Oliver by Birgitta Sif


An imaginative child who doesn’t quite fit in finds a kindred spirit in this utterly charming picture book from a debut author-illustrator.Oliver is different. He enjoys his solitude. He likes playing with his friends, who are puppets, stuffed animals, and other toys. With his rich imagination, Oliver’s day is never dull. There are bridges to cross, sharks to fight, and treasures to find! But maybe toys don’t always give a boy everything he...

Details Oliver

Release DateOct 9th, 2012
PublisherCandlewick Press
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Fiction

Reviews Oliver

  • Basma
    Can't stress enough how lovely the art is. Seriously. I know all my comments on children's books are about the art, but it does play a major role in experiencing the book -at least to me it is. The ending was quite expected, I wish it was different but it's still cute.
  • Angelina
    3.5 stars. One star for the charming illustrations.
  • Mehsi
    Not a long review, just a short one to express my thoughts.This book sounded interesting, but in the end I was mostly bored. I just couldn't connect with Oliver (I found him strange and awkward, and yes, I know he was supposed to be all different and the likes, but for me he just felt like a boy who didn't want to grow up and check out the world around him). The story was also pretty boring. Just Oliver going on his daily life, reading books, pla...
  • Caroline
    I loved this picture book about a boy, Oliver, who feels different from everyone else so he spends most of his time alone reading and dreaming...until a chance occurrence introduces him to Olivia. Oliver and Olivia become friends and "it was the beginning of the best adventure he'd ever had." The artwork is lovely in muted colors, and the characters in the book are quirky and odd--a wonderful reminder that we are all odd, and different, in our ow...
  • Peg
    This is a little gem! I love everything about the book--the art and the text are fantastic! Oliver's okay with his doing things differently and usually by himself. His imagination fills his world, until one day when he feels different and discovers a friend, who is also a little different herself. The illustrations have a muted tone, but add some humor to Oliver and his surroundings. This gentle story would be a great conversation/discussion star...
  • Erin
    In a very simple style, Sif tells the story of Oliver who's a little different. He has good times and great adventures with his friends who are really stuffed animals and puppets. He is perfectly happy doing things all by himself. He never even thinks about doing anything with other people until he meets Olivia. She is a little different, too. Good for storytimes. Also, great for young ones trying to understand autism. Oliver may or may not have ...
  • Lorna
    A lovely story of a boy who prefers to play by himself until an unplanned event introduces him to a new friend. Fun illustrations have a lot of cute details that will have the reader lingering over the page spreads. Text captures well the solitude that some kids need. Quote: "And sometimes, wherever he was, he wanted to fly away."
  • Jen
    SOOOOOOO CUTE! This was a lovely story about being unique and figuring out how to share that with someone else. The illustrations are fabulous!Don't forget to go back and examine all the pictures once you've read the story!
  • Michelle
    Oliver reminds me of my son, and I'm reading this at work (library) and trying not to cry at my desk. Amazing illustrations and great story.
  • Eli
    Cute story about an introverted and "different" young boy who finds companionship with an introverted and "different" young girl.I liked the artwork and the message. Great for beginning readers.
  • Megan
    Super cute. Reminds me of...me!
  • Ellie Labbett
    A hopeful story that reaches out to those who feel like an outsider, find it difficult to make friends and settle themselves in a lonely bubble. Oliver is a character that is comfortable being by himself, but as time wears on he begins to find difficulties in being alone, with no one to lean on. 'Oliver' carries a message that things do not always have to be like this. You may feel unable to connect to others, but like-minded people will eventual...
  • HueL
    Oliver is one of a kind. This book itself is uniquely illustrated, with Birgitta's seemingly free strokes and palette that is not so vibrant. The story depicts a little boy , a little different from the rest of the world, living in his own small world, with joy, and transformed through an adventure. Deep down in every kids' or even adults' heart, there is a such place, we live in that small world, sometime feel hesitated or even reluctant to walk...
  • Matthew
    What a beautiful book! The illustrations are just a lot of fun. There are all sorts of hidden elements running throughout for the observant reader, sub-stories that you can follow visually. The story is of a child who doesn't fit in, but doesn't feel terribly about it. Eventually, however, he does feel a slight longing for companionship until, by pure happenstance, he stumbles upon just the sort of friend he could use.
  • Mary
    The sentiment of this book--even children with different interests from the usual can find kindred spirits--is great. Oliver has a wonderful imagination and enjoys uncommon forms of solitary entertainment with his hand puppets and toys. Eventually he finds someone else with whom to enjoy puppetry. The illustrations are busy, and like Oliver, a little unusual. Tie-in with discussions about acceptance, inclusion, kindness.
  • Arminzerella
    Oliver is different, but doesn't mind because he has his stuffed animal friends and likes doing things on his own. Sometimes he feels a little awkward in certain situations and sometimes he's a little lonely. One day, however, a happy accident allows him to meet Olivia, who is different just like Oliver and they find happiness being different together.
  • Rosie Black
  • Rachel Smith
    Really loved how inclusive this book is. I feel like it would be great for kids with disabilities or even more introverted personalities to show they're not alone.
  • A.C. Paige
    Oliver is a little bit different... but when he finds a friends who is also different, everything is okay.
  • Trijnewijn
    Gewoon jezelf zijn, ook al is dat anders dan de anderen. Op een dag vind je iemand om samen anders mee te zijn.
  • Vale Mendy
    One of my favourite picture books.
  • Sarah Lloyd
    Picture Book: This is a great book for helping young children see that everyone is different. As I read the book, I thought maybe Oliver has some sort of disability which could make a good discussion in the classroom.
  • Homegrown Reader
    When I was 12, we moved about 40 minutes away. Far enough, that I couldn’t visit often without being a huge hassle. I felt out of place in my new home. Although honestly I hadn’t really fit in at my old school either but I was friends with others who didn’t fit in, so it didn’t really matter. For three or four years, I just haunted the library. I felt comfortable and relaxed there and though I already had a good relationship with reading ...
  • picturethisbook.com
    Introverts have it tough. Sadly, since the world is made up of a greater percentage of extroverts who make it harder for quieter voices to be heard and understood, anyone who doesn’t quite fit the outgoing, social-butterfly mould is often ostracised for being ‘shy’, ‘a loner’, or just plain weird — and made to feel almost apologetic for being the way they are. For kids, especially, it can be hard to feel — and/or be teased for being...
  • Tasha
    Oliver was different than everyone else. He spent time in his own little world, visited only by his friends who were his toys and puppets. They played endlessly together, having adventures across the living room. When his family got together, Oliver played by himself under the table, wishing that he didn’t have to be there at all. Then there was the day when he played the piano for his friends, but no one bothered to listen. Oliver felt differe...
  • Wendy Hirst
    I was sent a lovely book called Oliver by Brigitta Sif from walker books . It’s one of those books you know as you read the first page you can relate to it.The story is about a little boy called Oliver who enjoys in his own solitude. His friends are his puppets and stuffed toys. Oliver is different. Straight away I connected with the character as my children are different and play very much in their own world due to be autistic. They are unable...
  • Emily
    Oliver is a loner, his only friends a trio of stuffed animals. He goes on many adventures with these friends--to the library, through the sandbox (though the friends must sit on the sidelines at the swimming pool)--but he finds himself a little lonely for human company sometimes.Birgitta Sif tells Oliver's story sweetly and without a sense of pity for the boy. She celebrates his quirkiness and will not let him settle for a friend who is not his i...
  • babyhippoface
    Oliver is a bit different. He seems to be quite the introvert, preferring to play quietly on his own with his stuffed animals reading, putting on a puppet show, having tremendous adventures inside his imagination rather than dive into a crowd of people. One day as he's playing tennis against the side of his house (I did this many times, myself), the ball flies over his head and bounces away, through a narrow gate. Oliver steps through the gate an...
  • Amy Forrester
    Oliver was a bit different, but most of the time he didn’t care. His friends, an assortment of stuffed animals and hand puppets, are there for him when he wants to go on an adventure. Over time, Oliver wants to do more things that his friends can’t do. You can’t play tennis with a puppet and the toys didn’t seem as enthusiastic about his piano playing anymore. However, everything changes the day Oliver and his friends chase an errant tenn...
  • Joella www.cinjoella.com
    Oliver is a bit different. He likes playing with his finger puppets. He likes reading books. He likes going on imaginary adventures. He likes being different, but one day he feels different. His puppet and stuffed friends don’t really listen as he plays the piano. Then when he is playing tennis by himself his ball bounced to a neighbor’s yard. And he discovered…he wasn’t that different after all. Olivia liked puppets, reading, playing pre...