Caged View (Santeria Habitat, #0.5) by Kenya Wright

Caged View (Santeria Habitat, #0.5)

FREE on Smashwords. Full ebook also available on GoodReads.Since the 1970s humans have forced supernaturals to live in caged cities known as habitats. Each habitat is themed and organized by a particular religion. All supernaturals are tagged at birth with silver brands embedded in their foreheads identifying them by species: a full moon for Vampires, a crescent moon for Shifters, a pair of wings for Fairies, an X for Mixbreeds, and the list goes...

Details Caged View (Santeria Habitat, #0.5)

TitleCaged View (Santeria Habitat, #0.5)
Release DateMar 11th, 2012
PublisherDragonfairy Press
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Short Stories, Vampires, Romance, Paranormal Romance

Reviews Caged View (Santeria Habitat, #0.5)

  • Kenya Wright
    Well I wrote this book... but I am completly unbiased when I say this is the best thing ever! It's like a god came down on earth and grabbed a pen, wanting to bring beauty to the world.Dare I say.... this is going to cleanse your SOUL! LOL!Or at least make you laugh.
  • Desiree
    I reached out to the author to ask if I should read this before or after Fire Baptized as this is the prequel and she suggested I read this after. I'm glad I followed this suggestion because the way the story is crafted in Fire Baptized it provides you with background knowledge that you can draw on as you're reading Caged View.This has three chapters from the point of view of MeShack, Zulu and Lanore respectively.MeShack's view is a little way ba...
  • Alicia
    4.5 starsI enjoyed this very much. But I should say: This is not a book of short stories. In my opinion, a short story has a beginning, a middle, and an end--with a resolution. These "stories" are more of characterizing scenes, mostly based on the characters in Kenya's Fire Baptized novel.We get to see MeShack's backstory, which was touched on a bit in Fire Baptized. We learn more about Zulu, where he chases down a drug dealer in his fight for Mi...
  • Greta is Erikasbuddy
    An awesome collection that includes all my favorites from "Fire Baptized" - MeShack, Lanore, and Zulu.The other has really delved in and brought out the deepness of each character.While this acts as a pre-quel to "Fire Baptized" I believe it can be read either way. I for one read "Fire Baptized" first and really enjoyed knowing the personalities of the characters before reading "Caged View".The 'bonus' story in the collection is about a girl call...
  • Roxanne
    I really enjoyed these short stories from MeShack, Zulu and Lanore. It gave me a deeper understanding of the relationships between them all and some back story for MeShack that helped me understand him a bit more. I'm loving this series at the moment, I have a feeling it's going to get a spot in my top favorites. Can't wait for book 2.
  • August Is Azathoth The Haunted Reading Room
    A short story collection set in the same “alternate reality” as the author’s “Fire Baptized,” “Caged View” contains four stories. Three include characters from “Fire Baptized,” and the fourth is from the point of view of Ms. Wright’s upcoming novel “Chameleon.” In this reality, humans have been aware of Supernaturals since the 1970’s, and oddly, it is the human race which is in control, branding any Supernatural newborns...
  • Nereid
    A collection of short stories, I read this book after finishing "Fire Baptized" and it was a good way to get a better understanding of the characters. McShack gives his POV and the short story is about his mother going missing and Lanore helps him search for her. He discusses his feelings for her and what he is thinking about their complex relationship. No real updates with Lanore's tale as she is just as confused and mixed up about men. Zulu giv...
  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    Caged View is set in the Santeria Habitat where Supernaturals or Supes live apart from evryone else. You meet Lanore, MeShack, and Zulu trying to get thru their lives in one piece without any trouble from the Habbies. MeShack is trying to find his mom who is a drug addict before something terrible happens to her. Zulu is trying to keep the streets of Santeria free of drugs and out of kid's hands. Lanore is trying to find forgiveness in herself an...
  • Deva
    Review at: http://urbanparanormal.blogspot.comCaged View serves as a prequel to Fire Baptized which is why it's labeled as the .5 Habitat Series book. It's free on multiple websites so you don't lose a thing by checking out this free quick read. We get into the minds eye of 4 people: Meshack, Zulu, Lanore and a new character from her upcoming YA book, Cameo, who is a mixbreed with a really cool 'talent.'With Meshack's story, your heart strings ar...
  • Dianne
    I am a huge paranormal fan and when I saw this prequel, read the reviews and description, I was definitely impressed enough to read these short stories with the thought of going on to the entire series! I'm not sure where my enthusiasm derailed. I must say, the concept had real promise, but, the delivery didn't connect with me. I felt like I was reading about people living in a less than pleasant urban setting with paranormal attributes thrown in...
  • Melissa
    I loved this short stories! I hadn't read any of Kenya Wright's books before and the 3 shorts based on her central characters, and her excerpt of an upcoming book, made me want to go out and get her books. Caged View, and her other books, are based out of a new, exciting (to the reader) world where supernaturals are kept in a caged town and branded with a symbol that marks what type of supernatural they are (witch, shifter, mixbreed). I loved the...
  • Isabelle Morebooksthanlivros
    Why 5 stars... because it does what says at the beginning. The first three short stories introduce the main characters of Fire Baptized and give us a better understanding of each character. Then we have the first few chapters of two novels, just to entice and for you to few like reading them both.I've read one or her books and now I will read the YA book as well.I really like Kenya's imagination and the way she tell us her stories on her books.
  • Andrew
    "Caged View" is a well written and entertaining collection of stories featuring the lives of Supernaturals in the Santeria Habitat. The Habitats are caged cities where these beings (Vampires, Witches, Lycanthropes and others) have been forced to live by humans. Now that I've become acquainted with some of the Habitat Supernaturals and after reading excerpts from "Fire Baptized" and "Chameleon" (included with the eBook), I will be reading the nove...
  • Cristy
    SOLD!……So I'm completely hooked now on Mrs. Wright's freaky new breed of monsters (or supernaturals). I will definitely be checking out both her series, Habitat and Caged Punks. Loving all the bizarre creature's, their powers and extreme personalities and look forward to diving deeper into each character's backstory.
  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    I really like the world she built and also like the diversity of the characters ... that said I enjoyed being able to see things from the other side so to speak with the two guys in her life. WTG @ messing up my initial pick for the love
  • Kenesha Williams
    I downloaded this to my Kindle last night and then sung a little song about how excited I was to read it. My husband says, "What are you talking about in there!" I told him how excited I was that you'd put out something new and that you are a WRITING MACHINE!
  • Jadeopal
    It was interesting - easy to follow, even if you'd never read any of the other similar books before, but also good enough to make you want to read all the other books. I can't wait until Chameleon comes out - it's bound to be good, based on the summary and preview!
  • Kathy
    A great introduction into the world of the Santeria Habitat and those that live, work, and do what they can to survivie and make their world better.
  • Gerald Sessions
    Free readThe stories listed as short stories and amended to prequel titled Love lost, love found/ the heart ripper's song/ the vicious circle. They were more expansions on stories in Fire Baptized. The stories were ok but missing closure. The excerpt from chameleon was very good and the 3 chapters from Fire Baptized gave it a better rating
  • Diverse Pages
    Review of The Vicious Circle and Love Lost, Love FoundThe Vicious CircleBy far, my favorite story from Caged View was The Vicious Circle, which featured Lanore.I absolutely adored this character and found her not only incredibly relatable, but an unapologetic bad-ass. To be fair, Lanore does have a conscience, but she's a badass nonetheless. Still, the way she expresses herself (through words and special abilities) makes her a real and likeable c...
  • Ken
    Caged View is a collection of short stories set before the events of Fire Baptized. I know this is a prequel but to fully appreciate these short stories, I highly recommend reading Fire Baptized first as these stories serve as explorations into the main characters' pasts. Just like Fire Baptized, the stories are well-written and extremely enjoyable.Love lost, Love found is told from the point of view of a young MeShack. The story deals with the t...
  • TJ
    Like Fire Baptized, the only other book I've read by Kenya Wright - and one set in the same World as this eBook - Caged View freaking rocks! It's definitely ... not PG13 as there are some steamy scenes, but let me tell you, Kenya Wright is a master at bringing forth a connection to her characters. I want more MeShack, Zulu, Lanore and Cameo. The short stories here are delightful teasers set in a beautifully imagined, but sometimes dark World, wit...
  • Susan Jackson
    I'm sorry it's taken me so long to read this collection of short stories! They are very good! They are introductory stories to Ms. Wright's "Fire Baptized" - little snippets that let you get to know the world and the characters in the urban paranormal world. Purebloods, mixed breeds, the occult, and 3 interesting lead characters of MeShack, Lanore and Zulu.
  • Mstcat
    This is a worthwhile free read that gives the reader "glimpses" into the lives of the main Habitat characters. Don't expect full stories here, but you'll enjoy the glimpse that you are given into the lives of Lenore, MeShack, and Zulu. You really should read this book if you are going to read the series as events that happen here are mentioned in the other books.
  • Makita Wilcox
    I happened to stumble across this author after someone retweeted a tweet of hers onto my twitter timeline. I saw that she writes supernatural romance stories and immediately bought the book. From beginning to end, the story had me hooked. I'm usually not a fan of teenage stories, but this book was good.
  • J.W.
    Okay so three short stories, well no, more like a day in the life of... MeShack- Zulu - Lanore -MeShack and Lanore grew up, in highschool they strted dating, he cheated, she went beserzk, enter Zulu who is pursuing her now.I'll prolly continue just to see who she ends up with, cause both men want her. I personally like Zulu so far
  • Dawn
    This was a nice collection of stories that has me wanting to read more. I'm looking forward to getting into the series now and highly recommend reading this first to whom ever plans on following the great characters on their journey.
  • LaTonya Reed
    This book was a great insight on each of the main characters. I just wish I would have read this before reading the whole series because I would have looked at certain situations differently. Loved with! :)
  • Momreadstoomuch
    I know its early in our relationship...but I think I love you :) This series rocks. I hope to be reading Santeria #20 one day. Great characters and the world just seems to have tons of stories. Merged review:Great start to a wonderful series.