May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

May Cause Miracles

New York Times Bestseller!From the popular and exciting author of Spirit Junkie and Add More ~Ing to Your Life comes this practical and fun 40-day guidebook of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness. Are you ready to work miracles? Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives, including our relationships, finances, bodies, ...

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TitleMay Cause Miracles
Release DateJan 1st, 2013
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction, Spirituality, Personal Development

Reviews May Cause Miracles

  • Andrea
    I got a review copy and promised to review it on my blog by Jan 1, so I read a 40 day (actually 42) program in 6. I couldn't put it down. I wanted to do all the meditations, affirmations and exercises NOW. Well, maybe not all. Not every one seemed to apply to me, but as I do the program "for real" with the hardcover version that I've ordered, I just might do even the ones that don't seem relevant to me. Something could come up.Here’s how the bo...
  • Ann Kietzman
    The book May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein came along at just the right time in my life. It teaches that "true serenity and happiness come from a connection to love." We can change fear based patterns in our life only if we acknowledge the fear's existence.
  • veganjilly
    This is a great book and I really enjoyed it! Its really a spiritual primer and would be an EXCELLENT workbook for someone who is just starting on the path; or perhaps those who have been on the path but need to get their groove back on. For those who have been attending Gabrielle's group coachings and lectures for awhile (or following any other spiritual path for some length of time), this information fits in really well and will help you to sta...
  • Heather Fineisen
    There is some good information in Bernstein' s latest. And some great tools for practicing meditation and affirmations. Her language is definitely geared to a younger audience, with phrases like rockin' the f word (forgiveness), but her message is ageless and her enthusiasm often contagious.Received from Net Galley for review.
  • Mallory Mikan
    I think its a great alternative to the very religiously worded A Course in Miracles.
  • Stephanie Kelley
    This is the book that will greatly change your life!!! I feel so grateful that I stumbled upon Gabby and her work. She is fantastic!Gabby takes you on a 6 week journey to a new happier you based on a new perspective on life. Each day you have a morning reflection and an affirmation that takes you through the day. In the evening you have an evening reflection/exercise. I have been telling all my friends about this book and many people say they won...
  • Lindsay
    I saw the author a few weeks ago on Anderson Cooper and thought "that's what I need". It's a 42 day exercise but since I got it from the library and was only able to have it checked out for 2 weeks I couldn't follow them as designed. I'm sure it's a great book that has helped lots of people, it just wasn't for me. At least not right now. Meditation and prayer isn't something I do. I might come back to later on down the road when I have more time ...
  • Sondra
    This is my favorite of Bernstein's books. It gives simple, everyday structure and affirmations for forty days, for cultivating awareness as to how our own mental state impacts our daily lives. The book consists of 42 actual days of morning and evening meditations/exercises, along with written meditations. I also downloaded the CD that corresponds with the book, as I like her voice and the guided meditations vs. doing them on my own. Bernstein doe...
  • Ebony
    I feel like I should have just read A Course in Miracles. She seems to just be restating it’s principles in her words. I feel no desire to read any of her other books. There are about two sections that I’ll seriously interrogate and walk through one step at a time. But it feels really disingenuous to me to tell someone experiencing the worst pain they’ve ever felt to just embrace love instead. That’s probably why I don’t read self-help....
  • Sasha Wirth
    I worked with Gabby on a Tom's of Maine Wicked! Fresh live chat event a few years ago and she continues to inspire me. I loved her previous book "Spirit Junkie," which chronicles her path to finding her spirituality, and believe this how-to guide is a perfect follow up. I started her 40- day program in January as a resolution and have brought meditation and a renewed sense of spirituality and gratitude back into my life. Truly life changing if yo...
  • Jessica Osborn
    After I started practicing Yoga a few years ago, I became interested in meditation and the search for inner peace. This book is the perfect beginners guide to start that journey. I practiced the 42 days, waited a week and have started again. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to start a spiritual journey but not sure where to begin.
  • Jessica
    I definitely had subtle shifts on this 40 day journey. My mind became more clear on certain situations in my life. It's nice to know there is another way to see things instead of going straight to a negative state, which we all do. Plenty of affirmations in the book that I use daily to remind me to be miracle-minded. It's quite lovely and l love the radical changes in my life.
  • Riki
    I've read Gabrielle Bernstein's two other spiritual guidebooks and have found her to be inspirational. Unfortunately this book does not live up to the expectations I have for her work. I found the book to be repetitive and preachy. The daily meditations are monotonous. I felt the overall message is important, but it could have been boiled down to a shorter book with a general guide for meditation at the end. I also found the section on tithing wi...
  • Sam
    The start of this held so much promise! I think I had much higher expectations. I am sure this has helped many people but after about 1/2way through I just had to lay this one down. I will try another one by her sometime soon.
  • Wendy Davis
    Not a lot that is new information besides a 20 something's discovery and take on ancient wisdom. I must be too old for this book. Was bored pretty quickly. Too much reference to "a course in miracles" but compelled me to read that instead.
  • Amanda
    I had high hopes for this one but somehow I could not get through this book and gave up. Not for me.
  • Jacqueline
    This woman used groovy (twice) and superneat in the first 8 the instructions are to meditate and reflect....not a Jacqueline book..
  • Dasha
    When I first learned about this book, it was described as being “the roadmap out of that first level of hell”. At the time, that was just spot on, so I’ve started reading it right away, even despite my initial scepticism evoked by the cover with all its RADICAL CHANGE and UNLIMITED HAPPINESS sounding promises. Well, I’ve never read anything like this before. May Cause Miracles is a spiritual guidebook, based on another spiritual guidebook...
  • Brittany
    Finally finished this 6 week process and I LOVED IT!!! I cannot tell you enough wonderful things about this book but I'll simply say, there isn't one person who I think wouldn't benefit from reading this book. I think even the author would probably go back and revisit the principles of the book because it's that good. I was definitely a skeptic and wasn't thrilled at the idea of doing a 42 day journey (mine was around 45, I missed a few days) but...
  • Rae
    I really enjoyed this book. It was the first of its kind I had really explored. Beginning it after the New Year was a nice way to start off 2015. I didn't do some of the exercises toward the end but I still read each morning and evening and found it to be helpful throughout my waking hours in directing my thoughts back to love and noticing the times I chose otherwise. I plan on reading her other books down the road.
  • Melanie Cutler
    This book and author are amazing. I am just finishing up my 42 days of this book and I have to say that this book has taught me to get in touch with myself, meditate for peace and tranquility, and to look at life through a different lens. I highly recommend this book and all of Gabrielle Bernstein's books. She is such a relatable person and her story is truly inspiring.
  • DK Hoffman
    I didn't get to finish this, as it was due back at the library. But I'd like to find a second hand copy somewhere and go through the whole book. I'm always open to new ways to improve my attitude and my general outlook on life. This reads like a workbook, with daily exercises. What I've read so far, I though quite useful.
  • Diana
    Based on "A Course in Miracles" this 40-day guidebook is devoted to shifting one's attitudes and increasing one's receptivity to unlimited good. Affirmations and meditations are provided for each day of one's spiritual journey.
  • Yvonne Anderson
    This book was actually pretty cool. A Course in Miracles is a hard going book and Gabby makes it a bit easier to utilise.
  • Penny Van der lith
    Not the worst book I've ever read, but doesn't have much depth to it. If this is your first foray into this genre, you might learn something new. I didn't.
  • Carol
    Love the possibilities
  • Amy
    May Cause Miracles was an experience. This book had you look at your fears. A daily affirmation with a journal writing or meditation took each lesson a little deeper. Overall a good book.
  • Summer Sanders
    LOVED this book and the 40 day plan. I absolutely had shift in my life for the positive.
  • Donna
    Hmmmm, this book wasn't for me. First off, this was a long commercial for her website and her social media pages. And there was a part in here where she suggests you should pray, but if you didn't feel like it, then you should just sit on a pillow. WHAT???? But the bottom line was...I didn't like that she blamed 'fear' for all the woes of the world. I read a book by Dr. Phil once, and the whole book repeated oft that the reason all fat people are...