Eleven Pipers Piping (Father Christmas Mystery #2) by C.C. Benison

Eleven Pipers Piping (Father Christmas Mystery #2)

Father Tom Christmas, the recently widowed vicar adjusting to life in the English village of Thornford Regis, would do almost anything to avoid attending the annual Robert Burns Supper at the local hotel. But as chaplain to a traditional Scottish pipe band, Father Tom must deliver the grace—and contend with wailing bagpipes, whiskey-laced parishioners reciting poetry, and the culinary abomination that is haggis.As snow falls to unprecedented de...

Details Eleven Pipers Piping (Father Christmas Mystery #2)

TitleEleven Pipers Piping (Father Christmas Mystery #2)
Release DateOct 30th, 2012
PublisherDelacorte Press
GenreMystery, Fiction, Cozy Mystery, Holiday, Christmas, European Literature, British Literature

Reviews Eleven Pipers Piping (Father Christmas Mystery #2)

  • Petra
    A light mystery that reminded me a little bit of an Agatha Christie novel. There's the same companionship between the characters, the rifts, the loyalty, etc. There's also the same easy going, everyday chatter where clues, hints & red herrings are dropped. Things meander along until the end when a flurry of activity winds things up. It's all good, cozy and interesting.The names are a bit corny: Father Christmas and Detectives Bliss & Blessing. Ho...
  • cenobyte
    Mystery. Sarcasm. Biting humour. Bad weather. Did I mention mystery? I'm not normally a fan of mysteries, but this one...this one had me riveted from the first sentence. You know how sometimes you read a book, and you develop a kind of internal narrator? Kind of like a mix between the librarian in grade one and Magnum, P.I.? Well the narrator for Eleven Pipers Piping is Patrick Stewart. In my head. And he's perfect. Benison's characters do more t...
  • Kirsten
    Another enjoyable and well crafted mystery by C.C. Benison. I loved his first series (only 3 books!!) featuring Queen Elizabeth II, and this series featuring Father Tom Christmas, C of E, widower and father, ex-magician is good too.He makes the village so real and makes me wish I could move there, snow or no snow. (Especially considering they have the NHS.) The Christmas and post-Christmas festivities are charming. But the mystery and the motivat...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    Aha! I know what you're thinking - it's another Christmas book review. Well....yes and no. The main character is Tom Christmas - a vicar in England - you could refer to him as Father Christmas. The book is set during the winter. And the title - well, the first book in this series was titled Twelve Drummers Drumming. And if you're looking for a great book for the reader on your Christmas list this year, Eleven Pipers Piping would be a really good ...
  • Carl Brookins
    When this book arrived pre-armed as a traditional British mystery, I was prepared for just that. Upon reflection I should not have been surprised at the depth of character development, the intricate plot with several surprising twists and turns, the careful and even loving development of understanding and human insight residing in the pages.The writing draws one in almost instantly and never really lets go until the end. Yes, the book is long, ye...
  • Larraine
    Despite the fact that author C.C. Bennison's character is named Father Christmas, and he uses the "Twelve Days of Christmas" as a basis for his book titles (the first was last year and was titled "Twelve Drummers Drumming"), the books are not "holiday" or "Christmas" mysteries at all. Father Christmas is actually a recently widowed young Anglican priest with a young daughter living in a pretty town in the south of England. We met Father Christmas...
  • Julie Durnell
    An engrossing mystery with village vicar, Father Christmas, at the center of it all. He is a most complex man and this second in the series gives the reader more insight into his lifestory. The book is quite longish and not a quick read but it is a mystery you can sink your teeth into! I definitely will be reading the next in the series.
  • Lori
    What an enjoyable series this has turned out to be. I am saddened to see that currently there is only one book remaining at this time and can only hope more are to follow to see this series to the end of its Christmas song verses. Despite the Christmas song titles and the main character being named Father Christmas, this is not a Christmas-themed serial but actually a very engaging and intricate "WhoDunnit". Father Tom Christmas is still adjustin...
  • Jennifer
    Eleven Pipers Piping is the second in the Father Christmas Mystery series, which I already adore. Father Christmas, an Anglican priest and widower, lives with his daughter Miranda in a small English village. Escaping in the aftermath of a personal tragedy, Miranda and Father Christmas (Tom), are newcomers in the village and, as such, offer a fresh perspective on the residents and their going-on. The author uses the Christmas' housekeeper, Madrun,...
  • PopcornReads
    What would Christmas be without The 12 Days of Christmas? Eleven Pipers Piping is Book #2 in the Father Christmas mystery series by C.C. Benison (yep, he’s counting backward). You’ll be happy to know that this English cozy mystery reads quite well as a stand-alone novel. Cozy mysteries and the holidays just seem like a perfect fit to me, and who can resist a vicar named Father Christmas? Read the rest of my review at http://popcornreads.com/?...
  • Plum-crazy
    This was an enjoyable enough read, which on beginning made me think of a Louise Penny/Agatha Christie hybrid....though as it turned out the characters, while credible enough, weren't as quirky or eccentric as those of Penny's. In some ways it's quite a slow book. The murder happens fairly early on & it's not until nearly the end of the book that something else crucial happens (don't want to be too specific, wary of spoilers!). But while it could ...
  • Jenny
    Eleven Pipers Piping is book two in the Father Christmas Mystery series by C. C. Benison. The Vicar of Thornford Regis Father Tom Christmas did not want to go to the annual Robert Burns Supper. However, he had to attend as he is the chaplain of the local Scottish pipe band. During the festivities the owner of the Hotel Will Moir went missing. The readers of Eleven Pipers Piping will continue to follow the twists and turns in Father Tom Christmas ...
  • Fredrick Danysh
    Father Tom Christmas is invited to a gathering of bag pipers during his first year at his new church. During the meal the owner of the inn drops dead quickly followed within days by two more deaths. Soon a tail of lies and, lust, and revenge are uncovered.
  • Ray Palen
    I typically read at least 3 books simultaneously and have never had an issue jumping in and out of the different narratives. One book I reserve for my 'bed-time' reading --- typically a book being read for pleasure and not review purposes.During this holiday season I started the Christmas-themed mystery ELEVEN PIPERS PIPING. It is the second mystery in the Father Tom Christmas series and, even though there is not much yuletide in it, the setting ...
  • Bobby Title
    I like mysteries; I like contemporary english settings; I like series; and I like books with a religious touch in them. So how could I not like Eleven Pipers Piping! I tend to mostly read ponderous non-fiction, so running into Father Christmas, first in his "12" iteration and now in his "11", has just been a total delight. My incination is to immediate go for "10" ... but like setting aside a delicious cookie to eat tomorrow instead of gobbling i...
  • Jen
    Eleven Pipers Piping by C.C. Benison is also a Net Galley read. Classified as a cozy (and the titles in this series, the setting, and the main character are definitely part of the cozy genre), the novel has deeper characterization and some edgier elements than many cozy mysteries.Once you get over the Father Christmas nomenclature and begin to view Tom Christmas as a real man and not as a caricature, the characters and situations become more intr...
  • Nancy
    I dragged myself through this book for the first 35%. I would have given the book one star at this point. I had checked out four books, and this book was due at the library. I thought this book was a Christmas story. The Vicars name was Mr. Christmas. I read the book on my kindle, and the library doesn't allow renewals. I started getting into the story two days before it was due. I thought it was way to long. The chapters didn't flow into each ot...
  • Carol Heiss
    I would have given this book a higher rating if it weren't so long. The plot was inventive and the characters well developed but that was compromised by the convolutions of both along the way. To people who stick with it, the ending is a major surprise. I'm glad I finished it, but along the way I alost put it down many times. If you are expecting an excapist cozy mystery, this is not it. the I'm really not sure I'll read his next book, and at thi...
  • Gabi Coatsworth
    A Christmas CrimeEnjoyable novel with plenty of red herrings and twists. The Canadian author has the nuances of contemporary English down perfectly. Since the sleuth is a minister, he cannot tell the police what he's told by suspects, which makes for complications. Other characters are well-rounded and interesting too. Recommended for someone who likes their British cozies with a twist.
  • Kyrie
    I liked it and I didn't figure out the whole mystery until the end. The references to past events, the current events, all tangled together to make a story that has enough twists to satisfy Christie. Fortunately, they're all out in the open, so you do stand a chance of figuring it out.
  • Patrice Fischer
    I agree with other reviewers who said this could have been about 100 pgs. shorter. That said, it was a pretty good story. Not sure that I will seek out more from this author.
  • Barbara
    perfect mystery,perfect mixture of old England charm and modern trouble. looking very much forward to "ten ....."
  • Christy
    I finally finished this book! It took a long time to get into the story. I think I will pass on reading future books in this series.
  • Jane Shibilski
    As with the previous book in the series, this mystery manages to surprise me in the end. I was sure I had it all figured out and was somewhat disappointed that it had been so transparent. However, as the plot played out, I was very wrong. I enjoyed this mystery and, once again, the great characters that inhabit Thornford Regis. There were two small details that bothered me though. I found several instances of incorrect sentence structure (obvious...
  • EditorialEyes
    4/5. This and other reviews available at EditorialEyes Book Blog.~*~Murder doesn’t take a holiday in C.C. Benison’s Father Christmas Mysteries. In Eleven Pipers Piping, the second in his new series, Father Tom Christmas just can’t seem to find the “quiet” part of a quiet country life.Tom, a widowed vicar, is still settling into Thornford Regis, his home for the past ten months. He’s moved himself and his young daughter Miranda to the ...
  • Amy
    I really wanted to love this book. However, I really can’t. The character of Father Christmas is lovable but I was set up for failure from the get go. I was told this was a Christmas book (Library suggestion) but it’s not! The name implies it is, the lead character’s name implies it is, but it is NOT a Christmas cozy mystery. Other reviewers likened the series to Agatha Christie, which I believe is such an insult to her greatness. This book...
  • Linda
    This is the 2nd book in the Father Tom Christmas series. It is an interesting cozy mystery about the vicar (Father Tom) in a small English village. And, of course, someone drops dead. Everyone had an opportunity to have done the deed. Some had a reason and some didn't. You really are kept guessing until the very end. I loved the way the clues found there way into everyday conversation. But I did feel that there was a lot of descriptions and conve...
  • Cecily Kyle
    Wayyyyyyy too much book for all that is said in this novel. I am reading this for a Christmas challenge, and if not it surely would have been a DNF. It doesn't help the narrator was so boring in the audiobooks, it was like listening to a prof that always makes you fall asleep. The story itself, if condensed could actually be decent, but it was sooooo drawn out. Meh
  • Linda
    This was better than the first one! Father Christmas is in the thick of things, as people tend to "spill the beans" to him. Well written; some of the descriptions of the area or the night made me stop to re-read them. Lovely!
  • Kathy Nealen
    Second episode of a series featuring an Anglican priest as the sleuth. I like the characters so I am disappointed that there is only one more episode left. This mystery was intriguing; it kept me guessing until near the end.