Dinner at Rose's by Danielle Hawkins

Dinner at Rose's

In the wake of an unfortunate best-friend-and-boyfriend-caught-having-sex-in-a-chair incident, Jo Donnelly flees her civilised city life to take up a temporary job at the physiotherapy clinic in her small home town.Jo is ineptly assisted at work by a receptionist who divides her time between nail care and surfing the internet. Meanwhile, her new flatmate is a joyless couch potato who hogs the TV and is vigilant in her quest to prevent excessive e...

Details Dinner at Rose's

TitleDinner at Rose's
Release DateMay 1st, 2012
PublisherAllen & Unwin
GenreRomance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Dinner at Rose's

  • Carol She's So Novel꧁꧂
    I loved the author's warm approachable style and that she respected readers enough to think they could figure out Kiwi terms for themselves (with the exception of a mildly sexist one which really should be allowed to fade into obscurity!) I liked the casual mentions of the Cossie Club, potato top pies & Shrewsbury biscuits.The story was a good one, the characters (in particular Aunt Rose) were very well drawn. The transition from chick lit to a s...
  • Nomes
    So, so good! I love Hawkins's effortless style that makes me feel like I am a part of the (fictional) family. Hawkin's dialogue is so superb, and her comedic timing lifts the book in places where there is sorrow and loss. The relationships and interactions are genuine and nuanced and the romance is all the more swoony for it's understated slow build and reveal. Love the New Zealand setting and so happy to have a new fave contemporary adult author...
  • Paula Phillips
    One of the best joys that I love about reading is not only getting the ability to discover brand new authors and their wonderful arrays of books but also the ability to discover new authors from my very own country of New Zealand.With a break in writing from Michelle Holman as she is taking a sabbatical and its been a while since Sarah Kate-Lynch has released a novel as well as Kate Langdon, my New Zealand themed books were falling a bit short th...
  • Jessica
    It was page 4 when I saw this and knew it was going to be a good book : "You really should consider becoming an eccentric yourself. It makes life so much more interesting".When I grow up I want to be like Aunt Rose.This is such a beautiful story; it has laughs, tears and frustration of how life can be so unfair.Keep this for a rainy weekend or a holiday because you won't be able to put it down.
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    With warmth and humour, Danielle Hawkins explores family, friendship and love in rural New Zealand in this delightful debut novel. Dinner At Rose's fits right in with Allen & Unwin's current crop of rural lit in the Australian market, despite being set in New Zealand. The author herself was raised on a cattle and sheep farm and now works alongside her husband in their dairy farm while also working as a large animal vet. In Dinner at Rose's, the p...
  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    This book grabbed me straight away, from the moment I opened the first page right up until the second I closed the book after finishing.After discovering her long-term boyfriend having sex with her best friend, Jo leaves her life and returns to her little home town in New Zealand. Luckily, her aunt Rose loves nearby, who is eccentric and loves nothing more than a gossip. Rose’s nephew Matt is a frequent visitor, and as well as being Jo’s chil...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    Filled with characters you will love and an earthy honesty - a great read.My View:Do not be put off by the brief description that reads as chick lit/romance - Danielle Hawkins writes fiction with humour and depth and portrays rural life in a vibrant reality. There is always a very human, poignant narrative thread in Danielle’s books – and Aunt Rose is the pivotal poignant character in this read. We all need an Aunt Rose in our life. I very mu...
  • KateFromAllGoodBookStore
    laugh out loud funny, a little bit romanitic, and slightly teary in places! the perfect good quality easy read and one I can think of half a dozen friends i want to give this to! fantastic!
  • Joy
    Loved it. Beautifully written with wit, humour, sensitivity and compassion. I reminisced, I chuckled, I laughed out loud and I shed a few tears. I even felt sorry for the dastardly ex who got what he thought he wanted. And Aunty Rose, her very nature refused to let the novel get too dark so it was a much lighter read than it might have otherwise been given the sensitivity of the subject. And her food concoctions I had difficulty reading about the...
  • anolinde
    It was one of those romances where everyone kept telling the two main characters that they were in love with each other and meant to be together, etc., but I could never quite figure out why (other than the obvious cliche of childhood friendship).Oh, and of course someone has cancer.
  • Prestoni
    So nice to read a lovely story set in your own country, filled with characters and a setting you can identify with, and be able to laugh at the NZ sense of humour with which this was written. Not blow your mind life changing material, but an enjoyable way to loose yourself for a few hours.
  • Ella
    I was SO happy while reading this book. I adored CHOCOLATE CAKE FOR BREAKFAST when I read it eons ago and reading DINNER AT ROSE'S was like being wrapped in your favourite blanket and revisiting all the memories that make you inexplicably happy. I can't WAIT to gobble up Danielle's next book!
  • Bonnie Wilson
    A cute romantic love story with lots of New Zealand references that were fun to read.
  • Sally
    This is a wonderful book, with a delightful, quirky heroine, a handsome and witty hero and Aunty Rose who is everything you could want as your eccentric aunt. She reminded me, with her weird cooking and warm personality, of Django in the Freya North books. Set in New Zealand, and unashamedly New Zealand in its style, this book is a treasure. I wish it hadn't finished.
  • Kathleen Dixon
    I just can't use the term "chick-lit", though undoubtedly that's how this book is classed. This book, however, is much more, and has to be the most satisfying in this genre that I've ever read. Not that I'm a great consumer of romance - I read a boyfriend's mother's library of Barbara Cartland and Georgette Heyer over a number of weekends some many, many years ago (the boyfriend was busy fixing up cars endlessly, so what else could I do?), and I'...
  • Vicky
    If you are looking for a romance with a true New Zealand voice, then Danielle Hawkins, Dinner at Rose’s is a must. The one thing that struck me in the first few pages of this novel was the recognisable New Zealand landscape and manner of speaking. I’m a city girl, who lived in the country because that is where my husband’s role took us, so the pictures that Danielle painted of small rural New Zealand resonated. Dear Aunt Rose is a real char...
  • Ej
    I was hovering over 3 or 4 stars. It's a well written book. I enjoyed the snappy, witty dialogue between the main players, and parts of the story were moving. Coming from NZ I found much of the novel heart-warmingly familiar. There were some minor downpoints but nothing that would stop me recommending this harmless, wry love story.
  • LaVerne Clark
    *4 1/2 Stars* I really enjoyed this story. At times it got a little rambling, but even then, it was still addictively sweet. The chemistry between Jo and Matt was beautifully done and honest and I enjoyed the humour throughout with many laugh out loud moments.A wonderful read by a rising Kiwi talent. I can't wait to see what Ms. Hawkins dishes up next.
  • Isabel Mansfield
    I really enjoyed this book
  • Georgia
    I LOVED this book and devoured it quickly. It's beautifully written and engaged me from the opening page. I'll be reading it again in time.
  • Amanda
    I really enjoyed the book. It was a great comfort read. Even though it dealt with sickness, Hawkins handled it wonderfully. Also the romance was perfect. The best part however were the women characters. They were complex, and for the mos part, empowering-they had bad situations yet they made the most out of life. I wanna be like them. My only complaint is the ending, (view spoiler)[when Matt got in accident right after Rose died was completely ex...
  • Dee ~ Proudest Nanna Of Little Millie ~
    I loved this book:) Firstly, because it was set in a part of New Zealand, that I was familiar with, and secondly, it was a story of a family coping with one of its members, fighting the big ‘C’. It not only describes the stress, and effects of treatment for this horrific disease, but the every day struggles that a close knit family has to go through, during this very difficult time.
  • Kristine Davila
    4 family stars!While reading this, you'll feel warm (thou the house was cold) deep inside. Their family (except Hazel) may not be perfect or they may not be all of the same blood, but their relationship were heart-warming. I love how Aunt Rosie had lived her life and the legacy she left behind. I wish I have somebody like her.
  • Justjill2
    Great easy read. Nice to have a NZ author to enjoy. Plan to read the rest of her books after this one.
  • Karen Carson
    I really enjoyed the story - it was well written. Loved reading a book about kiwi culture.
  • Merren Tait
    A lovely, New Zealand (yay) romantic tale.
  • Rei
    Rating: 3.5Simple and charming, but predictable and not exciting.
  • Lindsay
    3.5, because it’s really nice to read a book with references to New Zealand things.
  • Sandy
    A pleasantly forgettable or forgettably pleasant? -romance.
  • Peri Schacknow
    A sweet, simple, yet eminently readable and heartwarming story of family, love, and loyalty. Sometimes, that's really all you need!