Days Like These by Kristian Anderson

Days Like These

There are love stories and then there′s the story of Kristian and Rachel Anderson.After learning he had cancer, Kristian wanted nothing more than to show his wife Rachel how much he loved her. Thanks to the now famous YouTube video he made for her 35th birthday, he captured the world′s attention.Many of us didn′t know Kristian but we were so inspired by him that we felt like we did.His story is a lasting legacy to a brief but blessed life t...

Details Days Like These

TitleDays Like These
Release DateApr 1st, 2012
PublisherHarper Collins Publishers Australia
GenreNonfiction, Biography Memoir

Reviews Days Like These

  • Saqib Moosa
    An excellent book which I actually managed to finish in a day. I highly rate books which fundamentally affect my perception of a topic, so sometimes my rating can be affected by the fact that it just happens to be the first book of its genre I read, but I do believe this self-narrated story of a cancer fighter (I prefer fighter to patient/victim) is quite unique. I had never seen such an insight into the life of someone struggling with the diseas...
  • Rachel Beaver
    This book had me crying at the halfway mark & again, uncontrollably, at the end. I knew what was coming, & hearing this loving husband & fathers thoughts left me a mess. As a "non-believer" when I started reading I found myself rolling my eyes a little (disrespectful, I know & I feel shamed), but as you get to know Kristian & the strength he draws from his faith, belief & trust in god, I can only be thankful that he found such comfort when facing...
  • Emma
    I hadn't heard of Kristian or his blog when I spotted that this book was available for review. Which is a shame because I think I would have enjoyed reading it. The book comprises of some of his entries from the blog and some thoughts from his wife Rachel. It's really really good and I highly recommend it.Kristian was religious and reading the book it's obvious how much that came to mean to him. A lot of bible verses are spread through out the te...
  • Tammy
    I read this book because I found it on a sale table at a bookstore. It had not been recommended to me nor had I ever heard about it or the authors. The subtitle "Even in the Darkest Moments, Light Can Shine Through" got my attention. Although I haven't lived with cancer or with someone fighting cancer, I've had my own "darkest moments" and was interested in reading about Kristian's journey or, as he calls it, his odyssey.I had to remind myself wh...
  • Gina Pettitt
    The phrase "this is a must read" is one so over used I wonder if people actually pay any attention to it. So then, how do I convince you that Kristian's story is a "must read"? Consequently it would be for me to tell you that if you read this memoir, you will feel privileged. That if you delve into this book, you will experience the sort of love, sadness and hope that will change you in a profoundly good way. Thank you Kristian, Rachel, Cody and ...
  • Andrew
    In Days Like These, Kristian and Rachel Anderson has written this book to display that even when the circumstances of life throw us off course and we can't see the light from the darkness that surrounds us, God is still there in the mist of the storms. The book began as blog posts from Kristian's website until it grew to a fan base of billions of users reading about his journey and challenges. Later his wife decided to turn the blog post into a b...
  • Library_geek
    I cried...and I cried hard. I was smiling and overjoyed at Kristian's faith and that he held onto his faith right until the end. I loved that it had the perspective from both Kristian and Rachel, the honesty was refreshing.It is probably the first time that I have ever got a real sense of the real battle that chemotherapy and radiation has on the body and mind.If you want to see real life courage, faith and determination then this is a must read....
  • Angela Covarrubias
    Days Like These: Even in the Darkest Moments, Light Can Shine Through, is a book put together by Rachel Anderson. It consist of her husband, Kristian Anderson’s, blog post and other writings throughout his battle with cancer. Rachel has added her thoughts throughout the book and at the end of each chapter.Kristian woke one night with a sharp pain in his side and he couldn’t go back to sleep. He ended up going to the hospital to get it checked...
  • Peggy
    Inspiring. And wrenching, especially since you know how it's all going to end.I got this book from the library after seeing the "birthday video" on youtube. This handsome young Australian dude presenting a loving message to his wife. Then I learned he had cancer. Then I learned he'd been on Oprah. I was curious.This book chronicles Kristian Anderson's journey from diagnosis to death, with a few pictures and inserted comments from his wife, Rachel...
  • Juanita
    This is a totally remarkable book. I found myself not being able to tear myself away from its pages. It is a journey of a man who believes in the power of God and tells of his struggle with cancer. As you take this journey with Kristian you are a witness to his good days and his bad days. You see his unwavering faith in the one and only true God. It fills the heart, mind, and spirit with so much encouragement. The pages are filled with strength b...
  • Denise DiFalco
    After winning the hearts of Millions via you tube, Kristian Anderson shares his struggle with cancer in his book, Day's Like These Even in the Darkest Moments Light Can Shine Through. Kristian surprizes his wife with a video he created for her birthday and he posts it on You Tube to share with the World his undying love for his partner. Once it went viral, he gains a multitude of fans and well wishers. Only 34 years old, the young Australian is s...
  • Lindsay
    I read this book in 2 days. It was such an incredible story that I couldn't put it down. I'm not going to lie, there were times during this story that were incredibly hard to get through. I suggest tissues nearby. I envisioned my own husband and son and just the thought of going through this is heartbreaking to me beyond words. I can't imagine the loss the Rachel has suffered. But I do know that for someone to fight as long and hard as Kristian d...
  • Pathway Midland
    This book is incredible, mostly because the story of Kristian Anderson is incredible, and I can only imagine that he was an incredible person. This book was written by Kristian and his wife, Rachel, and is similar to a blog. It is an amazing story of faith and hope in the darkest hours. The reader goes into the book knowing that Kristian loses the battle with cancer, however his story is so uplifting that I couldn't help but fall in love with it....
  • Lisa Lunney-Boyd
    Days Like These – Kristian Anderson and Rachel AndersonThere are love stories and then there’s the story of Kristian and Rachel Anderson.After learning he had cancer, Kristian wanted nothing more than to show his wife Rachel how much he loved her. Thanks to the now famous YouTube video he made for her 35th birthday, he captured the world’s attention.Many of us didn’t know Kristian but we were so inspired by him that we felt like we did.Hi...
  • Elim Christian Bookstore
    This book is made up of experts taken from Kristian's blog.He was diagnosed with Cancer in 2009 and this is a story of his journey from that time till his passing.It it a story filled with hope and faith beyond measure.As soon as he found out he had cancer he fought with everything he had to beat it. He never lost faith and hope in Jesus no matter what he was going through. It really showed me that no matter what you are going through God is alwa...
  • Jennie Diplock-Storer
    I barely feel capable of commenting on this powerful book. I'm emotional & humbled. As one who has been through the "battle" of chemo & steroids, I walked Kristian's writings of his experience holding his hand. His faith was extraordinary & his expression of his belief inspiring & humbling. As a Christian, with terminal cancer, Kristian Anderson's book yelled at me, it didn't speak to me. I felt better about being afraid at times, cos he had felt...
  • Jennifer
    Why do you want to read a book that leaves you at times crying and at times incredibly angry? For one thing, Days Like These tells the true story of a man, a man who lived and died, just as we all do and will. For another thing, it oozes with the promises of God, that He will never leave you, that He will comfort you and take care of you in every situation. Life is tough whether you have cancer or not, and we could all use a little bit of encoura...
  • Julie Day
    What an amazing man and family. His love for his family inspirational and his never failing faith uplifting. To be able to deal with his treatment the feelings for his family the emotional ups and downs and still write a beautiful heart wrenching story of his battle for his children brought tears of joy and sadness. Also I found his explanations of the drugs and side effects very interesting as my father also had cancer and had a lot of different...
  • Lisa
    This book is difficult to read, but so moving. The courage of Kristian Anderson, his wife Rachel and their two boys will change your heart. Readers are lucky to have the opportunity to journey through Kristian's thoughtful, heartfelt blog posts about his battle with cancer. He is a reminder of faith when our prayers are not answered in the way we hope. Their story is hope in the darkness.Their story is purpose even when the answer is no.Their sto...
  • Leah
    This book is a fair example of reflective writing of a cancer patient. It's not the greatest written book in the world but it's real, genuine and insightful. The book is basically edited version of kristian's blog but the added pieces from his wife and the added web content (although some parts you can't access on the mobile which is annoying) are fresh and add another dimension to this book. Also, I'm not sure how much but a donation of sales of...
  • Benedicta Laurenti
    A touching story filled with hope, love and faith.
  • Heather
    This book is amazing! There aren't even words to give any review of this book justice, because it can only be categorized as MUST READ. It's that simple -- you MUST read this. Nothing else can be said. I read half the book in one night because I couldn't put it down. I feel like I'm experiencing Kristian's story with him, and my heart goes out to his wife every time I read her thoughts, too. READ THE BOOK! Enough said.
  • Anne Lawrence
    For anyone who has a family member, or they are battling cancer - YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK. It is a powerful testimony by Kristian and his family. I cried through it because so much of what he said reminded me of what 2 friends said during their battles with cancer. Kristian has left an encouraging and amazing legacy for his family and all of us who have lost those we love.
  • Birgit
    This is a revised review, I first read it as a "fence sitter" and thought WOW what an inspiring book. I have now reread it as a relatively new Christian for Bookclub but I didn't get the same WOW factor. I really admire his extremely strong faith which never waivers even at the end when his condition becomes terminal. More of a thought provoking read this time.
  • Lesley Ward
    If you like happy endings then don't read this book if you on the other hand are a realist and don't mind shedding a few tears along the way this book i have to say i loved .I so got involved with the whole story the battle for Kristian i so wanted him to have won sometimes i just have to say lifes just not fair
  • Megan
    I hadn't heard of Kristian Anderson until I received a free copy of this book. Honestly, the book was a slow start for me--but once I made it through about the first half, I couldn't out the book down. I spent my time reading the book alternately weepy because the story was so sad and in awe because Kristian was such an amazing man. I would definitely recommend this book.
  • Sarz
    A compelling book, the journey Kristian took was incredible with his faith never wavering. It makes you think about what you would do when faced with the big "C"...My thoughts are with Rachel, Jakob & Cody... I hope Kristian has found peace in the next world.
  • Sandy
    Great, sad, perspective for anyone who knows anyone fighting cancer. Took me 2 months to get through it cause it made me so sad to know some of what my dad and father in law went through. But had to know.
  • Angie Robertson
    This is an amazing book. I have just finished reading it. Have a box of tissues handy. It's given me a better understanding of what my partner may be feeling as he has the same cancer as what Kristian did
  • Jess
    Such a moving book. And how can you want to buy this when the money from the sale goes to such a good cause. Not the greatest idea to read the end half on your lunch break at work (aka in public) but a humbling story about an awful journey.