the Fried Rice, Wok-Fried Rice Noodles, the Soy Braised Pork Belly and the not-to-be-served-in-a-restaurant Scrambled Eggs and Pork. Did I say YUM?
  • Sps
    Eat this: broccoli with roasted chile paste and beech mushrooms. I've made it twice according to the recipe, and made other broccoli/stir-fried veggie dishes patterned on it several other times in the last month. Salty spicy good.
  • Emily
    Few vegetarian recipes, though most could be converted (veggie stock for beef stock, etc.).
  • Pixie
    2.5 stars. Grainy snapshots. Hubby says it "looks like a yearbook." I'm pretty sure that whatever essential recipes Phan has are included in his more recent Slanted Door cookbook.
  • Beka
    The pictures look incredible and so delicious. Though none of them seemed doable for me, I would willingly try any of them in his restaurant.
  • Vi
    I am very excited to learn new ways of making my favorite dishes or even improve them :) How fun!