The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano

The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

One of America’s most influential Hispanics -- 'Maria' on Sesame Street -- presents a powerful novel set in New York's El Barrio in 1969There are two secrets Evelyn Serrano is keeping from her Mami and Papo? her true feelings about growing up in her Spanish Harlem neighborhood, and her attitude about Abuela, her sassy grandmother who's come from Puerto Rico to live with them. Then, like an urgent ticking clock, events erupt that change everythi...

Details The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

TitleThe Revolution of Evelyn Serrano
Release DateSep 1st, 2012
PublisherScholastic Press
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Childrens, Middle Grade, Fiction, Cultural, Realistic Fiction, Family, New York, Social Issues, Activism

Reviews The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano

  • Alma Ramos-McDermott
    Before I begin my review of this fiction book which has many true elements contained within it, I want to tell the world “Yo soy Puertorriqueña” (I am Puerto Rican), and I was more proud of my heritage than ever after reading Sonia Manzano’s book. Read the rest of my review at: http://shouldireaditornot.wordpress.c...
  • Louis Miller
    This book is a contemporary fiction hiding behind the guise of a late 1960's historical fiction. The reader follows the life of Evelyn, a impoverished young teenager living in New York during 1969. One day, her Abuela moves into her apartment, straight from Puerto Rico. Secretive and bizarre, Evelyn can't help but wonder if there's more to her family's past than she knows about. At the same time, new protesters calling themselves the "Young Lords...
  • TheBookSmugglers
    This is a review brought to you by two hands.On the one hand, The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano is an incredibly engaging, thoughtful novel featuring a young girl learning about her own history.Rosa María Evelyn del Carmen Serrano is the daughter of Puerto Ricans living in El Barrio, the Spanish Harlem neighbourhood in the 60s, at that point in time when change is coming – when the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican activist group start protesting abo...
  • Barbara
    It is 1969, and fourteen-year-old Evelyn Serrano has decided to forgo her first name, Rosa, because it is such a common name in her Spanish Harlem neighborhood, filled with the languages, foods, and cultures of immigrants. Evelyn herself speaks little Spanish although she can understand it when it is spoken to her. When her grandmother temporarily moves in with Evelyn's family, she at first resents her presence and the tension that builds between...
  • Kelly Hager
    In 1969, Evelyn Serrano was living with her mom and stepfather in New York's Puerto Rican neighborhood (El Barrio). She doesn't really like her neighborhood or her real name (Rosa---Evelyn is one of her middle names and what she's chosen to go by). Then her grandmother moves in and an activist group called the Young Lords begin protesting. Evelyn is fascinated by both---Abuela has these amazing stories and the Young Lords really do just want to m...
  • Maria
    The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano gives a great insight within the latino culture. I honestly related to the her family in so many ways. Being second generation in the US, you sometimes forget your roots and kind of become americanized in a way. In the book Evelyn struggles to identify her self socially but when her grandmother comes she soon learns so many new things about her own culture. The fact that this story takes place in a low income part...
  • Beth E
    I was drawn to read this book because of the author's work on Sesame Street, but the book stands up in its own right. It's a wonderful Bildungsroman. Evelyn Serrano is a rebellious teenager when she gets caught up in the Civil Rights movement of summer 1969. In the process, she gets to know her grandmother, develops a much better relationship with her mother, and learns to be proud of her Puerto Rican ancestry.
  • Edward Sullivan
    An impressive debut novel offering an engaging family story and wonderful insight into a tumultuous time.
  • Josiah
    "When we think of revolutions, we think of big public displays of violence, but revolutions come in all shapes and sizes. I've always been interested in people's internal revolutions because those are the ones that govern their everyday actions and, by progression, a community's life." —The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano, P. 211 Before attending a promotional author event for this book, I must admit I had never heard of The Revolution of Evelyn S...
  • Melissa Barbier
    This book is about a Puerto Rican neighborhood in New York in 1969. It is mainly about the activism that occurred there with the group called the Young Lords. This group set fire to the overflowing garbage cans on the streets to raise awareness that there was not regular garbage pickup. Meanwhile, the main character, Evelyn (who is going by Evelyn because she wants to shorten her Hispanic name of Rosa Maria Evelyn del Carmen Serrano) deals with t...
  • Tasha
    It’s the summer of 1969 and garbage is piling up on the streets of Spanish Harlem. Evelyn, who has changed her name from Rosa, has a new job at the Five and Dime. It’s a lot better than her job in the family’s bodega. But that summer is not going to be a normal summer at all. First, Evelyn’s grandmother arrives, complete with large amounts of stylish clothes, makeup and books in Spanish. If Evelyn thought she didn’t get along with her m...
  • Danielle
    One of the important aspects about YA literature is that it can help young adults find their voice. Averback’s 1998 article emphasizes the importance of advocating for themselves. She discusses the typically silenced voices of females, and how intellectually gifted girls are stuck with the identity of being “quiet, responsible, and caring” (383). While this was definitely true for me, I think our culture has dramatically changed for today...
  • LauraR
    This telling story is an award winning book which depicts the story of Evelyn Serrano, a young girl whose name used to be Rosa, and her family's life in a traditional Spanish neighborhood. Reading this book online was a great experience and due to the fact that there weren't any pictures, it seemed as though there wasn't a difference between the print version and the ebook version. When her neighborhood begins to experience some changes, and her ...
  • BAYA Librarian
    Set in East Harlem, the book tells the true events surrounding the 11 day occupation of the First Spanish Methodist Church in December 1969. The Young Lords, a Puerto Rican nationalist and civil rights group tried to get the church to let them use space for a day care and breakfast program.Amid clashes between the Young Lords and the police, Evelyn is growing up and learning about her family's history and finding her own political voice. Caught b...
  • Rosa
    Evelyn's grandmother comes to visit and Evelyn gets swept up in her grandmother and mother's feud. Her grandmother was a revolutionary in Puerto Rico and her mother was frequently left behind, so there are a lot of hurt feelings. Then all three of them get swept into a demonstration by the Young Lords, a group that was trying to make things better for Puerto Rican's in the 1960s. This book is a quick read that is packed with historical details an...
  • Jamila
    I enjoyed hearing Sonia Manzano read this in person at JCLC 2012. I enjoyed reading it at home, not so much because the narrative is choppy. The chapters are too short; thus, the novel lacks rhythm. Though, the short chapters will work for tweens and reluctant readers.Despite my criticism of the novel's flow, this book is an important and necessary addition to historical fiction novels for teens. I love that it highlights protest movements and no...
  • Jen Canary
    I can't remember where I heard of this book, but I put it on my to-read list because it was written by "Maria" from Sesame Street. That great TV institution started when I was a toddler so I grew up with it at its very newest and youngest, and I loved Maria right along with my love for Captain Kangaroo.This was a wonderful story of a family of women seen through the eyes of the youngest of the three generations and set during a fascinating time i...
  • Mary Mayfield
    Audience: intermediateGenre: historical fictionQuestions Remembering- Evelyn has a new job. Where was that job? Where did her mother want her to work? Understanding- Describe what the Young Lords did the first time they went to the church. Applying- What would you have done if you had to choose to sit with your mother one one side of the church or your grandmother on the other side? Analyzing - Why is the title written with the letters "evolution...
  • April
    It never fails to surprise me how some of the books not getting big buzz turn out to be hidden gems. The Revolution Of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano was a book that I picked up on a whim at the Book Blogger Convention. None of the other books we could choose from for our grab bags looked interesting to me, and so not know anything about the book except that the word ‘revolution’ is in the title and it’s published by Scholastic, I put it i...
  • Ann Nekola
    Audience: Intermediate, Teen, and Young adultGenre: Historical Fiction Chapter Book1. Remembering-What is Evelyn's full name and why did she shorten it to just Evelyn?2. Understanding-Retell the story from Angel's point of view.3. Applying-How is the population of South Omaha similar to the population of Spanish Harlem?4. Analyzing-Compare the two mothering styles of Evelyn's mother and her Grandmother.5. Evaluating-Justify Abuela's actions of no...
  • Jim
    A good young adult, maybe even younger, story featuring Puerto Ricans in the late 1960s as they join the political activism of that generation. Interesting insights into the relationship among three generations of one family in Spanish Harlem. Some readers may not find it challenging enough, but I like that many younger readers will enjoy, and it may even send some toward greater research into the history and culture.
  • Valerie Pearson
    Written by Sonia Manzano (of Maria from Sesame Street fame), this YA novel tells the story of Evelyn Serrano, a young Puerto Rican girl living in 1969 East Harlem. I found this a delightful and gently educational look at a time in history I have little knowledge of. A nice balance of suspense and drama.
  • Katie
    It was good. Very quick. But definitely written at a younger level, so it felt more appropriate to that specific age group than an adult reader. At times it felt too simplified and I wanted more depth and details.Love Sonia Manzano though. I highly recommend her memoir Becoming Maria.
  • Cynthia
    Really welcome addition to the genre of coming of age ya fiction, especially with latinx characters. Plus, Maria from Sesame Street wrote it!
  • Michelle
    The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano is a captivating book to read because Evelyn the protagonist is a Puerto Rican teenager who lives in this neighborhood called El Barrio which is the Spanish Harlem during the 1960’s.While Evelyn is growing up and getting to know more about her culture and herself , her environment is also changing by the help of the activist group called The Young Lords; Later on Evelyn and her community help to...
  • Magda
    The alternative to a book report I chose is selecting a book for the main characters and explaining why they might enjoy them.The main characters in The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano are: Evelyn Serrano, Evelyn’s Abuela, and Evelyn’s Mami (yes, those are the way the characters are referenced in the book, and their actual names are not given). For Evelyn I would recommend the book When I Was a Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago. Santigo’s boo...
  • Vamos a Leer
    This book accomplishes something that no other young adult book I know about does: it tells the story of the Puerto Rican Civil Rights Movement during the late 1960s in New York City, while contextualizing it within Puerto Rico's own tumultuous history. The majority of the time when we teach about the Civil Rights Movement, it’s limited to a few famous African-Americans. While this certainly doesn’t do justice to the widespread social activis...
  • Sonia Rodriguez
    The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano opens with a frustrated fourteen year old Evelyn getting ready for her summer job at the Five-and-Dime. Her desire to fit in to American society and distance herself from her Puerto Rican heritage is disrupted when her Abuela comes to stay with them. Abuela’s orange hair and bright clothes makes her anything but the traditional grandmother Evelyn expected. Abuela taking over Evelyn’s bedroom w...
  • Leticia
    I stumbled across The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano while browsing through the Young Adult section of my local library looking for a new book to read. As a bilingual fourth grade educator, I love YA and children’s literature and am always looking for the next great novel about Latino/a identidad. When I turned to the About the Author page in the back cover, I found out that the author is Sonia Manzano, who played Maria on Sesame Street. During m...