Popped Off (Stay At Home Dad Mysteries #2) by Jeffrey Allen

Popped Off (Stay At Home Dad Mysteries #2)

For stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters, the cutthroat world of suburban kiddie sports leagues is unavoidable. In his small town, Moises Huber is known at the King of Soccer. But it seems the king may have fallen from his throne when he disappears--along with $73,000 of the youth soccer association's registration fees. Original.

Details Popped Off (Stay At Home Dad Mysteries #2)

TitlePopped Off (Stay At Home Dad Mysteries #2)
Release DateSep 4th, 2012
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Popped Off (Stay At Home Dad Mysteries #2)

  • Britney
    Not as good as the first in the series, but it still had some laugh out loud moments.
  • Melodie
    These books make me laugh!! This is the 2nd in Jeffrey Allen's (Jeff Shelby) Stay-At-Home Dad series and every bit as good as the first one! Deuce is a great character and he's surrounded by characters who are his equal. Even if you don't care for "cozies", do yourself a favor and pick this series up! You owe yourself some giggles! RECOMMEND!!
  • A Voracious Reader (a.k.a. Carol)
    Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.Deuce Winters is a stay-at-home dad who inadvertently solved a mystery with the help of a private investigator (see book 1 Stay At Home Dead). Now, it seems he needs the annoying PI again for a case of the missing King of Soccer and $73K of youth soccer association fees. The more Deuce digs the more complicated things get, but he feels he needs to find Moises Huber and the money for the kids’...
  • Christine
    "Popped Off" which is the follow up to "Stay At Home Dead", the first in the "Stay at Home Dad" mysteries, is a bit of a let down. I had high expectations because I enjoyed the first book so much. This book was still good, with stay-at-home dad and part-time PI Deuce Winters, balancing daddy duty with learning how to be a detective. The storyline was far-fetched, but fun, with an unlikley group of gambling enforcers and missing funds from Deuce's...
  • Beth Shelby
    Popped Off, Jeffrey Allen's latest book, is a terrific follow-up to his debut novel, Stay At Home Dead. The plot is full of hilarious twists and turns and the relationship between Deuce and Julianne is simply fantastic. Many memorable minor characters and dialogue that is laugh out loud funny make this a true stand-out in the cozy mystery world. I can't wait for the third installment.
  • Hayley
    I got an advanced reader copy. :) I loved this book. I liked the first one and now the second is just as good! I loved seeing more time that Deuce spent with his family and of course with Victor. Jeffrey Allen is very creative in coming with plots (who knew sorority girls could be devious?) ;) and overall this is an excellent book. I recommend it.
  • Teisha
    I ended up liking this book more than I thought I would. I found it quite funny and enjoyed Deuce's relationship with his wife, Julianne, as well as the back-and-forth he had with Victor. I also liked the fact that there were so many subplots; they kept the story interesting, even if they seemed underdeveloped in some instances.
  • Maureen DeLuca
    I really liked this book- it is the 2nd in the 'stay at home dad' series - (the first one was just as good , too) quick read, humor, and just all around great cast of characters ! xx a true cozy mystery for sure
  • Nancy H
    This is an excellent entry into the Stay-at-home Dad series. In fact, it was so good that I read it in one day and could not put it down. I love the writing style and the humor, and the mystery plot is just icing on the cake!
  • Katherine
    This is one crazy story!
  • Lynn Demsky
    This was just an incredible great read! The series is a fun cozy with an well plotted plot, great characters – made me chuckle and laugh! Again, not enough stars to do it justice!
  • EuroHackie
    This book is very cute, and pretty much delivers exactly what's promised on the tin: a light, frothy mystery that's very easy to read and very entertaining.Deuce Winters (I know, I know, that is the name of a douchebag) is your typical stay at home parent, carting his kid to many different sorts of activities (soccer, swim lessons, VBS). He has a side business as a private investigator, and he's dragged into a case when he learns that Moe Huber h...
  • Nicky
    Worthy of 4.5 stars. Not as good as the first, but still a great read. The story was a bit far fetched. And I'm assuming Deuce is intimidating since the villains do exactly as he says. I liked all the characters and the settings. Sad that this series only has a handful of books, it had a lot of potential.
  • Carrie Donohue
    I usually prefer heroes and female writers but maybe was wrong. A stay at home dad who does PI work in his spare time and still takes his daughter to VBS? It's almost too good to be true, except that's the premise here.. It's very good, and I'll be looking for the other books in the series and maybe expand my list of acceptable writers.. A must read..
  • Lisa Portala
    I enjoyed the first book more, but this was still good.
  • Brittany L.
    I like Deuce and kinda bummed that there aren't more books in this series
  • Cindy Stevens
    Great author! Enjoy the read!
  • Deborah Wysinger
    Good Second ReadGetting better and better. Starting to like Victor. Fits the definition of a cozy. Quirky characters and an HEA ending.
  • Albert Belcher
    Good book
  • Marie
    In Popped Off, stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters, is the head coach of his 5-year-old daughter's soccer team in a small town in Texas. When Moises Huber, the president of the soccer association, disappears along with thousands of dollars of the association’s registration fees, Deuce is determined to find him and save his daughter's soccer season. This investigation leads him into the different worlds of gambling, smuggling and mega-churches. I enj...
  • Nancy
    It warms my heart, maybe that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte talking, but it truly makes me feel good when the second book in a series is as good as the first. Jeffrey Allen is a new to me author whom I had taken a chance on with his first book, Stay at Home Dead. Wondering if he could hold the momentum, I picked up the second book and I swear I laughed my way through this book as much as I had the first.I do not know if it is the politically incorre...
  • Mina De Caro (Mina's Bookshelf)
    4.5 stars for this cozy and clever mystery novel. Extended review available on Mina's Bookshelf http://minadecaro.blogspot.com/2012/1...This was a down-right funny read and a very good combination of clever mystery plot and hilarious situations, frothing with lough-out-loud dialogues, quirky characters (how to forget Deuce's dad ranting over Facebook, the midgety business partner Victor, or the air-headed but ruthless girls from the college soror...
  • Diane Heath
    This second in the series of Stay At Home Dad mysteries was a really nice follow up to the introduction. This time Deuce Winters takes time out of coaching his daughter's Soccer team to victory in order to find the board member who stole not only all the money from the Soccer League but the trophies as well. The culprit, Moe Huber is known to have a gambling problem but it appears he not only stole from the Soccer League but a casino, a church an...
  • Carol
    LOL funny! My only gripe about the book is about the quality. Not of the writing but of the actual book itself. It was made of the same lower quality cover and page materials as ARCs most of the time are. Luckily I borrowed it from the library and I didn't pay the $7.99 retail price for it. This is the 2nd book that I've gotten recently with the cheaper materials. The other one was Woodrose Mountain. I am going to have to check to see if they are...
  • Amy
    This is the second book in the stay at home dad series that I have read. And if anything, this book might be better than the first. I enjoy deuce very much and look forward to seeing more of him. The author has a talent for not only making all of the loose ends tied up but doing it to everyone satisfaction. I love the humor and creativity in the series. I also appreciate that there is romance but not a lot of filth if any. There may be some rough...
  • Stacey Pagan
    “Popped Off” is a follow up to the first novel in this series, which I have not yet read. However, I totally enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading the first in this series. Deuce Winters is a SAHD that works on the side as a PI. The witty sense of humor that Allen uses had me turning the pages and keeping up with the story. I enjoyed the banter between Deuce and his business partner Victor, the love he showed for his daughter and wif...
  • Mark Baker
    Stay-at-home dad Deuce Winters gets roped into tracking down the president of the local youth soccer league who has disappeared along with all the funds from the league. Can he find him before the rest of the soccer season is canceled? The humor in this book is great and the mystery shoots off in some wild, fun directions. I really enjoyed it.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.
  • Susan
    Stay at home dad Deuce is an anomaly in his small Texas town, but he and his wife don't care. He does do a little part-time investigating, which is why he's asked to help out when the president of the local youth soccer league disappears along with the treasury. You may think you see where this is going, but Allen has some twists up his sleeve, and creates a surprising (and quite non-violent) tale.
  • Erin
    What I like about this series is that it is told from a male point of view. Duece is a guy's guy, who has a hot wife, makes midget jokes and otherwise thinks and acts like a normal, red blooded American male. A nice break from some of the annoying, politically correct female characters in most cozies. This particular installment was a little slow, but I have hope for the next one.
  • Sue
    Allen's second book is even better than the first. Interesting male main character in a very untraditional role for a Texan. Fun read with small town flavor mixing with male egos and a fun extended family.