Cynders & Ashe by Elizabeth Boyle

Cynders & Ashe

Note: This is a short story (less than 10,000 words) and not a novella. Ella Cynders is a hired companion with a romantic bent. So when she switches places with her charge--who is determined to find true love and elope--it is Ella who falls head over heals in love with the very eligible Viscount Ashe. In one masked night, the viscount and Ella find passion and romance, and then tragically are whisked apart before the midnight unmasking. Now five ...

Details Cynders & Ashe

TitleCynders & Ashe
Release DateMar 1st, 2012
PublisherElizabeth Boyle
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Short Stories, Novella, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Regency, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Regency Romance

Reviews Cynders & Ashe

  • Desi
    One word for this... Lame. Ok fine. A few more. It was rushed, saccharine, unbelievable and a waste of possibly good characters. Also insta-love even more irritating than the usual novella variety.Honestly what is with regency women suddenly being written as eagerly jumping into bed, or more accurately over a chair, with men they just met? Did no one worry about pregnancy or the social mores they were raised with? Admittedly the underlying qualit...
  • Kathie (katmom)
    A short story for sure. But full of romance and sweetness. Very fast paced, but the flow was lovely. Just what I wanted for a short afternoon read.The story takes us back to the first time they met, when Ella was masquerading as the Lady she was companion to, as that young chit eloped. It was love at first sight when she sees Viscount Ashe, on both their parts. We are treated to a steamy scene and then they are swept apart by a meddling mama. Not...
  • Addictive
    My world, right now, some would say I’m living in dreamland. Dreamland is a place I go to escape, and books just happen to be the main fruit to my nectar on that island; actually books are the only fruit to my nectar on this island.Some would also say that Elizabeth Boyle’s latest short story; Cynders & Ashe isn’t helping any. Boyle’s latest story has everything a little girl could ask for. It has a Prince, it has…well a prince is basic...
  • Антоанета
    Някакъв кавър на версията на Пепеляшка - момиче не от висшето общество отива на маскен бал, влюбва се в домакина и той в нея, губи си крилата от роклята докато бяга, той я търси.... бла, бла, бла и след години на друг бал нещата се повтарят, но той я нами...
  • Tabetha Waite
    A delightful short story by the talented Ms. Boyle! All centered around a fairytale ball. 💕
  • Moon Love
    What a great Cnderella-esque story. I would've loved more, especially what happened after the story ended where it did!
  • Zornitsa Rasim
  • Mary
    This was a thoroughly enjoyable romance. As you could probably tell from the title, it is a "take" on the traditional Cinderella. Ella Cynders is a woman with no family and no prospects who takes on the identity of her charge and in doing so meets her "prince". She is whisked away from the ball by her charges' mother (one of two "Evil step mother" type characters). For five years Ella dreams of her prince.The book begins in the present then quick...
  • Peggy N
    Cynders & Ashe is a delightful short story set in England in 1815. It is the classic romance story with a twist, the people in love meet at a masquerade ball and do not know who each other really are at the time they fall passionately in love. It is the legend that the Viscount Ashe has five seasons in London society to find his true love at a masquerade ball given at his home. He has to claim a bride by the end of the fifth season. The young Vis...
  • Laura V.
    Cortito. Un poco exagerado, falto de romance aunque sea del malo.
  • Amy Alvis
    Originally reviewed for: Historical Romance Lover blogThis is a short story (less than 10,000 words) that was originally published in The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance.Five years ago, Ella Cynders was the companion to a young lady bent on following her heart. While her employer was eloping, Ella had to stand in her place at the masked ball where Viscount Ashe was looking for a wife.While there, Ella and the Viscount find a passion that is unfor...
  • Becca
    Well, I just received my new Kindle Paperwhite and so, even though I am in the midst of reading a paperback, I had to take a break and read something on the kindle! What better than a Cinderella short story to start things off!This short story, which Elizabeth Boyle provided temporarily online for free, was great fun! It is her version of the Cinderella story and I enjoyed it immensely. Is it fairy tale like? Yes! Is it completely unrealistic? Ye...
  • Lexie
    (this is also available as part of The Mammoth Book of Regency Romance)Ella Cynders (see what she did there?) loved Viscount Ashe (come on you see the trend right?) years ago. A twist of fate may bring them together to have a happy ending to their very own fairy tale. I spent all of this story with a goofy smile on my face. It was just so sweet I couldn't help myself. I didn't even question the fact that Ella was ready to go recklessly into the n...
  • Lizabeth Tucker
    Ella Cynders has one chance to attend the Ashe Ball, all thanks to a lost invitation and a rejected gown. It was a dangerous thing to do, but would give her an opportunity to see Julian, Viscount Ashe, one final time before he is forced to marry.A masterful reworking of the ancient fairytale, even if it was very unlikely that Julian's family would accept a young woman like Ella as his wife. 4 out of 5.
  • Blondie
    A very cute but quick read. Ella and Ashe have this Cinderella romance going on; minus the glass sliper and the evil step mother.The author did a wonderful job writing this love at first site romance. The book is short but the author makes it work. Characters are very likeable.I will definitely be looking to see what else this author has to offer very soon.
  • Josie Hink
    I give this 4 1/2 stars!!I haven't read many novellas but they usually seem rushed and forced. This story was neither. There was enough romance and connection between the hero and heroine to get you invested in the characters and not feel left wanting more. I really enjoyed this story and glad I gave this Novella a chance!!
  • Ann Sheiring
    I really enjoyed this Cinderella story, Ella Cynders and Lord Ashe, very clever. I wanted more, but I knew it was a short story. I love the idea of love at first sight and how the rich hero rushes to the rescue of his falsely accused lady. Ella and Lord Ashe were likable and I wished for more history on them both. I will just have to settle for another book by Elizabeth Doyle.
  • I_love_a_happily_ever_after
    Very sweet regency romance. I enjoyed this book very much. The conflict was wrapped up pretty easily, and I wonder if it would have truly been so easy in real life. However, this is fiction, so we must suspend reality for a while. I recommend this for regency lovers.
  • Irene
    Got this e-book as a freebie on Amazon.Interesting retelling of Cinderela story: a poor girl accidentally comes to a bal and falls in love with her prince. But since she's not a "Lady" she has to run. But they don't forget each other and he finally find his Princess :)
  • Amanda dalon
    I love the 've government's not 100% believable but I enjoyed the story. Would have been great to see ful length. I loved the hero but something's were a bit fast...and I'm not talking about a car, but a 1nighter eh' in those times eh' sure why the shell not. However I did enjoy this short romance.
  • TinaMarie
    Cinderella romance, enjoyable
  • Brandi
    Short and sweet. Sometimes it's nice to just have a quick romance novel and this one was it.
  • Nicole Aroca
    I loved.
  • Jo
    Lovely little story packed with interest. Wished it had been longer.
  • [̲̅ρ̲̅υ̲̅и̲̅y̲̅α̲̅]
    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...I’ve been meaning to read Elizabeth Boyle’s book for sometimes now, so this novella seemed perfect to give her writing a try. I did like her writing but the storyline was pretty predictable with the Cinderella vibe all over it, and kinda bored me. TBH, it could’ve been a sweet story had it not been so predictable.Ella is an orphan and worked as the companio...
  • Maura
    Ella is a paid companion who takes the place of her employer one night at a masked ball and ends up falling in love with a Viscount. (view spoiler)[ Not only that but she surrenders her virginity after knowing him less than an hour (hide spoiler)] Circumstances lead to her early departure and a 5 year separation. But they haven't stopped thinking about one another and Viscount Ashe has continued his search for her. This time, Ella manages to get ...
  • Annette
    A very short story - and well written by a talented author. Ella is a seamstress with a past. Five years ago she fell in love with a prince of a man. Lord Ashe is a young man who has a family history which says he must find his one true love within 5 years. And now the end of the time is here and he has not found the one true love he met at a ball 5 years ago.This story is a redo of Cinderella with a brand new twist. Ella is a strong young woman ...
  • Lucina
    Die Geschichte ist auch im "Mammoth Book of Regency Romance" enthalten, dort hatte ich die Geschicht zum ersten Mal gelesen und fand sie auf Anhieb gut. Für mich trotz einiger Romane, die ich von Elizabeth Boyle gelesen habe und die auch teilweise sehr gut waren, immer noch meine Lieblingsgeschichte von ihr. Meine Empfehlung von mir, besonders da sie kostenfrei erhältlich ist!Meine damalige Bewertung:Ich habe mich in diese Geschichte verliebt, ...
  • ⚜️Trea
    This was a pretty cute short story retelling of Cinderella with a Fae twist. It ended rather abruptly for me, but I found myself chuckling a few times at how things happened in the story. I found myself liking Ella quite a bit and enjoyed how she managed to always find the romance in a situation. I think it is an excellent showcase of the author's writing style, but the abrupt ending causes the story to suffer a good bit. That being said, I will ...
  • Cherie
    December 2013: Nice Cinderella story although the ending is abrupt.December 2018: Love at first sight, which I was fine with. Wasn't fine with heroine giving up her virginity based on hormones and nothing else. Clever handing of their two chances. I think the author forgot she had left an ear bob lost at the scene since it was not alluded to again and would have been the "glass slipper" ingredient. Simple story. Changed rating from 4 to 3.