Death and the Maiden (Liebermann Papers, #6) by Frank Tallis

Death and the Maiden (Liebermann Papers, #6)

Ida Rosenkranz is top diva at the Vienna Opera, but she’s gone silent for good after an apparent laudanum overdose. Learning of her professional rivalries and her scandalous affairs with older men, Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt and Dr. Max Liebermann suspect foul play instead. Their investigation leads them into dark and dangerous conflicts with Gustav Mahler, the opera’s imperious director, who is himself the target of a poison pen ca...

Details Death and the Maiden (Liebermann Papers, #6)

TitleDeath and the Maiden (Liebermann Papers, #6)
Release DateOct 2nd, 2012
PublisherRandom House Trade Paperbacks
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Crime

Reviews Death and the Maiden (Liebermann Papers, #6)

  • Claude
    I want Frank Tallis to write more novels in the Liebermann Papers series
  • Vivienne
    This series just keeps on improving. This was another utterly engrossing outing for psychiatrist Dr. Max Liebermann and his good friend, Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt set in 1903 Vienna. Music has always played a role in these novels as the two friends share a deep love of music and regularly meet to play together and discuss compositions. In this volume the case they are investigating centres on music.When Ida Rosenkrantz, an operatic div...
  • Adriel Hartnett
    When you read a good book, you want it to end and you don't want it to end 😐About Liebermann Papers as whole: This series got me so overwhelmed; the era, historical figure allusions (Sigmund Freud, ladies and gentlemen), the suspense, the simple method of the case, medical background.. The list will not stop.Tallis's narrative is among the best, the way he entangles many characters and many motives into one big mystery is awesome.About this bo...
  • Ingmar
    Pretty much the same formula as the others in the series, young doctor (an adept and admirer of Sigmund Freud) helps his friend from the Security Office to solve a murder case. There are plenty of allusions to historic personalities (Mayor Lueger, Gustav Mahler, the Emperor ...) and the plot, although interesting enough, clearly takes a backseat to the painting of a lively picture of fin-de-siècle Vienna.There's some romance, too, thrown in for ...
  • Jenny
    Vienna (again) - so much pleasure from Frank Tallis' writing. I don't usually focus on "descriptive" passages in mystery novels - but somehow Frank Tallis brings Vienna to life through vision, smell, taste and atmosphere. Along with the delight of the senses he offers an exploration of the human mind, heart and soul - a perfect mix for a great detective novel.
  • LJ
    First Sentence: The lord marshal and the lord chamberlain, Prince Rudolf Liechtenstein, were observing Emperor Franz Joseph from the staircase.1903 Vienna is a city of great learning, enlightenment, technological advancements, beauty, art and culture. It is also a city whose subtext of politics, antisemitism and peril grows with each day. Diva Ida Rosenkranz of the Vienna Opera is dead. Although her doctor proclaims it suicide due to an overdose ...
  • Eustacia Tan
    It's 1903, which means for those of use living in the "future", WWI will start soon. But in Vienna, Dr Max Liebermann sees the anti-Semitic tension rising, and dismisses the uprising in Serbia. But all these big picture events don't matter, what this book is concerned with is to find the murderer of the famous opera diva Ida Rosenkrantz. If you've read this series before, you'll know that this series uses psychology, or psychology as it was under...
  • Anna Janelle
    HA!Okay, now that I've got THAT out of my system. The review.1903. Austria. A young, increasingly popular opera soprano is found dead at her home due to an apparent laudanum overdose. This overdose falls into question when a broken rib is discovered, insinuating that the singer was smothered prior to her death. Inspector Rheinhardt and Dr. Liebermann investigate the supposed murder, placing themselves in a precarious position with the leaders of ...
  • Ronald Fischman
    I can't tell you that I read this novel for my usual reason - as anyone who follows my reviews knows, I'm trying to help other new authors and to build the "platform" of people who would be interested in reading my own historical novel, 3 Through History, also available at Amazon. Frank Tallis doesn't need my review, but it turned out that I needed to read his book!Tallis's Vienna is the city of Mahler and Freud, where the forensic psychiatrist a...
  • Casey Mead
    I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I love historical fiction and mystery, and it's great when they're combined. This is the 6th book in the Max Liebermann series, but I never really felt lost or like I was missing anything from previous books. Vienna's top diva dies and detective inspector Oskar Reinhardt is on the case. Although it looks like suicide he suspects otherwise and asks psychologist Max Liebermann to assist him in...
  • Cheryl Scott
    Pitch perfect historical mystery! I won this book in First Reads, and I just love it!Fin-de-siecle Vienna lives and so do the characters. 'Death and the Maiden' unravels the mystery surrounding the death of a beautiful opera star. The events unfold in a vividly realized Vienna among people for whom love and knowledge of music are deep and essential components of their identities.This book is satisfying on so many levels. Death and the Maiden offe...
  • Adriana
    Smart and incredibly well written. You get music theory, psicology, Freud, history, and political intrigue to go along with a slow-build mystery that gets explored from every angle.
  • Laura
    Tallis is totally hit or miss, and this one is a hit. Lots of great characters, glimpses into the musical and food scenes of Vienna, you can tell he did a lot of research, and the writing is less grinding than usual. Two things I wish he would have avoided: a) the sexual dumplings, and b) all the dithering Liebermann does over Amelia Lydgate. JUST KISS HER ALREADY OK AND LET'S GET ON WITH THE BOOK.
  • Mary Ann
    As I read this book, I kept hoping that it would get to the "mystery" part of the story. First time reading this author, and I guess it is okay, if you are looking for a lot of filler around your mystery. Too many distractions, about so many other different subjects. I do appreciate the opportunity to have received this thru "firstreads".
  • Daniele
    I have always enjoyed this series, and this selection did not disappoint. Vienna and Opera with plenty of psychology.
  • Susan McDuffie
    I love the Max Liebermann mysteries and a bad cold last week gave me the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon reading this one--what a pleasure to be whisked away to Vienna for the day!
  • Sonia Cristina
    2.5 estrelasSem dúvida, o mais fraco da série e que pobre forma de a terminar (se bem que a série não termina aqui, pois já este ano o autor regressou à série Liebermann com um novo livro, passados 8 anos desde o anterior, este).Não achei propósito nenhum à pesquisa de Liebermann aos músicos que morreram há cerca de 40 anos atrás.O enredo da morte, aparentemente, suicídio da diva da ópera, também acabou por se revelar uma desilus...
  • Molly
    I really like this series and wish there were more books after this, the 6th in the crime series featuring turn-of-the-20th-century Viennese psychoanalyst, fencer, and amateur crime-solver, Dr Max Liebermann, who helps his friend, detective Oskar Rheinhardt, solve the murder of an opera diva in Mahler's opera house in 1903, when already the menacing shadow of incipient Jewish persecution hangs over the city, as Vienna’s powerful and anti-Semit...
  • Dipti Brahmane
    This is my first book by the author - have not read the 5 books prior to the volume. The author takes you to another world - steeped in classical music and a healthy dose of psychology. It is set in an era long time ago(Sigmund Freud has just started becoming famous, or rather infamous, in this book). The classical music references were frankly lost on me and almost went right over my head at most times, but psychology has always fascinated me - ...
  • Ruth
    c2011 (5) FWFTB: Vienna, 1903, opera, bureaucrats, psychiatry. A gently winding tale coming to a satisfactory conclusion. I learnt a lot about opera and classical music with this one. Page turning it is not and it was an excellent remedy for insomnia. In saying that though, it was an enjoyable read and that's why I am able to recommend it to the normal crew. Musik ist das Heilmittel für alle Übel
  • Linda Rae
    This is an atmospheric detective story that takes place in Vienna in 1903. A detective and a psychiatrist work to solve the mystery of the death of an operatic diva. I liked it enough to want to read the next in the series but not enough to go back and start from the beginning of the series.
  • Peter
    Another wonderful story from the talented Frank Tallis, in which the city and cultural-political world of Fin de Ciecle Vienna is a major character. Published in 2012, I hope this sixth story featuring Jewish Dr. Lieberman and detective Rheinhardt solving unusual crimes is not the last.
  • Martha
    I liked the historical/cultural references, but not the story.
  • Erick
    Always enjoy Tallis's books, but this one drifted away from the mystery a little to often.still enjoyed it though.
  • Kátia Cristina
    I just don't want to sound repetitive so If you want to know what I think read my other mini reviews.
  • Leslie
    3.5 stars.
  • Bibliophile
    Murder in Vienna's music scene, with Mahler as a terrible boss. Franz Josef makes an appearance and Freud invents penis envy. Amelia tosses her corset, Liebermann approves.
  • Betsy
    Enjoy this author, this mystery was absorbing.
  • Cerisaye
    I have read all the Liebermann novels over the past month and this review covers the whole series.What can I say, each book in this engaging series gets better. If you read detective novels purely for the mystery element then the Liebermann books might not be to your taste because the crimes are not really their primary focus. You don't have to read the series in order but I am glad I did, to follow the development of the characters and their per...
  • Steven Belanger
    Very satisfying 6th--and perhaps final--Max Liebermann mystery. Published in 2012, and followed by okay horror novels in the last few years, all published as F.R. Tallis, for some reason, this is perhaps Liebermann's last go. If so, it's a shame, as this series is clearly Tallis's best writing, and is what he's known for--if he's known in the U.S. at all; he's more popular, I think, in Europe. At any rate, he said in an interview that he was worr...