I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black

I'm Bored

Une petite fille s'ennuie. Elle fait la rencontre d'une patate peu enthousiaste, qui ne se passionne que pour les flamants roses. La petite fille va déborder d'imagination pour dérider cette pomme de terre maussade...

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TitleI'm Bored
Release DateSep 1st, 2012
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Humor, Storytime

Reviews I'm Bored

  • karen
    okay, this book is adorable.and it was pretty awesome of ariel to give this to me on her birthday, all because i saw it in a bookstore window one time and knew i needed to read it, and she delivered. the drawings in this book are so freaking cute. so. cute. the book tells the tale of a girl who is bored bored bored, and when she is bored, she gets LOUD ABOUT BEING BORED. which is maybe something i do. maybe. but instead of having a greg to try to...
  • Kelli
    This book is absolutely brilliant! With fantastic illustrations, a bored potato, and a bored (but not boring) little girl, this book uses humor to make an important point. A new favorite. 5 stars.
  • midnightfaerie
    I had to add this to my favorites, my 5 yr old son and I enjoyed it so much! Reserved it at the library after reading a review here on Goodreads. So glad I did! It's about a little girl who's bored but then meets a potato who is bored as well. When she asks it why it's bored, he says it's because he has to hang out with her, a kid, which is boring. She then proceeds to list all the reasons why kids aren't boring. (You can see where this is going)...
  • Brook
    That potato just cracks me up on every page! Cute story with the sweetest and funniest drawings! A great story for anyone who has ever uttered those two words, I'm bored, or shuddered when they heard them! :)
  • Cheryl Rainfield
    I loved this book so much I bought two copies--one for myself and one for a three-year-old boy I love. The story interested me and is well written, but for me it was the lively, expressive illustrations that really made the book.In I'm Bored, a little girl is bored until she finds a potato that talks to her. The potato is not any potato--it's a talking potato--and it's bored, too. The potato thinks kids are boring, so the little girl sets out to ...
  • Kate Bretey
    This book made me smile. All the time we hear little kids say that they are "so bored". Many of us adults are guilty of those words as well; atleast I know I am! The book begins with a little girl who is bored. She is so bored that she starts to talk to a potato. The potato tells her that she is in fact boring; all kids are boring. The little girl gets a wee bit offended and makes it her mission to prove to the talking spud that kids are anything...
  • Lisa Vegan
    The last few pages had a couple humorous twists, and those elevated the book enough for me so that I can give it 3 stars, but barely. I do like the “I’m bored” refrain and kids will certainly identify and understand. I don’t know any kid who’s never complained about being bored. However, the bulk of the book is too didactic and obviously so, and until the last few pages, I was rather bored. The pictures are very cute and expressive. The...
  • Barbara
    So many children and adults find it hard to entertain themselves and complain about how bored they are. In this picture book a young girl finds herself in that exact state until she happens upon a potato. Although she can't think of anything to do with the spud, she tries desperately to show him all the neat things can do with their time, but he remains unimpressed. I liked how her efforts are simple at first (turning cartwheels) and then escalat...
  • KC
    Too funny with a great message...
  • Angela
    So this is actually really cute. A very bored girl comes across a potato that's just as bored, and she goes to prove to the potato that kids aren't boring but FUN.I found this book through Karen, who wrote this adorable review.This book is actually really simple and it's probably something anyone can come up with but point is, they didn't. So this book is very enjoyable. :PI love the illustrations! And hahaha, the ending is very cute too. This is...
  • Dolly
    This is a very funny book about a little girl who tries to entertain a potato by coming up with myriad different activities and inventive ways to entertain themselves. The narrative is entertaining and the pictures are fun, too. We just loved the potato. So odd, yet funny. Our youngest read this book aloud to us and it couldn't have been more perfect. I loved hearing her change her inflection throughout the dialogue, using diferent voices for the...
  • Alecia
    Very cute and clever way of giving kids ideas of things to do in an age where technology is sometimes a child's activity of choice. My five year old asked to read this daily for quite a while, and we had fun drawing faces on old potatoes as an activity to go along with the story.
  • Gigi
    Excellent for a summer storytime or call & response storytime.
  • Coranne
    The Illustrations: The illustrations in this book are simple and straight forward. The focus of the illustrations are on the main characters, with little detail or no detail given to the background. the images look like simple pen drawings with touches of color. I really enjoyed how simple these images were- they really went well with the feel of the story and complemented the humor in the story well. My little one laughed at the pictures and fou...
  • Jessica Berry
    This book is about a little girl that is bored. She finds a potato and they talk about fun things to do so they won’t be bored, but the potato thinks all of the girl’s ideas are boring. The girl talks about fun things to do like ninja kicks or walking on her hands. Then she talks about using her imagination and she acts like a ballerina, a lion tamer, an astronaut in space, a singer, a pirate, and a monster. As she is talking about all of the...
  • Emily Duncan
    I'm Bored by Michael Ian Black is a funny story of a young girl and a potato. After sitting around being bored, the girl finds a potato to play with. Her and her imagination come up with tons of fun adventurous games for her and the potato to play but potato finds them all to be very boring. The young girl quickly realizes that there is nothing boring about being a kid, she can skip, be a famous ballerina, or a lion tamer. The illustration by Deb...
  • Paul Hankins
    Love this one. . .it's like a mix of Peanuts, VeggieTales, and Drop Dead Fred all thrown into a nice little package with super cute illustrations by Debbie Ridpath Ohi.I think the Geisel Award pile just shifted a bit to make some room for this little gem that has the best use of text placement/arrangement I've seen that really lends itself to the humor and charm and snark of the book.This one begs read aloud. I am trying to get my potato voice do...
  • Nancy Kotkin
    A bored little girl tries to prove to a potato that kids are really fun. Full of imaginative play. Very humorous. Fun digital illustrations are enhanced by interesting non-linear text placements.
  • Katrina
    So funny!
  • Tasha
    The dreaded boredom has set in in this very funny picture book. A little girl is so bored she is flat on her back moaning when she notices a potato. When she tosses the potato away, not knowing what to do with it, the potato says that it too is bored. The potato goes on to tell the little girl that kids are boring. She insists that no, kids are fun and the potato challenges her to prove it. She shows the potato all the physical things she can do,...
  • Julie Duffy
    This book is so cute! I read it to my 7 year old's Second Grade class the other day and they were giggling from the first endpaper (covered in the word "Bored") to the last page. They pointed and laughed and started to join in with the potato's refrain after a few pages. They chattered about what the little girl was up to as the illustrations grew more and more imaginative. They MOBBED me for the activity sheets I had printed out from the illustr...
  • Megan
    Summary: A girl is complaining about being bored. Then she comes across a potato to who tells her that she’s just a boring kid! She is not happy about being called boring so she shows that potato that she can do whatever she wants if she just uses her imagination. She pretends to be things like a famous ballerina and a fairy princess with her own castle, dragons and unicorns. The potato still wasn’t impressed but the little girl wasn’t bore...
  • Lynn Plourde
    This book is LAUGH-OUTLOUD FUNNY! "I'm Bored" is certainly NOT boring! The illustrations seem simple, yet say so much. "I'm bored" is such a universal expression. My siblings and I said it as kids. Our kids said it when they were kids. I'm certain one day my grandkids will say it, but then I'll pull out this book to challenge them to show me all the non-boring kid things they can do. We'll do them together and giggle. I love the cover and that th...
  • Maureen McGowan
    Both parents and kids will relate to this story. And the illustrations are picture perfect. Oh, is that a pun?Have seen an advance copy. Can't wait to see the real thing and to buy it for every kid I know.I've seen the real thing now and wow. It's a great picture book. Very funy and Debbie Ridpath Ohi's illustrations show so much emotion with such a minimalist style. I recommend this book highly.
  • Margie
    Have I ever been in the company of children who've uttered those two classic words? Of course I have! On September 4, 2012 when the team of author Michael Ian Black and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi (their first collaboration) released I'm Bored (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers), readers were introduced to an energetic, persistent little girl and one very apathetic potato.My full review: http://bit.ly/1jnaIvp
  • The Brothers
    Asher (7yo) and Dex (5yo) both cackled with humor at this book. I'd like to think it was my funny voices, but I think the talking potato was the real source of humor.A little girl is bored, until that is, a potato comes along and re-affirms just how boring children are. Then she's all in defense of how awesome and creative kids can be. The potato is unmoved. He's only interested in flamingos.Simple, but fun, illustrations.
  • Cecily
    My 3 1/2 year old daughter and I both laughed out loud reading this. The playful text and simple illustrations work very well to convey a great message about boredom and the eye of the beholder. She asked to read it four more times in the first sitting and keeps bringing it out at story time a week later. A glowing endorsement indeed from the shortest attention span in the house.
  • Shiyun li
    The bored girl met a bored potato. The girl tried all different ways to prove to potato that kids are fun. Potato is still bored and the girl decided to have fun by herself. Then, the potato finally met its favorite thing: a flamingo, but unfortunately, the flamingo is bored... The books tells this funny story of being bored.
  • Tiffany
    This book was cute, although a bit too repetitive. This little girl is bored and she meets a potato that can talk, and they get in a huge fight. Basically it's a cute read for school-aged kids who are eternally bored. With a reading from this they can see that in comparison to a potato, kids have more interesting things to do. I found the potato to be lacking in depth as a character.