American Vampire, Vol. 4 by Scott Snyder

American Vampire, Vol. 4

American Vampire flashes back to two very distinct points in American history. The first tale comes from the early 1800's with the "The Beast in the Cave" featuring art by the legendary Jordi Bernet (Torpedo, Jonah Hex). Learn about the original American Vampire, Skinner Sweet, and his involvement in the brutal Indian Wars, and an ancient evil hidden in the heart of the Old West. Plus, more about the man Skinner used to call his best friend - Jam...

Details American Vampire, Vol. 4

TitleAmerican Vampire, Vol. 4
Release DateOct 2nd, 2012
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Horror, Comics, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy, Fiction, Comic Book

Reviews American Vampire, Vol. 4

  • Dan Schwent
    In order to fight the US soldiers encroaching on their territory, including Jim Book and Skinner Sweet, the Apaches awaken a legendary monster, the Mimteh. Greaser vampire hunter Travis Kidd is on the trail of a vampire that killed his family. Agent Poole is in the south and encounters both racism and another breed of vampire. All this and more in American Vampire Volume 4!Here we are again, another entry in Scott Snyder's chronicles of vampires ...
  • Kemper
    While some people waste their time writing Twilight fan-fiction and then convert it into best selling mommy porn, I prefer to concentrate on my own brand of fan-fic in which American vampire Skinner Sweet messily murders every character that Stephenie Meyer ever created. I’m hoping to get that book deal any day now.There are several different stories contained in this collection. A flashback to Skinner’s pre-vampire days as a cavalry officer ...
  • HFK
    It took almost all of my will to be able to get back to reading American Vampire after the third volume that took me to the road of strong disliking and some sort of an emotional meltdown, which made me unable to actually review properly what I had just experienced. Needless to say, I have never been into this series with my two and one star reviews, but my blood rushing hate (hating, hating, hating... the fuel to my fucking fire) made me quite b...
  • Amanda
    3 1/2 stars.I've been very vocal about my love for Scott Snyder and want to be clear that love remains unabated. Snyder's American Vampire series has returned vampires to their horror roots and is one of the best comics out there; Snyder's writing is smart and strictly adults only. In this volume, we have three distinct periods in American history and, as usual, we have three distinct American vampires. The vampires in Snyder's world are not stag...
  • Char
    There were three stories in this volume and I enjoyed them all!Pre-vampire Skinner Sweet and his childhood friend Jim Book, , 50's greaser vampire-hunter Travis Kidd and his badass hot rod, and lastly Calvin Poole living life as a black vampire in the 60's.We were all over the place, time-wise, in this one, but that was cool because the times were interesting. Also, Skinner Sweet wasn't in this one all that much, which I thought was a good thing....
  • Otherwyrld
    Three different stories set in different eras. The first shows the childhoods of Skinner Sweet and James Book as they grew up together, then follows them into the Indian Wars and (nearly) an encounter with a very familiar monster. It turns out that Sweet is not the first American Vampire after all! The story shows just how early Sweet's psychopathic nature manifested itself, and how deep the connection with Book actually ran. The second story is ...
  • L. McCoy
    This series gets even better!What’s it about?There’s multiple stories in this volume, all building the fantastic story this series is trying to tell.Why it gets 5 stars:The stories (there’s a few) are all very interesting! We learn a bit more about Skinner Sweet, we get introduced to a bad-a** vampire slayer in a different story and get introduced to a new bad-a** vampire in a story that approaches the topic of racism well (something I wish...
  • Ronyell
    5.5 stars! Brief Introduction: Wow! I had never seen a comic book series get better and better over time since Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series and Joss Whedon’s run on “Astonishing X-Men!” Scott Snyder continues to amaze me with his stellar storytelling in the “American Vampire” series and the fourth volume is definitely one of the best volumes I had read so far in this series! With brilliant writing from Scott Snyder along with f...
  • Melissa
    Well, for a vampire who's been shut up in a cave & not allowed to eat for decades, that Mimteh sure has retained her bosom, hasn't she? This is a pretty fair fourth installment of this series, although I found the Mimteh storyline & the lady bubble-bottom contained within to be kind of unintentionally hilarious. Even when I slow down & read carefully, there are still some panel inconsistencies in Albuquereque's artwork that bug me, but maybe that...
  • Quentin Wallace
    I'm still not sure about the whole "American Vampire" as a different breed of vamp, but as far as the stories go I am really enjoying them. I like how the stories take place in different historial periods.In this volume we have a western tale where a sexy Native American vampire has become a legend and gets involved in the struggle between Native Americans and white soldiers. Then we have a story out of the 50s complete with rumbles and races bef...
  • Kurt
    The 1950s saw the rise of the American teenager as a concept, and that's what Scott Snyder hits in this volume of his epic undead romp through the history of the country. Yes, there are two other stories here: a two-issue story of a pre-vampire Skinner Sweet and his adopted brother Jim Book, and a two-issue story to follow up on a new American vampire and introduce werewolves/racism/doo-wop to Snyder's world. These stories are fine, particularly ...
  • Sesana
    Another solid volume of American Vampire. This one has three entirely separate story lines. The first features a pre-vampire Skinner Sweet and is set during the Indian Wars. I think this was the longest storyline, and although there was an interesting story in there, I did feel like it got a touch repetitive. The second story provides the cover image: yes, it's a 50s greaser vampire hunter. Wildly entertaining stuff here, and I could do with seei...
  • Sheida
    What a disappointment.
  • Carol Storm
    Well, be-bop-a-lula this book sucks, The vampires look like rabid woodchucks, Be-bop-a-lula I hate to say,Travis is a greaser but he's no Link Wray, Be-bop-a-lula, stop this stupid series now (stop it now, stop it now, stop it now.) (SCREAM!)Oh, I could do another twenty verses Gene Vincent style, but is it worth it? This American Vampire series, it seems they never get tired of breaking my heart. I really enjoyed the first story, "The Thing IN T...
  • Jakub Kvíz
    Ctvrta kniha serviruje tri pribehy a opet krasne rozviji svet AmVampa.Prvni se odehrava v druhe polovine 19. stoleti a dostame v nem vic z minulosti Skinnera Sweeta, Jima Booka a Indianskych valek.Vetsinu knihy tvori druha cast, ktera se venuje nove postave. Travis Kidd je teenager, rebel, lovec upiru a hlavne skvele napsanej charakter se super backgroundem.Zaver pak patri Calvinovi, kterej se v 50. letech setkava v jizansky Alabame s rasismem a ...
  • Alondra
    4.5 StarsA few new characters; but the same gutsy action... *giggle*Really good, consistent graphic novel series about my favorite undead folk; Vampires. I love the different species and their continuing evolution into something greater. Yikes.
  • Kelly
    4.5 stars!
  • Nick Craven
    In this issue of American Vampire Scott Snyder takes a step back from all that silly vampire nonsense to take a look at a few important issues such as restoring the lands of the native American peoples, the dangers of teenage rebellion, the rise in vampire home invasions, and of course lycanthropy racism.Volume four of American Vampire takes us to the 50's (an era I was excited about!) but doesn't follow it's normal cast of characters. Volume fiv...
  • colleen the convivial curmudgeon
    The volume has three stories in it: 'The Beast in the Cave', 'Death Race' (from which the cover picture comes), and 'The Nocturnes'.*** possible minor spoilers***'Beast in the Cave' was by far the worst. For one, I felt the new backstory of Skinner and Book felt kind of ret-conny, and I'm not sure it really added anything to their relationship - though I suppose more might come from it. Speaking of ret-con, the whole thing about Mimiteh being thi...
  • J
    Okay, that took me all of an hour and a half. THIS WAS AWESOME. I'm glad they strayed a little from the central plot because these short interrelated stories were really fun.
  • Adam M
    This volume is has two pretty wildly different parts, both are great. This opens with Skinner Sweet and James Book's involvement in the Indian Wars of the early 1800's. It feels like a Jonah Hex story and artist Jordi Bernet of Jonah Hex fame did the art for this story arc. It's pitch-perfect for the story. Fast forward to the 2nd half of this book and we're in the 1950's with a greaser named Travis Kidd who lives fast and dangerously. It could f...
  • Kate
    Three awesome stories, the middle one with Travis in the 50s being my favourite, but all haunting and brutal in their own way.
  • Robert Enright
    Really, really good!! This series just keeps getting better and is so well plotted!
  • Eric
    AMERICAN VAMPIRE VOL. 4 isn’t the best in the series, but it gives fans plenty of meaty material to sink their teeth into (terrible pun completely intended). This volume of American Vampire is divided into two portions. The first takes place in the 1800s during the Indian Wars, and the second portion takes place during the 1950s. It’s a Skinner Sweet-heavy volume, which is great, because Skinner is such a fun character (and by fun, I mean evi...
  • Amedine Amedine
    Travis kidd takes my attention by his ideas and thoughts and the way he seeks his revenge.. Apparently as something we're familiar with everyone's enemy is Skinner Sweet. Back in the 18th century we discover an old friendship between two of the most famous rivals in the American Vampire world.. where I got to know my favorite character as I pictured him, because sometimes we don't need to question or judge a person even if he is enjoying himself ...
  • Rob Pettinato
    I will start off by saying didn't enjoy this as much as the previous three volumes, but I believe this collection still is completely strong enough to prove why American Vampire is one of the best comics out right now and why Scott Snyder is one of the best writers around. The story is constantly building upon itself and has always left me on the edge of my seat wanting more and more.The artwork is always top-notch, but I feel as if the stories d...
  • Jim
    This series is definitely one of my favorite going right now. The main story arc is consistently well written, suspenseful, and engaging. This volume is no exception and the two issue arc that follows the main arc is just as great. I love seeing new designs that Albuquerque comes up with for different types of vampires. His art is stunning.The only thing that bugged me about this volume was the first arc in the book, which covers some Skinner Swe...
  • Zedsdead
    Vol 4 contained three stories. In the first we get to see Skinner Sweet and Jim Book in their human days as adoptive brothers and Indian-fighters in the pre-Civil War army. The second introduces a new vampire hunter, a 50s greaser who tracks Sweet to a California suburb. Finally, Calvin--a black army-buddy of Henry's who was turned by Sweet--visits a bigoted Alabama town and discovers a cell of racist werewolf-vampires. Pearl makes only a brief a...
  • Bandit
    One of the best graphic novel series out there currently and quite possibly the best vampire series presently continues with yet another kickass volume. In this one we learn about the origins or Skinner's and Book's relationship and witness a race to the death of a 1950s teenage vampire hunter and his prey. Also, the first story is pretty awesome, since it reveals that Skinner might not have been the first american vampire after all. As always st...
  • Nico
    The plot lines are pretty consistently good. The greaser vampire hunter was a really cool character. I'd read a series just about him. he's an asshole, he's cold, sarcastic, driven, and brutal, but somehow likeable. he's like Dean Winchester from Supernatural. my only dislike in this one is the guest artists are so consistently bad. sooooo bad. the main artist is so good he makes any guests look terrible.I'm also rather sad about how one of my fa...