Stone Lover (Stone Passions, #1) by A.C. Warneke

Stone Lover (Stone Passions, #1)

Romance, a little drama, a lot of passion and gargoylesMelanie Jacobs has always been a little out of step with the rest of the world. She sees things that aren’t there, from the magnificent stone birds that fly overhead to the enchanted castle in the middle of the city. It’s when she gets an apartment in the castle that she discovers that she isn’t the one seeing things; it’s the rest of the world that is asleep.Vaughn Nosuntres explodes...

Details Stone Lover (Stone Passions, #1)

TitleStone Lover (Stone Passions, #1)
Release DateMar 7th, 2012
PublisherCreatespace Independent Publishing Platform
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Magic

Reviews Stone Lover (Stone Passions, #1)

  • Celestine
    In the way of paranormal romance, the featured couple, candy maker Melanie and independently wealthy Vaughn, don't have much of a rocky start -- it is insta-attraction and insta-love. However, it is the insta-lust Melanie has for Vaughn's monolithic proportions that grabs your attention just a few pages into the book. Melanie is on the rooftop of a Gothic St. Paul building, getting touchingly well acquainted with the physical charms of a winged l...
  • Jacqueline J
    Pretty good book. It made me choke up and cry. There were some problems but they weren't enough to dim my enjoyment of the story.I liked the world building as far as it went. You caught glimpses of the paranormal world without an info dump. The paranormal creatures were interesting and their motivations pretty par for the course in a paranormal novel. The part of the story that didn't make much sense was the bit about how the gargoyle world works...
  • Katrina
    1.5*, just barely rounded to 2 because I love gargoylesPlease be advised that this review contains spoilers.OK, where do I start? Obviously, at the beginning. When you start reading a new book, there is a certain sense of anticipation, of hope that you have found something that will satisfy you at least on some levels and as you progress in to the book, this hope either solidifies in to enjoyment or dissipates. Well, with Stone Lover my hope of t...
  • Laurie: Almost Faemous
    See this review and more on my blog Urban Fantasy ReviewI received a copy of Stone Lover from the author as part of the Read to Review group on Goodreads, so thanks to the author and mods for the opportunity to review. I have to admit I was intrigued when I first saw this title and read the blurb on the back as there aren't too many PNR books about gargoyles, in fact the only gargoyle I could think of off the top of my head was Levet from the Gua...
  • Maria Ray
    I received this ebook from the author as a Read-to-Review. I was pretty excited about the premise of the book. Gargoyles turning human by night & protectors during the day. The story had a lot of promise and I was intrigued as this was a completely new storyline to me in the paranormal genre.I had to rate the book with three stars due to the lack of proper editing and grammatical errors. Unfortunately it kind of ruined the experience for me a lit...
  • Daisy Sloan
    I’m in love with gargoyles. Who knew? These are some really hot, sexy, wonderful gargoyles and I WANT ONE! Vaughn and Melanie are a fantastic couple that make you believe anything can happen. Their romance and passion are a tale for the ages! Love can conquer all!Melanie is drawn into Vaughn’s supernatural world and falls in love with him. Pesky little imps decide they want to keep her to themselves so they create all kinds of problems for he...
  • ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme
    Why did I wait so long to read this book? I loved it! Of course, anything with gargoyles is going to capture my attention. This story is a romantic fantasy with imps, sprites and magic!I really liked the characters in this book. Three brothers together who protect "something" and are gargoyles is interesting. Throw in a human who can see the "under" the veil, I'm intrigued. There does need to be more world building as far as what it is that the b...
  • Carolyn F.
    Fantastic story!Melanie has moved from her parents' home to a tiny apartment in a building that has wonderful architecture including gargoyles. In fact Melanie is so enamored with the gargoyles that she finds a secret passage through someone else's apartment so she can go and check them out. She's all over the lion gargoyle. The next night is New Years and she meets a great looking guy at the bar she and her friends go to. Vaughn and his brother ...
  • Christina
    la la la loved this book! Who would have guessed gargoyles were hot and sexy...I want one!!!!!
  • Natalie
    Wow what an amazing book that made me smile, laugh out loud, gave me butterlies, got me hot under the collar and made me cry.At first i was unsure of the beginning of the book as it jumped straight into an erotic scene that i felt was lacking in a connection and seemed far fetched in the circumstances. We had only just been introduced to Melanie and the foundations of the connection or the relationship seemed very weak at this point.Though in tru...
  • Xavier Neal
    Great read enjoy romance, PNR, fantasy romance, alpha males, and HEA.Side Note: So this book was recommended by one of my friends during a group discussion in my author group. I took a chance because um...hello...GARGOYLES! I had never ever heard of a fantasy romance involving them. Since I'm writing, I wanted a book FAR opposite of I'm working on. This book was awesome. The romance and the manliness of the males were great. Truly great...
  • Shana (ReadingVixen)
    Talk about a whirlwind romance! Wow...A.C. Warneke, you have a fan for LIFE!!! I LOVE your work! I really hope you have a 2nd and 3rd book for Rhys and Armand; I REALLY do.Melanie has always been a little "different" from her friends and family; her head stays in the clouds, and she believes in magic, when everyone else is like, "Yeah, sure, whatever." She rents an apartment in this nifty, castle-like building, where 3 gargoyles stand sentry over...
  • Denna
    I received this novel free for the purpose of an honest review. Though it is a typical paranormal romance (gargoyles instead of vampires or werewolves) I enjoyed it. It was fast and fun. I read pretty much straight through from start to finish. If you are searching for depth of plot in other areas, Stone Lover probably won’t be your cup of tea. The focus of this story is centered strictly around the romance between Melanie and the gargoyle Vaug...
  • Tracey Murphy
    I got this from the author as a R2R and Thank you AC. I love paranormal romance as long as it's not vampires. I was intrigued by the story line, but did not feel that the world building was fleshed out enough. What is the gargoyles history, what are they the guardians of? Why could Melanie see all the things that she could and shouldn't as a human? We get some bombshells at the end. I found Melanie was a bit dull especially for a woman that loves...
  • R *is for Relentless*
    Mmm hot sexy gargoyles! This is the first book I've read by this author. I really enjoyed it. Admittedly I have a soft spot for gargoyles, (sat morning cartoons- Goliath anyone?e) so that might explain some of it :) There were a few mistakes missed in editing but nothing that jarred me to far out of the story. I liked the heroine and the hero. The chemistry between the two burned up the pages. I want to know more about the others too. Good solid ...
  • Catherine
    I received an e-copy of this book from Ms.Warneke because I had won a copy of her next book 'Stone Romance'. Thank you again Ms.Warneke!! I have a penchant for gargoyles, so this book was a great read.However, it was a little slow and awkward in the beginning, but picked up nicely into the story. Editing was not up to snuff, and I got confused a few times, but overall I enjoyed the book.I will be reading more of Ms.Warneke, and am closely watchin...
  • Jill
    When I picked up this book (free for an honest review) from the author, I thought it was a paranormal romance that had adult scenes. I was okay with that because I figured there would be a story with a couple of sex scenes. I'm not an erotic book lover, mostly I find those type of books gross. I have to say I almost quit reading this book at about a third of the way through because it seemed not to be a paranormal romance with a sex scene or two,...
  • Monica **can't read fast enough**
    This is the first in a now completed trilogy of romance stories that revolve around 3 gargoyle brothers. This first book is the story of Vaughn and Melanie. Melanie is branching out on her own and has found a tiny apartment in a building that she can't resist and after a trip to the roof becomes fascinated by the gargoyles who seem to watch over the building. She is especially intrigued by the gargoyle that resembles a lion.Vaughn turns out to be...
  • Romance Novel Giveaways Lauren Seiberling
    :::Standing ovation:::This book was fantastic! I absolutely loved it. SCORCHING love scenes, an adorable heroine and the endearingly protective hero. I cried like a baby towards the end, and all of the kooky occurrences get completely explained in their own time (but they DO get loose ends).This was the first book I have read by A.C., and I'm a huge fan of her writing style. Even towards the end, she introduced new mysteries and gi...
  • Nickcole
    I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Stars: 5+Overall: This book was a fun adventure with an amazing romance. It kind of reminded me a bit of the cartoon Disney's Gargoyles in a good way, the more grown up version so to speak. lol I love the way Melanie is introduced to the world of magic and how all the information was flowing good throughout the whole book. I didn't feel like anything was rushed, it felt like things ...
  • Jess
    Stone Lover is the first book in the Stone series and what a great beginning! Melanie is a bit whimsical, a bit trusting and full of life and love. She is confident, but a bit reserved. Vaughn is a gargoyle, a statue by day and a man by night. He watches over the humans and the supernatural world with his brothers, protecting the innocents while loving as many women as they can. With the help of several meddling creatures, they fall in love, almo...
  • Chelsea
    I really loved this book. I never thought to read a book about Gargoyles. I love mythology though so I was happily surprised when I started reading and came to find out what it was about. Right from the start I was falling for the characters. From Melanie to Vaughn and Armand in the night club. The book was written great, and funny at numerous parts. I especially loved when Jenna and Ferris were brought into the picture. All the characters connec...
  • Jessica
    3 1/2 stars. I found this book entertaining and interesting. I really liked the premise of the novel and I truely wish that we had gotten more information about the magical world that the female lead, Melanie, found herself involved in.A lot of what happened in the book was a little confusing although there was some information at the end which helped to clear up some of the questions. I do wish that the book had gotten another edit though as I a...
  • Holly
    Melanie is a human (supposedly) who can somehow see past most of the charms and spells that magical creatures that we all live amongst may have cast. Rather than being revered for this though, the 3 gargoyle brothers try their hardest to get rid of her. But Vaughn is smitten and cant quite fight his feelings no matter the consequences. I wanted to know more about Melanie and why it is that she was 'special'. And I feel like there is more to the i...
  • Melanie
    I have to admit, the beginning was not what I expected. After the first couple of chapters, I was convinced that this was basically erotica - plot? what plot? There was a lot more sex than I was expecting, and it was pretty graphic.Luckily, we moved pretty quickly into the actual story. Which was surprisingly good! I won't give a recap, because there is a summary for that, but Melanie (our main character) is interesting, Vaughn was kind of adorab...
  • Ladymcbeth
    Melanie falls in love with Vaughn, life is perfect ... hum ... not so perfect.He is a gargoyle, she is human, and all along the book she risk her life because of imps (they don't want their love story to have a HEA) By the way, we meet special characters like Omari (hush, I won't tell who he is ^^) and Jenna (Mel's sister) her daughter ... It's a good story, with simple words, and I think I'm going to read the second book soon :)
  • Stacie
    Story of a Gargoyle named Vaughn who is frozen during the day on the top of an apartment building with his two other brothers. Melanie has always been able to see things that others can not. One day she is walking down the street looking for an apartment to rent when she is "called" to a certain building. She ends up renting a room there and discovers the gargoyles on the roof.
  • Nicole
    I really liked this story. It had some (Um, really?! That's kinda...ewww) moments, and the tone was oddly innocent for the kind of story this is, but it was an original story line. I know there will have to at least two other books in this world, with the set up from this one. I received this from the author in a Goodreads giveaway. Four words: Sex. With. A. Statue. Ewww.
  • Michelle
    Loved it. Definitely all kinds of emotions running rampant in this one! Needed a cold glass of water with a lot of ice!! Great writing! The only thing I didn't like was how "open" the characters could be while being intimate. But other than that, wow what a story! Loved the characters, can't wait for the next one!!
  • Kel (Faerie-bookworm)
    I really enjoyed this book. The characters were great, the emotion was so real. I look forward to the next book to follow Rhys and Jenna's story. I loved the mystery. Although an explanation as to why Melanie could see what other humans couldn't would've been nice, or why the imps were attacking her. But other than that it was a really good book.