Superfood Kitchen by Julie Morris

Superfood Kitchen

Welcome to the SUPERFOOD culinary revolution! In Superfood Kitchen, beautiful dishes are entirely composed of plant-based, nutrient-dense, and whole foods that energize, nourish, and taste delicious. Each recipe artfully combines natural ingredients that deliver amazing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more. The mouthwatering superfood meals--from Goldenberry Pancakes to Quinoa Spaghetti with ...

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TitleSuperfood Kitchen
Release DateNov 6th, 2012
PublisherSterling Epicure
GenreFood and Drink, Cooking, Cookbooks, Food, Nonfiction, Health, Nutrition

Reviews Superfood Kitchen

  • Judy Collins
    I love SUPERFOOD KITCHEN! As a vegan and diet of plant based foods, as well as food allergies, I highly recommend Julie Morris's hardcover collection: (The Superfood Smoothies, Superfood Juices, Superfood Soups, and Superfood Snacks are the same size. Superfood Kitchen is larger. I am pretty picky about cookbooks (photography and quality recipes). These books have it all!
  • Cynthia Coletti
    A unique introduction to nutritious, flavorful foods other than the ubiquitous smoothie. What I particularly like about the author's approach is how she teaches about the foods, herbs & flavors so that you know how to use them in other settings. The book contains 8 sections on food types, like entrees & soups, & one with drinks. For the first 50 pages, the author introduces many lesser known "superfoods", or highly nutritious types of foods & her...
  • Debbie
    Your local library is a great place to check out cookbooks before sinking hard earned cash into what often turns out to be disappointing offerings upon closer scrutiny. So it was with this cookbook. Superfoods are natural foods with an exceptionally high nutrient density as well as phytochemicals and antioxidants. This author, however, includes exotic superfoods not easily found in your local grocery store in every recipe. Most of the berries she...
  • Lee (of Shalott)
    I'm actually sorry for the two stars. This book does what it promises & most of the recipes look beautiful & appealing. However, I guess, superfoods, I'm just not that into you. Since I'm allergic to nuts, since I'm unwilling to spend a fortune on exotic comestibles [superfoods] (maca, sacha inchi, maqui/goji/acai/camu berries, yacon, sea buckthorn), since I'm suspicious of soy foods, & since the jury's still out on coconut products, I'm not goin...
  • Millicent
    Following up on her superfood smoothie cookbook, I decided to check this book out. She reconstructs classics to ensure they are densely nutritional but still keeps the flavors of our cultural favourites: it's a win win situation. I made the black bean hemp burgers, cauliflower risotto, and garden vegetable lasagna. The burgers I wasn't overjoyed with, but the other two: yum! I think her techniques could use refinement but Julie Morris certainly u...
  • Caiti S
    I love health-focused cookbooks, so I recently checked this out from the library. It reminds me a little of Alicia Silverstone's "The Kind Diet" because it too uses a lot of ingredients that aren't very common. The Kind Diet had a slightly more Asian influence, while this cookbook seems to be a bit inspired by South American superfoods (lucuma powder, sacha inchi, cacao, camu camu, etc). I enjoyed the information provided, but I don't know how ma...
  • Ilona Mustafin
    This is such a great book to have in the kitchen. There's a good portion explaining specialty superfoods and also superfood pantry staples. I have already been leading a very healthy lifestyle and this is just such a great addition. In the last week since I got this book I have already cooked the Cauliflower Risotto, Hemp Hummus, Greens soup, Goddess Kale Salad (amazing!), Strawberry soup, Yellow Pea Chowder and a few other recipes that I cannot ...
  • Karen Graham
    Just started reading and thus far it's great. Understanding Superfoods expounds upon briefer articles I've read and Creating a Super Foods Kitchen was inspiriting. WISH there were more pictures of the foods I'm not familiar with, but am excited to try new ideas. I'm giving it a four mainly because when you're introducing folks to new foods, pictures really are a must. It seemed too many pages had filler photos of carrots and lettuce and the autho...
  • Bree
    Notes:didn't know this was a vegan book when I got it from the libraryreferences China Study (which has been debunked)like almost all vegans she is sugar-obsessed!!! for example:12 salad recipes -- 7 with sweet dressing9 soups -- 3 are sweet8 snacks -- 2 add sugar20 entrees -- 4 add sugar; 5 add sweet ingredients17 desserts -- obviously all sweet (and the second largest section of her cookbook, so....)15 breakfasts (2 of which are jams) -- 7 use ...
  • pinK
    I received this book from a First Reads giveaway.I'm always looking for more vegetarian recipes, and this book really brings them out. There's so many creative and tasty looking recipes in this book, and I can't wait to try them all. My only complaint on the book is that the picures are all in black and white, and I'm sure a lot of the food would look a lot tastier were it in colour, but as I have an advance reading copy, I'm thinking the actual ...
  • Kelley
    I won an ARC of this book. It is a great mixture of education and recipes. It contains no meat, egg or dairy product but is not advertised as a vegan cookbook. It doesn't contain dairy or meat because they are low value foods. The recipes look amazing, not a lot that the kids would want to eat, but some very yummy recipes. If you want to learn about super foods and ways to prepare them, this is a good choice.
  • Brooke
    I'd give it 10 stars if I could. I would make every single recipe in this book. Recipes use superfoods and are 100% plant-based. She goes over each of the superfoods as well as pantry staples so you know just what to get, what it's for, and in some cases even where to buy it. We have and use the majority of foods listed but there are several new ones I can't wait to try and add to my family's diet! Definitely a book I will be buying! I can't wait...
  • Gail
    I want to love Julie Morris's superfood books, but I'm not head over heels. I like them, but I'm not completely smitten. This is kind of strange, because Morris has the glow to back up what she's saying and is super likable, and the books are gorgeously shot. But ultimately, while I've made some okay recipes from them, nothing has knocked my socks off.
  • Crystal
    Morris has many ideas and recipes for healthy living included in this book. I enjoyed them very much! The colors were vivid, the photographs were inticing and descriptive. It is not as difficult to eat healthy, if you put your mind to it. I think all health, Earth conscience folks should check it out. (=
  • Toby
    This book had a lot of amazing looking recipes and information. I rate this only 4 stars because I received an ARC which was in black and white and the illustrations were lacking because of that. I assume that the color copy would be better, probably making it 5-star worthy.*disclaimer* I won this book through the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway, but my review is 100% honest.
  • Jen
    This is the cookbook I've been looking for! Great recipes using nutrient dense food, yes please!
  • Denise
    Recommended by a friend who is vegan. Great, healthy recipes. Copied many but haven't tried them yet.
  • Larisa
  • Janet
    There are some really tasty recipes in here, but also a few that remind me of some of the gruely, tasteless dishes I made in college, living on the cheap.
  • Molly
    Love the educational intro about superfoods. Made one recipe and it was a hit all around! Look forward to making more.
  • Becca
    Great reference guide for cooking with foods most of us have no idea how to use.
  • Jamie Outlaw
    This book had lots of good ideas and some decent information. If you're interested in nutrition, this is a good book to read.
  • Iamabibliophile
    Althought it's very unlikely that I can find most of the ingredients in this book in my area or at a price I can afford, this cookbook is great! I'm looking forward to sampling the recipes.
  • Stephanie
    I won this book through a Good Reads giveaway. I was was a little bummed that the advance copy was in black and white. However, it has many healthy recipes that I am excited to try this summer!