Protect the Children by Maria V. Snyder

Protect the Children

Free short story available via the author's website..""The money?" The man held out a clean, manicured hand. A startling contrast to his torn and grubby clothes."A near-future science fiction story that was originally published in the Spring 2005 issue of Seton Hill’s Literary Magazine, Eye Contact.

Details Protect the Children

TitleProtect the Children
Release DateMay 25th, 2019
PublisherMaria V. Snyder
GenreShort Stories, Science Fiction, Novella

Reviews Protect the Children

  • Anna (Enchanted by YA)
    This short story is incredibly short. At only 4 pages it’s a 5 minute read, none-the-less I did enjoy it even though it was a far cry from Maria V Snyder’s Study Series.It explored the idea of children immune to all sickness, who then lose this protection when they reach the age 21. Afraid, they try to hunt down the scientist but only one gets though, and she doesn’t get the answer she looks for.I think this was originally from the Spring 2...
  • Siobhan
    Protect the Children is an interesting read, completely different to the Ixia series I’ve grown to love from the author. Due to this, I was happy to give it a try. It’s only a handful of pages – a read you can complete in mere minutes – but I wanted to see what else the author had to offer.For me, it was an interesting idea but it wasn’t really as fleshed out as it could have been. It would make a wonderful full-length story, with there...
  • Cecilia
    Interesting read. Liked the ending.
  • Laura K Calkins-Torres
    An intriguing short story that had me wanting to know more!
  • Hayley
    Could be extended into a novel, it got my interest up for sure.
  • Jo Oehrlein
    How many times have said that kids shouldn't get really sick? This story envisions a world where kids under 21 heal quickly and are immune to many of nature's illnesses (like colds).They're hunting down the man who gave them the immunity because they can't imagine/can't handle the thought of life without this. When the cotton batting comes off at 21, they're afraid of being without the protection.Easy to read as an allegory about the evils of hel...
  • Maud
    I had never read any book by Maria but I got one for my birthday (Poison Study) and decided that I wanted to know more about the author before beginning. I found some short stories and well, they are short so even if you don't like them they are a 5 minute read anyway. But I loved this one, the whole idea and the atmosphere felt amazing and I'm getting really excited to read more by Maria!
  • Cathy
    Short Story publicada na Seton Hill’s Literary Magazine em 2005. É uma pequena história de ficção cientifica sobre um futuro onde as crianças estão protegidas de todas as doenças, mas só as crianças...Gostei bastante. Na realidade gosto muito da escrita da Maria V. Snyder, por isso creio que vale sempre a pena ler os seus livros. :)
  • Gabriella
    A very quick and easy read. Imagine a world where no child is ill. That is wonderful but yet the consequences are terrifying and this brings it closer to home.
  • Shay
    Ach! I want more! This has the potential to turn into am amazing novel.
  • Melanie
    Interesting short story. Since you don't have the full backstory, just bits of it, it has a layer of mystery, and a feeling of a dystopia/post-apocalyptic sort of novella.