Castle Mango, Vol. 1 (Castle Mango, #1) by Narise Konohara

Castle Mango, Vol. 1 (Castle Mango, #1)

Yorozu lives at Castle Mango, a "love hotel" where couples pay for a few hours to themselves. But his quiet life is violated when Togame arrives to shoot an adult film! Soon Yorozu's being "mistaken" for an actor, having his pants suddenly removed and watching his little brother get hit on. Togame eventually agrees to stay away from Yorozu's brother, but there's a catch - and it's not something Yorozu's going to like!

Details Castle Mango, Vol. 1 (Castle Mango, #1)

TitleCastle Mango, Vol. 1 (Castle Mango, #1)
Release DateApr 25th, 2012
PublisherDigital Manga Publishing
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Yaoi, Romance, Boys Love, M M Romance, Shounen Ai

Reviews Castle Mango, Vol. 1 (Castle Mango, #1)

  • MaDoReader
    Cuando leí la sinopsis pensé que iba a ser una cosa totalmente distinta, pero... ¡Madre mía! Me ha encantado, qué historia más bonita y qué pareja ☆.☆ Togama se ha ganado un hueco en mi corazoncito.¿Y el dibujo? Maravilloso, no puedo más que recomendarlo.
  • Lucy Westenra
    Moníiiiisimos *.*
  • Myka
    I sat down to read the first chapter and didn't put it down until I finished the entire volume. Then I wasted 5 seconds trying to force the page to go forward as if that was going to work. Want volume 2 asap. Just a good written BL manga with a natural developing relationship.
  • Jo
    ...a very sweet love story.
  • Annelise Lestrange
    Review originally posted on The Book Adventures of Annelise Lestrange :)The StoryYorozu is a high school boy that lives with his family at a love hotel called Castle Mango and the place is his sanctuary. Until the day that director Togame crashes the hotel to film one of his porn movies. As if being mistaken for one of the actors for the movie, Yorozu also has to watch Togame “hitting” on his young brother, and that was too much.After a hard ...
  • Blak Rayne
    Absolutely love this story--it takes time to build momentum, but when it does be ready to pull out the tissues. It's wonderfully different and kept my attention from the first page. And thankfully, the plot is typical yaoi like "we've been friends since elementary school and I just couldn't tell him I love him" or "sensei attacks his student" or "I was raped and now I've fallen for my rapist" ugh. The characters are endearing, strong, and in the ...
  • Nathaniel
    The back blurb (and the summary on Goodreads) do not do this series justice. It is a complex exploration of social stigma and its influence on those who do not fit in as well as an equally compelling tale of underdogs who want to achieve their goal in life. It is also a well done love story with a dose of self discovery about one's sexuality. In my opinion, it goes beyond the constraints of the yaoi genre to be something much more of worthy of wi...
  • weii
    I decided to read a chapter out of curiosity and ended up finishing the entire volume. The romance is so adorable I want to get YorozuxTogame tatooed on my forehead. They are so cute and my heart hurts so much for Togame at the last page AHH I LOVE THIS SO MUCH
  • Teetee
    Really like this series, I bought v. 1-2 in paperback, sold em and used the proceeds to buy myself ecopies from BnN!
  • Cat
    complete review pending series completionCastle Mango is a really nice story that has a much more original storyline then you typically find in BL manga. Shiro is a very quiet and serious young man in his senior year of high school. His family runs a love hotel and his dream since he was a kid was to expand the business. This dream wasn't supported by teachers etc because of its associated taboo subject but this didn't deter Shiro's dream but mad...
  • Derekica Snake
    Method acting - you adopt a style/character and you become that. So Shiro who just pretends to be a uke actual ends up...end up. *snicker*Any whooo, Shiro is a model A student at a prestigious boy school however he is on a scholarship so his grades are everything. He lives in an antiquated love hotel with his mother and little brother called - Castle Mango. Their father had passed away early and both boys are starving for male companionship. Ente...
  • Daesy
    **Grammar**What can i say about this manga? i love it. The high-schooler and the av director are just perfect together, and when they meet again 1 year and 6 months after they separated still loving each other, i cried, that scene was really beautiful and we see how much they love each other and how in all the time they werent together they only thought about the other. The fact that the uke was a virgin and still isnt described as a feminine cha...
  • K.N.
    Maybe it was simple nostalgia or my familiarity with love hotels (hey, they're cheap accommodation and offered a bathtub I didn't have in my apartment), but I really liked this story. The characters are intriguing, the pacing is perfect, and I'm itching to read the next volume. I've only once ever seen a young cute guy in a love hotel office (usually it's old men or middle-aged women), but the whole point of those offices with their little window...
  • Jaime
    As far as manga boys love goes, this one is a little higher on my list of likes than most. There's no uncomfortable tropes, there's real-life, if unpleasant assumptions made, and the seme isn't a complete ass. In fact, for once, I'm a bit less enamored of the uke and his scheming ways. I guess I can sort of see his reasoning, but there is some real evidence available to him that he's playing with the other man's feelings, yet he continues to misl...
  • Sophie
    This is such a lovely book. When I first read the description - adult video director falls in love with the son of a love hotel owner - I thought it had to be pure crack, but in fact it's anything but. It's a really lovely, slow-paced story about two people gradually falling in love with each other, and while there are a few typical tropes, it's done so well that I didn't mind them. The balance between humour and drama is great, too. And there ar...
  • Miss
    This is surprisingly cute? It's like the author decided to use traditional yaoi tropes but in the most low key halfway verging on realistic way possible. It's not a full on deconstruction but it made me smile a few times and I didn't want to set the characters on fire so. :) Cute story bro! If my library picks it up I could be persuaded to read it again. 3 stars
  • Thetravelingpanda
    It was such a cute story! I really liked the fact that the H-action was not very detailed(because I don't really like those scenes) Togame is a very mysterious guy yet has a big heart, like a teddy bear. Shiro is very quiet and keeps everything bottle up inside. I thing they are very good for each other even if they don't realize it.
  • Nekobot01
    Really, really enjoyed this one. It's got a lot of angst and UST and people not realizing their own feelings. The plot moves kind of slowly but it's nice to relax into a good story once in a while. It was much less tacky than the synopsis suggest with the porn angle.I just wish the Kindle store had vol. 2. I may have to order both volumes in Japanese to finish it.
  • Asagi
    That name was really catchy at the beginning. The story was pretty and kinda original (to yaoi manga standards), it had the right quantity of drama and all that and the drawing was really pretty. Something I'd like to read again in the future.
  • Grace
  • Gigi
    I really enjoyed this book!
  • Christie
    It was cute, started a little slow, but simple and sweet. I might read the second volume when it comes out. It was a good, quick read.
  • Panchaya
    I just randomly read it at midnight and that kept me overnight. Deep and touching work.
  • Mel P
    Very cute yaoi manga - can't wait to read the next book.
  • scarlettraces
  • Anna
    So sweet, beautiful and angsty!! Loved it!!!
  • Kate
    Really, really enjoyed this one a lot! Can't wait for more!