All Of Her (Fantasy Heights, #4) by Meg Silver

All Of Her (Fantasy Heights, #4)

With great pleasure comes great curiosity. Amanda’s favorite clients and coworkers trigger plenty of both as she settles in at the fantasy fulfillment resort. ALL OF HER is the fourth episode in Meg Silver's Fantasy Heights series.

Details All Of Her (Fantasy Heights, #4)

TitleAll Of Her (Fantasy Heights, #4)
Release DateFeb 12th, 2012
GenreAdult Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Adult, Romance, Menage, Bdsm

Reviews All Of Her (Fantasy Heights, #4)

  • Sivon
    This book is FULL (((FULL))) of steamy sex scenes with a great suspenseful story-line as a side dish. I loved the story-line, the suspense and lots of the steamy scenes but wished the author had balanced all that sex with more story. I would have loved more story-line built up around Amanda, Josh, Thomas and even Derek. Don't get me wrong, I read the whole series but by book number two I was skipping sex scenes between most of the insignificant c...
  • Kay Glass
    This series is incredible! The main character's struggle to deal with her new life while work her new job in the field of fantasy-fullfillment makes you want to continue her journey with her. I'm definitely a huge fan, and I'm eagerly awaiting more in this series. The author, Meg Silver, is definitely on track- I cannot wait to read more.
  • zoegrl
    i said it before & i'll say it again, the sex in this Series is phenomenal! You never know what is going to happen next. The set ups, fantasies, mysteries, a bit of BDSM, intrigue of what the Hell is going on behind the scenes, & again all the sex makes this Series amazing. i have to say i'm glad all the books are out makes it so much more fun to go right on to the next one!!
  • Laurel Horner
    This series is a really quick read but now I know what my friends were taking about when they said you needed a break just very intense. Interesting with the mystery of who the owners of the resort are and how they play into the plot.
  • Nyssa
    I am officially hooked!Things heat up literally and figuratively as Amanda struggles with the almost impossible task of keeping work at work. Especially, when those same people she's been warned to avoid keep popping out of the woodwork and into her personal spaces.
  • Amy Pro
    Oh my goodness!! I'm not sure how much more I can take, and I can't stop reading!!! This is a great series!! The erotic scenes leave you breathless and the story leaves you on the edge your seat wanting more, more, more!
  • Jane
    The fantasy and secrets continue in episode four of this erotic series, All of Her. Amanda continues to work in the world of sexual fantasies. Thomas and Josh accompany her to her sister wedding. Amanda keeps going to work and wondering why all the mysteries???
  • Ana T
    This an an erotica book, very explicit sex scenes, some BDSM. Very well written. Third book, the plot thickens.