No Silent Night by Leo Barron

No Silent Night

On Christmas Eve, the holiest of nights for the many Christian peoples of Europe, Adolf Hitler was unleashing the full fury of his remaining Luftwaffe bomber force on Bastogne. For Bastogne was the holdout city, center of Allied resistance to his Wacht am Rhein (Watch on the Rhein) offensive—the German surprise attack in the west that would become known among the Allies as the Battle of the Bulge… The battle that would result from Hitler’s ...

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TitleNo Silent Night
Release DateNov 6th, 2012
GenreHistory, War, World War II, Military, Military History, Nonfiction, North American Hi..., American History, Military Fiction, Holiday, Christmas

Reviews No Silent Night

  • Dean
    This is a great read for the history enthusiast and historical wargamer. The book begins with a short overview of the rationale and planning leading up to the Battle of the Bulge, with the majority of the book then being focused very specifically on Bastogne, and the villages around it. The stories of the participants are blended throughout in an engaging manner, with views of the battle from higher levels of command as well as from the men (and ...
  • Michael Gerald
    I have known of the German siege of the Belgian town of Bastogne during the so-called Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 through other books and the Stephen Ambrose book-turned-HBO mini-series "Band of Brothers". This book explains in more detail the circumstances behind the siege and the different units, both American and German, involved in the battle.Popular notion may seem to portray the American defense of Bastogne as solely done by the pa...
  • Jerry
    This is a great look at the battle for Bastogne. Barron does a masterful job creating the scenes on both sides of the battle, US and German. Relying on first hand accounts to create his narrative, Barron's look at both sides will leave you amazed at the bravery and heroism demonstrated by the defenders. You even get to walk beside the German commanders, and watch them realize the impossibility of victory against the Allies, both in Bastogne and i...
  • Jordan
    I received my copy of No Silent Night as part of the Goodreads FirstReads program.In December of 1944, Hitler's Third Reich launched its last-ditch effort to stop the Allied advance--Wacht am Rhein, or the offensive that would lead to the famed Battle of the Bulge. While this battle was more than overflowing with moments of drama and heroism, one of the most fascinating elements was the battle for the small crossroads town of Bastogne. As the Ger...
  • Mike Kershaw
    Excellent account of the Christmas Day attempt by the Germany Army to take Bastogne. The authors have reconstructed the different units engaged in considerable detail -- in particular, drawing attention to those other units (Armor, Artillery, Tank Destroyers and Tactical Air) that did so much to support the 101st during this epic battle of World War II (much like Burgett's "Seven Roads to Hell"). They additionally follow several key German units ...
  • Drew MacGregor
    This is a decent narrative, culling different sources into a well told story. However it does read like a edited and so "drummed his fingers", and other examples of minute detail are present. Overall it gives a snapshot of part of Christmas in Bastogne, a critical moment for the US Army. But it lacks as an overall history. Events such as the Malmedy Massacre are given a passing sentence, as are references to Germans in US uniforms....
  • Steve
    An excellent account on the Battle for Bastogne that was fought around Christmas 1944. The Germans attacked the town in Belgium in what became known as the Battle of the Bulge. The Americans-Especially the 101st Airborne were surrounded and outnumbered but however did not give in to surrender especially when the German commander sent a message to the American officer of the 101st General McCauliffe to surrender which he replied NUTS!!! A enjoyabl...
  • Fredrick Danysh
    A history of the siege at Bastogne during World War II based on interviews and letters of men who took part. Numerous other sources were used as well and the work is extensively end-noted. A very interesting read.
  • Paul Lindstrom
    Amazing men.
  • Charlie
    This is the battle of the Bulge fight. Some call it the battle for Bastogne. What- ever you want to call it the battle was bloody and calculated at every corner. The Germans thought they knew how to easily take Bastogne but on the other hand, the Americans knew how to defend and be the offensive power when need be. This is a well put together story of the battle from the German side and the American side. At times I felt like too much information...
  • Don
    The story focuses on the efforts of the 101st Airborne's 327th Glider Infantry Regiment in the defense of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge. The 101st famously got this important Ardennes Forest crossroads before the Germans making it impossible for them to focus on crossing the Meuse River that could have reeked havoc far behind the Allied lines.The Germans had to take the town at all cost to save any chance of winning the battle. They had...
  • Mike Mages
    A well written book about the strategic planning and horrific reality of war. This book goes into great detail to explain how the Battle for Bastogne would happen. I enjoyed how the authors would put you on the American side and explain things from their point of view and a few pages later you would be given everything from the Germans point of view. I also enjoyed how the book was presented as a narrative rather than all the facts thrown at the ...
  • John E
    An admirable study of the battle from the individual's point of view. From Private in their frozen foxholes to Field Marshal in thier castles, the book give a well-organized and well-written presentation of the confusion, frustrations, and terror of the World War II battlefield. The authors do a great job on integrating the text and the maps (although the placement of the map pages could have been a little better) and of keeping the big picture a...
  • James Williams-ness
    While not a full history of the "Battle of the Bulge", Barron's tale of the German Christmas offensive is a broder view of the battle than either Alex Kershaw's excellent "The Longest Winter" or Ambrose's narrow telling of the battle in "Band of Brothers". This is an excellent read for antyone wishing to get a bigger overview of the start of the German offensive and the first days of the battle.
  • Kathleen
    I read this book because after my grandfather died I had a sudden urge to know more about the battles that he fought in during the War. I've never really read a history book like this, so the details were a little overwhelming for me. I did enjoy learning about how the Americans won the battle.
  • Fresno Bob
    epic tale of the defense of Bastogne, good maps. Makes me want to play Battle of the Bulge on my Ipad!
  • Pat
    I enjoyed this book a lot. I previously read the author's other book, Patton at the Battle of the Bulge, and was looking forward to this one. It did not disappoint. I appreciated the maps at the beginning of each chapter, they greatly helped me grasp the battlefield narrative (the Patton book also has maps in each chapter). In summary, this is a great book about the German Christmas Day attack on Bastogne and the American defense and victory. I h...
  • Joshua Emil
    "Let the world never see such a Christmas night again! To die, far from one's children,one's wife and mother,under the fire of guns, there is no greater cruelty. To take away a son from his mother, a husband from his wife, a father from his children, is it worthy of a human being? Life can only be for love and respect. At the sight of ruins, of blood and death, universal fraternity will rise." The text above was believed to be authored by a Germa...
  • Todd Kehoe
    Solid book on what the the 101st Airborne,9th/10th Armored, 705 Tank battle went through holding off Bastogne in the siege. This is the first of two, the other by the same author wrote 'Patton at Battle of The Bulge' as the third army drive for Bastogne. Both sides needed each other as much as they wish to not admit it. 101st & others held the city off pulling resources from Patton's drive to Bastogne & vice versa. Both sides helped each other. A...
  • Liv Poe
    Very good book and well researched but at times you can feel bogged down with information. Still it's a book that anyone that has interest in World War II should pick up. Not only did the book cover the Americans side but also the Germans. You follow their movements and the attacks. I just wish that the book related the outside movement of the battle of the bulged to the time frame inside the village but I think the writer was going for giving th...
  • T
    I received this book in a Goodread's Giveaway, and actually had a chance to read it right after receiving it but hadn't had a chance to write a review. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and felt the author did a very good job of telling the story.