Beluga (Nick Reid, #2) by Rick Gavin

Beluga (Nick Reid, #2)

A few months ago in Ranchero, Rick Gavin's much-acclaimed Delta noir novel, Nick Reid and his compadre Desmond liberated some money from a nasty meth dealer, and now they need to launder it. After lending out a couple thousand dollars here and there, with hopes of getting a small return, all kinds of "investment opportunities" are coming out of the woodwork, and one of them has trouble written all over it.The brother of Desmond's ex-wife wants a ...

Details Beluga (Nick Reid, #2)

TitleBeluga (Nick Reid, #2)
Release DateOct 30th, 2012
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreFiction, Mystery, Crime, Humor

Reviews Beluga (Nick Reid, #2)

  • Steve
    4.5 starsThis is such a fun series! Noir set in western backwoods Mississippi and eastern backwoods Arkansas, complete with all of the insane backwoods characters you could ever imagine.The dialogue is perfectly crafted, the settings are described perfectly, and overall, it was a perfectly plotted book.
  • Emily
    Rick Gavin is a great author! His characters are so alive with personality that they practically jump off the page. He has a flair for comical conversation and observation. The story of a tire heist gone wrong and a group of guys who are somewhat clueless while somewhat well intentioned is peppered with crazy, sweet side characters who have a life of their own. Rick Gavin keeps his story fun and interesting right from the start and clear to the e...
  • Florence
    Anyone who comes up with a new genre, like this Delta noir, has my respect. That is exactly what Rick Gavin has done, and the storyline he creates is rich and unpredictable! The characterizations are original and will keep you fascinated. For example, a ninja school girl assassin and some gangsters all make an appearance in the novel. I love reading a book that has the thrill of a mystery and the adventure of suspense. This book is that and more!
  • Meg
    4.5 stars. Love the characters, the setting and damn can he do conversations. hoo-whee. Hope Rick Gavin is writing more and hanging sheetrock less. And he's still my boyfriend.
  • Tom
  • Laudys
    Disclaimer: I won this book in a giveaway.No matter how many times I picked it up, I couldn't finish it.
  • Mark Taylor
  • Kristin (MyBookishWays Reviews)
    You may read my review at Crime Fiction Lover here: Rick Gavin’s 2nd novel, after Ranchero, featuring former cop Nick Reid and his quiet (yet very tough) partner Desmond, the duo have decided to invest a little of their ill-gotten gains in a scheme to buy a load of Michelin tires that are hotter than Deep South asphalt in summertime, and unload them for a profit. The problem is, the person in charge of...
  • Amber
    Still working my way through the book. If you like rednecks, this book might appeal to you. It seems to mostly be about these guys who have acquired a large amount of money illegally and have it stashed. They end up loaning out money to a girlfriends less than intelligent, brother who has this great money making opportunity-reselling tires that they got a good deal on. Turns out the tires were stolen from the redneck version of a mafia faily-they...
  • Terri
    Beluga by Rick Gavin is the second book by the author about ex-cop/repo man Nick Reid and his group of acquaintances. In Beluga, Nick and Desmond reluctantly invest in a scheme for Larry, now known as Beluga LaMonte. While the idea was to steal and resell tires, Larry gets Nick and Desmond into a mess that only they, with the help of local police buddies, can clean up.The book is a fast paced Delta noir, which makes for a fast read. The crime and...
  • Toni
    Like RANCHERO, this is another wildly entertaining bout of Mississippi Delta mayhem. With respect, I'm not sure others here have quite done justice to the author's unique, and very funny, voice. I think he's invented redneck wit. Some examples:- I liked Kendell. He was what I had instead of a stout, unwavering conscience.- She looked like she wanted me deboned with violence.- He was hobbled with arthritis and either seventy or two hundred years o...
  • Paul Wilson
    Holy hell, this is redneck! In the vein of Ace Atkins or Joe Lansdale, Ranchero driving repo man Nick Reid finds a unique investment opportunity for his stolen meth lord booty from the previous book: laundering it through stolen tires in West Memphis. Redneck shenanigans ensue with predictable results.May be the most redneck book I've ever read given the author description. "When he's not writing, Rich Gavin frames houses and hangs Sheetrock in R...
  • Stephen Wahrhaftig
    The 2nd in the Rick again series picks up speed quickly and drops the reader into a warped world of strange and dangerous characters of the Southern Delta. Shark-toothed low life's and deadly Ninja Schoolgirls are par for the course for this ex-cop. Both exciting and hilarious, Gavin's dry humor had be highlighting the dialog that made me laugh out loud as I raced through the pages. Terrific read by a the alter-ze go of one of America's great aut...
  • Robert
    The characters from Gavin's book Ranchero are back at those good old Southern games of whacking folks all around. Desmond's brother in law steals a trailer load of tires and a load of trouble to go with it. Not quite as fast paced as Ranchero but still a decent read, Also seemed to be missing a bit of the humor as well. Still a decent read.
  • Emily Boivin
    i want to say that i won this book on goodreads. and i think this book is a fairly good read as far as it is a good crime contains very believable and gritty charecters that pop right off the page. the setting is perfect for the charecters and the story moves right along. it will make a great weekend read.
  • Lourdes
    Reading this was like watching my favorite kind of comedy. It's unpredictable but with character flaws that work because it was amusing to read where it would take them and see how they got out of sticky situations. I also think opposites Tula and Nick are perfect for each other!If Ranchero is even half as entertaining as this one I won't regret purchasing it!
  • Exapno Mapcase
    This review was written for Goodreads First Reads.This is just a fun rollicking ride through the Mississippi Delta, even better than his first novel, Ranchero. With a group of memorable and somewhat twisted characters it strikes a fun chord with readers. It may be a bit violent for some, but who doesn’t like a good fight scene at Wal-Mart.
  • Heather
    I won a ARC here on GoodReads. I didn't like this as much Ranchero only because Beluga is a much more charater than the Dubois boys. Everyone wants to hit him -even the reader. The rest of the cast and writing is as fun and charming as the 1st novel. I can't wait to see more from Mr. Gavin.
  • Linda
    I won this in a Goodreads give away and would rate it as just o.k. I felt like I had to struggle to get through it, unlike the Carl Hiaasen books that I love. Perhaps if I didn't read as many books and authors, I might have enjoyed it more.
  • Harvey
    After Ranchero, I wanted to give Gavin another try and see where he took these characters. The unceasing violence (of the "cartoonish" variety) turned me off,the main character apparently has redeeming qualities I don't see, and I just don't "get" this book.YMMV
  • Trevor Craig
    Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from this book. After the first half I expected even less. However it did get better. I can't say it's enough for me to read more by the author, but it wasn't a waste of time. It had its moments, and I can see the appeal, but it's not for me.
  • Suka
    Very good, but I enjoyed "Ranchero" much more. Looking forward to the next book in the series.
  • Gabrielle
    Ugh this book irritates me. The characters were introduced way to fast and the story didn't really make sense I just couldn't get into it and and I don't think I can finish it
  • Nancy Cook Lauer
    Quirky enough to rate a 2, but the plot didn't hold my interest enough to rate a 3. There were some funny lines in it, though.
  • Jeff
    A very good followup to Ranchero.
  • Paul
    Almost as good as the first one, not sophomore slump for this author.
  • Janice Finney
    -Fast paced and fun-Easy read with great characters-Carl Hiaasen-esque & Southern "noir"esque