An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford, #4) by Charles Todd

An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford, #4)

World War I nurse and amateur sleuth Bess Crawford matches wits with a devious killer in this exciting and suspenseful new adventure.In the spring of 1918, the Spanish flu epidemic spreads, killing millions of soldiers and civilians across the globe. Overwhelmed by the constant flow of wounded soldiers coming from the French front, battlefield nurse Bess Crawford must now contend with hundreds of influenza patients as well.However, war and diseas...

Details An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford, #4)

TitleAn Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford, #4)
Release DateJun 5th, 2012
PublisherWilliam Morrow
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Historical Mystery, War, World War I

Reviews An Unmarked Grave (Bess Crawford, #4)

  • Magdalena aka A Bookaholic Swede
    The year is 1918 and the Spanish flu epidemic is rampaging, killing both soldiers and civilians. Battlefield nurse Bess Crawford and the rest of the nurses and doctors are swamped with patients. But, then Bess discovers that among the dead bodies are the body of a murdered officer that used to serve in her father's former regiment. However, she falls ill in the terrible flu herself before she can report it...The Bess Crawford series has quickly b...
  • Jennifer
    Having read the previous three in the series, I can definitely say that this one is the weakest in the bunch. I always enjoy the historical details - Todd can definitely deliver on behind-the-scenes action of WII - but the rest of the mystery was barely serviceable. After one too many coincidences (a man she runs into in a barn is just the exact one she's been looking for, out of all of the millions fighting in Europe), I almost gave up. The kill...
  • Mairita (Marii grāmatplaukts)
    Šoreiz daudz spriedzes, slepkavību un skriešanās ar laiku. Bija labi, lai gan pārsteidza motīvs, gaidīju ko citu.
  • Spitz
    Well written and rich in historical detail and atmosphere, as always. But the plot was a complete shambles.
  • LJ
    First Sentence: I stopped just outside the ward and leaned my head against the cool wood of the doorframe.WWI is raging but it is influenza that battlefield nurse, Bess Crawford, and others which is killing off soldiers. In the midst of the dead is a man whose death isn’t from either war or illness; he’s been murdered and Bess recognizes him. Those who’ve seen the body start to die in ways that seem natural. Before Bess can do anything, she...
  • Val Sanford
    I ate this book up right until the climax when Bess uncovers the devilish fiend trying to kill her. The plot tie-in came right out of left field. I'm sorry, but I think it's poor sport to not include ANY clues (that I could find, I realize) to who might be the killer and why they were killing. The obscure references to a 3rd party doing something that might be 'connected' were way to veiled and way-to obscure. Perhaps I should have said: Wait1 th...
  • Lauren
    An Unmarked Grave3.5 StarsAt the height of the Influenza epidemic of 1918, combat nurse Bess Crawford must contend not only with the wounded and the sick, but with the sudden appearance of an unidentified body among those slated for burial. In the aftermath of her own bout with illness, Bess works with her father's connections to collect evidence and unmask a lethal killer who will stop at nothing to fulfill his mission.The Bess Crawford mysterie...
  • Joanne
    Yay, a new Charles Todd mystery featuring Bess Crawford, the WW1 nurse. Here she's battling the Spanish influenza at the front when one of the orderlies alerts her to a dead body unlike the others. Turns out she knows him - he was in her father's regiment - but she comes down with the Flu herself, and by the time she's better, she's back in England and too far away to do anything about it. Except - she does. Back and forth between France and Engl...
  • Mary Ronan Drew
    An Unmarked Grave starts out with a dramatic scene in which Private Wilson, an orderly in the nursing station where Sister Crawford is working, asks her to come to the shed in which dead bodies are kept before burial. He wants to show her a man whose body that is improperly wrapped and who appears to Wilson to have been murdered. His neck has been broken and his body is with those of victims of the Spanish Influenza, not with those who died from ...
  • Laura
    I really wanted to like this series and this book but now I feel as if I have to simply break up with it. I was very interested in this book in particular because it dealt with the Spanish Flu, something I'm quite interested in. But the story was very lacking. What detective work was Bess doing? The detective work I did see was done by a secondary character, Simon and we never see the story from his eyes. very disappointed.
  • Simone James
    The mystery itself isn't explained in enough detail in this one... but, my gosh, the scenes at the front in World War I are amazing. They are not battle scenes, but a portrait of life behind the lines - the medical tents, the supply lorries, the chaos. Incredibly detailed and absorbing. Also, Bess needs a love interest, stat :)
  • Kim
    This was good! It was better than I thought it would be. I will have to look for the others in the series.
  • Mary
    An Unmarked Grave, although fourth in the Bess Crawford Mystery series, was my introduction to the mother-son writing team that is Charles Todd. Upon learning of this duo, I was intrigued by the pairing. How interesting that mother and son choose to write as one. I have two grown sons but they do not share my love of books. I have a hard time imagining writing anything with either. Caroline and Charles Todd have combined their love of history, li...
  • Luffy
    Several things have changed since the third tome, A Bitter Truth, of the series. The language is less winsome, flowing, less formidable. I've gone on record saying that I embrace low brow potboilers and dime novels. It's still sad to witness this book and consequently its authors finding it necessary to up the stakes, to add exponential action and to provide parody-like happenstances. Charles Todd was a name I've come to associate with quality an...
  • Michelle L
    Bess Crawford, battle-field nurse, WWI, and her circle (military/espionage father, his former batman, and her sturdily supportive mother), are the kind of stiff upper lip, upper class Brits who in other fiction would be the unsympathetic, "We just carry on" types. But in this Girl's Own Adventure school of historic female detective (amateur) they are our heroines and heroes. And quite enjoyable, especially with a glass of fizzy lemonade and some ...
  • Michael
    In a military ward in France in 1918, the Spanish Influenza is killing as many soldiers as are dying in battle. The medical staff tries their best but as some of them also succomb to the disease, it appears to be a losing battle as more and more bodies are carried out to await burial.Battlefield nurse Bess Crawford is asked by an orderly to look at one of the bodies. She sees Maj. Carson has been murdered and recognizes him as a family friend. Be...
  • Courtney
    I only read this a couple of weeks ago, but I couldn't tell you how the mystery of this novel was resolved. I feel I had trouble keeping up with the characters throughout this one. I'm pretty sure I just kept reading it without comprehending who was who. Too bad, as the interesting perspective on the Spanish Influenza and how it spread throughout battlefields was very interesting.
  • Carol
    I enjoyed this book
  • Kathy Davie
    Fourth in the Bess Crawford mystery series set in World War I and revolving around Bess Crawford, one of the nursing sisters helping on the front in the spring of 1918. My TakeDang, it's just not safe anywhere with Bess Crawford around! Fortunately, she's not one to sit back. Between rescuing and protecting and investigating on both sides of the Channel, all the influence that Bess' father and Simon have comes in very handy.I do enjoy Todd's char...
  • Becky
    While working as a nurse at a field hospital in France, a startling discovery is brought to Bess's attention: an orderly has found a suspicious body amongst the dead. He's certain that it doesn't belong and a second check of his counts confirms. What's more, the body is unmarked with the exception of an obviously broken neck, leaving both Bess and the orderly concerned. It would seem the dead man was slipped in amongst the other bodies in the hop...
  • Cathy Cole
    First Line: I stopped just outside the ward and leaned my head against the cool wood of the doorframe.It's the spring of 1918. Not only are Bess Crawford and all the other nurses and doctors having to contend with an unending stream of wounded men from the front lines in France, they have to battle another killer: the Spanish Influenza.A trusted orderly takes Bess to the area in which the dead are kept before they taken out for burial, and he sho...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    I recently had a patron ask if I knew of a good historical mystery series for her. She was older, and said she liked stories set in the war years such as Charles Todd's Bess Crawford books. (which she highly recommended) Well, I did indeed have a series for her, but although I was familiar with Charles Todd's Inspector Rutledge series, I had never read one of the Bess Crawford books. Her recommendation resulted in me picking up the latest install...
  • Maria
    I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review. I rated it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.Set amidst the backdrop of World War I and the Spanish Influenza, a British nurse in France finds herself in danger as she investigates a suspicious death she is sure is in fact a murder. A historical mystery or thriller, An Unmarked Grave, the fourth book in the Bess Crawford Mystery series by Charles Todd...
  • Ariel
    Thank you to Jen at Book Club Girl for providing me with a copy of this book. Please check out her blog talk interview with authors Charles Todd for further insight into the book. have a weakness for anyone named Bess who solves mysteries ever since my Nancy Drew days. This Bess however is a WWI nurse who can't seem to keep herself out of every bodies business. With a war raging on, people don't have m...
  • Judy
    As if dealing with the horrible wounds of war, now Bess Crawford as a nurse in France must face the almost surety of death by those who contract the Spanish flu. Just before she falls victim to the scourge herself, Bess discovers the body of a man who has been murdered. Thankfully, Bess recovers from the flu and sets out to solve the mystery of who broke the neck of a man and placed him amongst the bodies of flu victims. Soon, Bess, herself is in...
  • Sara
    This is the fourth Bess Crawford mystery by Charles Todd. Bess is working in a hospital in France during the spring of 1918. The Spanish Influenza has begun to eat its way through the soldiers and the medical staff. Bodies are being stored in sheds until the overworked teams of grave diggers can get to them. After one especially long shift an orderly comes to Bess and shows her a body that has no business being in the burial shed. The man did not...
  • Alicia
    "An Unmarked Grave" hooked me in with it's sinister title. I turned the book over to read the blurb, which summarized a story about the Spanish influenza during World War One, through the eyes of a nurse, who discovers a body of a family friend. But he doesn't have the lasting signs of the flu, or war caused scars: he was murdered. This book taught me about another time in history, about what it was like for a nurse in the first world war. I love...
  • Larraine
    The mother/son team that calls itself Charles Todd continues to surprise and please their readers. This is the fourth in the Bess Crawford series which features a young woman from a privileged army background (her father is a retired major who is still active in special projects with the war office). It is 1918, the Americans seem to have made a difference, but the war still goes on. In addition, the vicious 1918 flu has struck hard. During this ...
  • Samantha Glasser
    Bess Crawford is working near the front lines to heal the wounded in France. She is trusted by her co-workers, so when the man in charge of burying the bodies pulls her aside and shows her that there is on extra body in the queue with a broken neck, she knows it is her responsibility to make sure the murder is righted, especially because the man is one that she knows. However, the following day she succumbs to the ravages of the Spanish flu and i...
  • Judy
    While I enjoy the Ian Rankin series more, I'm becoming a fan of the Bess Crawford series by mother-son writing team of Charles Todd. Set in the Spring of 1918, Sister Bess Crawford is a British nursing sister stationed in France in a forward aid station. Besides dealing with daily battlefield casualties, the Spanish influenza is killing thousands and there seems to be no defense against it. Working almost around the clock, Bess and the other medi...