Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (Hanne Wilhelmsen #2) by Anne Holt

Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (Hanne Wilhelmsen #2)

THE SECOND BOOK IN EDGAR-NOMINATED ANNE HOLT’S INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING MYSTERY SERIES FEATURING DETECTIVE HANNE WILHELMSEN, LAST SEEN IN BLIND GODDESS IT is only the beginning of May but in Oslo a brutal heat wave has coincided with an alarming increase in violent crime. In the latest instance, police investigator Hanne Wilhelmsen is sent to a macabre crime scene on the outskirts of town. An abandoned shed is covered in blood. On one wall an ...

Details Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (Hanne Wilhelmsen #2)

TitleBlessed Are Those Who Thirst (Hanne Wilhelmsen #2)
Release DateDec 18th, 2012
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction, European Literature, Scandinavian Literature, Thriller

Reviews Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (Hanne Wilhelmsen #2)

  • Rachel Hall
    This is the second novel in the DI Hanne Wilhelmsen series by Anne Holt and in my opinion is a marked improvement on the previous novel, feeling like more of the finished article and providing a uniquely Nordic snapshot of crime and just how it affects a cross-section of the population. The Blind Goddess, the first book which introduced thirty-four-year old Hanne was originally written in 1993 but defied its age. Blessed Are Those Who Thirst foll...
  • Harry
    Book ReviewSecond in this series, Blessed Are Those Who Thirst adds significantly to the characterization of female Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen. In Blind Goddess we saw Hanna conflicted by her sexuality, well liked by her colleagues, not yet wholly original as a leading character. In this novel Hanna begins to take baby steps towards coming out of the closet with Holt firming up Hanna's character both on a personal and professional level. It was ...
  • CaseyTheCanadianLesbrarian
    The subject of this 2nd installment is more disturbing than the 1st, but I liked this one even more. You get to see more into Hanne's personality and her struggle with internalized homophobia, plus Billy T, her awesome colleague who hints that he knows she's gay & is cool with it! The bad guy in this one is a serial rapist/murderer, so definite content warning for that, but I did like how the novel dealt with the issues surrounding sexual assault...
  • Luanne Ollivier
    I first 'discovered Anne Holt when I read the Edgar nominated 1222 featuring recurring protagonist Hanne Wilhelmsen last year. (and loved it!)Holt is a Norwegian author and started the Hanne series in 1993. Holt has worked for the Oslo P.D., as a lawyer and a journalist and news anchor as well. This extensive background has added much authenticity to this crime series. The first books featuring Hanne are just being released to North American mark...
  • Leah
    A crime wave in Oslo...There seems to be a crime wave going on in the heat of the Oslo summer, and Detective Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen and her colleagues are feeling the strain. There's been a spate of rapes, and though many of them are 'self-inflicted', as Hanne's boss charmingly puts it – i.e., date rapes – one is different. A stranger invades a young girl's flat and the rape is particularly violent and degrading. Meantime, some practical ...
  • Plum-crazy
    As a fan of Nordic-noirs & having heard good things about this author, I was expecting to enjoy this Norwegian thriller, but sadly I can't say I was over impressed with this book. The story deals with two investigations, a vicious rape & a number of apparently brutal murders - lots of blood, no bodies. The rape story was by far the more credible of the two & I was quite convinced by the actions of the poor girl who was raped & her fathers. The mu...
  • Bridget Martin
    I read this right after Brett Kavanaugh was handed a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States. I was not eager to read about sexual assault, bumbling police efforts, men blaming and shaming women who were brutally attacked ... the whole mess. If it had been set in the United States I would not have read it because of the lack of diligence by police forces in rape and sexual assault cases here. But this is Norway and this is ...
  • Jennifer
    this series definitely scratches the nordic noir itch... though i have not yet been wowed through the first two books (i was led to believe i'd be wowed! heh!), i am finding them interesting and atmospheric.
  • Jim Kelsh
    The second in my newly found Norwegian detective series by Anne Holt. We follow Detective Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen and he fellows trough an Oslo heat wave. There is a serial killer on the loose as well has the investigation of a horrible rape and assault. These procedurals take deliberate pace through the week of both investigations. Wilhelmsen has a couple of skeletons and quirks that make for a couple of twists.So far so good with this series...
  • Julie Barrett
    Meh. I went to the library & checked out the first two books in this series based on the Jo Nesbo blurb on the front of the books. I don't think I'll be reading any more of them. The main characters are ok, I guess. I don't get why Hanne is so freaked out over hiding the fact she is gay - the author never explains it. The book is set in the 1990's, not the 1950s. It seems like a mountain being made out of a molehill.The mystery/crime starts off s...
  • Amy Lignor
    Wilhelmsen, Oslo detective. In this new tale, the very first days of May are upon Oslo and they are suffering from a heat wave that is more than unusual for this time of year. And, as with most locations, when the heat increases…so does the violence.Detective Wilhelmsen is called to an abandoned shed that is literally covered with blood. Inside, a series of mysterious numbers decorate the walls, but there is no sign of any victim that has met w...
  • Paul Pessolano
    “Blessed Are Those Who Thirst” by Anne Holt, published by Scribner.Category – Mystery/ThrillerThis is the third in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series. Hanne Wilhelmsen is a detective in Oslo, Norway who seems to inherit the most difficult crimes in they city. Hanne is called out on a bizarre and violent crime scene. There is a shed that is covered in blood; however there is no victim to be found. The only real clue is a number written on the wall ...
  • Lynda Kelly
    I really enjoyed this a great deal and more than the first in the series. It makes it easier too when you've already "met" a lot of the characters featured.This one does end 94% in and then we get the first chapter of the next book in the series which is in my wishlist as I certainly intend to stick with this series.It's interesting the author was a minister of justice in her past career in Norway and probably helps a great deal with ideas for he...
  • Candace
    I much enjoy these mysteries by Anne Holt except for one thing. Must heroines always be tall, lean and gorgeous? Must inferior ( that is, normal ) people always be described as fat, ugly, or wearing clothes that are too tight? If a mystery author is anorexic, a gym nazi, or simply hateful about his/her own body, could they please do us all a favor and keep it to themselves? There's way too much body-shaming in this world already. And lesbian char...
  • Barbpie
    Summer is coming to Oslo and Hanne W. has to solve several bloody murders. She is able to take her Harley out for a spin or two in the process. And we are getting to know her better, especially in terms of her private life.
  • Sheila
    Every Saturday night there is a horrific crime scene. Only issue is - no body. At the same time there are a series of vicious rapes. Hanne and her team are on the case.
  • ✿ Deni
    I don't know how to start describing how much I disliked this book, there is actually nothing I enjoyed about it other than it's short and even that could have been made better by making it even shorter, as there are many sentences and even paragraphs that aren't needed and feel as if they were thrown in there to make the word count larger: starting with all the mentions and descriptions about the weather (and there are many and have nothing to d...
  • Eliza
    It seemly appears that someone is trying to mess with the police by putting animal blood in very is a band in areas. There is so much blood it there it looks like a massacre and they are calling them Saturday night massacres. However I’m nobodies are ever found. Also there is another plot line about a woman who returns to her apartment Saturday night, follows her inside and brutally rapes her. Her father finds her the next day and they attempt ...
  • Mike
    I happened to come across Anne Holt's books when I read the last in series featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen. In this one she's physically able, and much younger - although I had trouble seeing her as a young person in my head: she comes across to me as older than her years. Holt paints a great picture of just how difficult it can be for the police to keep up with everything that's going on: in this story there's a crime wave which means that various cr...
  • Jayanne
    The second in a series I came across quite by accident, I'm pleasantly surprised with my experience thus far. It is hard to go wrong with such an affinity for Scandinavian crime novels such as mine, but nonetheless I was quite taken by the character of Hanne Wilhemsen and thoroughly impressed by the thoughtful exploration of the themes the book covers.Rape culture and sexuality are two very near and dear subjects to my heart and I was thrilled to...
  • Rog Harrison
    I suppose this is a series as there have been ten books in 23 years featuring Hanne Wilhelmsen though Hanne has changed a lot over the years. This is one of the earlier books I had missed and I would recommend that new readers try to read the books in order. This is a very readable story with several strands. There are several sites covered in blood, some of it human, but no apparent victims. Also there is a brutal rape and how the victim and her...
  • Frank
    I struggle with starring on GR, as 3 stars seems like a punishment, but this is definitely not a 4 star book. I enjoyed this less than Blind Goddess. The plot felt scattered, and there were frequent lengthy asides and things that just sort of happen despite not being relevant to the plot. And the book is still short. I love the tone of these books - the grim sort of gallows humor that the author uses to set the scenes. And I enjoy the ongoing fri...
  • Frank
    [library audiobook]Second in this series I have read. Nice set of recurring characters, Hanne, Billy T, Hakon Sone. Nice to have a lesbian police detective, although the pink Harley seems a little much. Nice to have a concern for refuge women being victimized. Not so sure I could follow some key plot points, like how the recurring murders were committed, how the blood was obtained, and I missed how the father and the rape victim identified the co...
  • Becky Motew
    3.5 starsA decent read if a bit predictable. Also the lead cop, Hanne Wilhelmsen, is shown to be not the best investigator in her early perusal of the grisly rape case. The father of the victim does a better job and finds the culprit long before Hanne does.It seemed to go off in a few directions, including the keeling over and death of the chief supervisor, which had nothing to do with the case. Or I guess maybe Hanne will get his job and that's ...
  • Carole Landry
    Second book in the Norwegian series of mystery writer Anne Holt. Detective Hanne Wilhelmsen and her partner Hakon S deal with a heat wave and a crime wave in their country... and this time the crimes are rape and some crazed crime scene stager with a blood fetish. In her typical fashion, she works methodically through the clues and the changing culture of her country while walking the tightrope of her personal life. A very taunt and satisfying re...
  • Carfig
    A little bit of a slow start for me, possibly because the start of school loomed large. But once I had a little time at lunch, I finished the last 100+ pages in 2 days. Hanne is quite a policewoman, but even she can't stop the relentless power of revenge. Or being pulled into a promotion, it turns out. It was a nice touch when Håken was happy that no guilty verdict was possible.
  • Marie Fouhey
    Hanne Wilhelmsen figures more prominently in this book than in the first of the series. The characters in this book rarely tell the police what they know because they seem to have little confidence in them, and the police don't seem to have much confidence in their own abilities to resolve cases since they are extremely overworked.
  • Terese Smith
    I first discovered Anne Holt in a secondhand bookshop in Dublin - The Lion’s Mouth. Since then I have read #6,#3 and now #2. Blessed was a good read and Naples with some of Hanna and Hakon’s backstory. While it’s over 20years old I found the discussion of asylum seekers, racism and community attitudes to rape victims/rapists very topical. Real rating would be 3.5.
  • False
    I continue reading through Anne Holt's work. Set during a Norwegian heat wave, this book didn't interest me as much as the earlier snowbound volume did. More cultural quirks appeared in this book, and because the books were translated at a later date, we don't find the protagonist in a wheelchair where she was earlier. I've yet to read the "curing of."
  • Timo Tiilikainen
    In Oslo is everything out of order : the weather, the criminals and even the police but in the end the order is restored and justice is served , I think. Anne Holt is at best in describing people and the weather. Anne Holt likes to lead the reader astray.