What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davies

What Katie Ate

Renowned food photographer Katie Quinn Davies’ cookbook shares her favorite simple dishes with a dazzling collection of recipes and beautiful images.After spending more than a decade as an art director working for some of the top design studios in Ireland, the United States, and Australia, Katie Quinn Davies refocused her creativity towards food and lifestyle photography and created a blog called What Katie Ate. An Internet phenomenon, What Kat...

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TitleWhat Katie Ate
Release DateOct 11th, 2012
PublisherPenguin USA
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Cooking, Food, Nonfiction, Art, Photography

Reviews What Katie Ate

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    It's pretty near impossible for me to resist a cookbook which has raspberry friands on the cover. RASPBERRY FRIANDS!!! When I was a uni student living in Hobart, I used to work in a couple of cafes, and one of them sold friands - raspberry ones and, I forget what the other kind were. They have to be one of the yummiest things in the world, and they're also something I've never made myself because they use SIX egg whites (!!) and I always struggle...
  • Penelope
    Edit: I originally gave this book 4 stars, but after making the "Easy Chocolate Cake" I'm bumping it down to 3. Based on that recipe and the others I made, it seems like the recipes are either not well-tested or just poorly translated from metric. The Easy Chocolate Cake is indeed fairly easy to make. It's not quick and it's not simple--I had to make a special grocery trip to get the ingredients. So I guess it depends on what your definition of "...
  • Elizabeth
    If you follow Katie's blog (http://www.whatkatieate.com/) you know about this cookbook. It is as beautiful as her blog. The font choices. The paper quality. The photos.And the recipes are quite good, too. Try the mini eggs benedict, parmesan cookies w/roasted tomato and pesto, or the lamb with feta. If you want folks to talk about you for years, make the roast with apple, apricot, and pistachio stuffing. Years.
  • Kim
    I bought this cookbook on the strength of one or two recipes, which is nothing unusual for me. That plus the fact that a friend told me the raspberry friand recipe in the book is the best she's ever used. That's really all I needed. In terms of bloggers-turned-cookbook-writers I'm more impressed by Deb Perelman's effort with The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, but this one is still very good and I'm glad I bought it. This weekend I may well bake a batc...
  • Betsy
    One of the most beautiful cookbooks I have ever read! Get ready for photography that actually creates the taste before you have even prepared the dish. I have heard that you eat with your eyes first, but this book takes the cake!
  • Kelley
    I haven't made any of the recipes yet, but it doesn't matter. This is the most beautiful cookbook I have ever owned.
  • Cat
    I didn't give up on Katie Davis, the books were just too enticing! I'm glad I didn't either! This collection of recipes is much better, just as labor intensive, best saved for special occasions, long weekends, company dinner, etc... than everyday, but most are worth it. Photos, as in her other book, are so darn yummy looking! I wish there were a way to taste them...other then making them myself! Tons of recipes tho' so I am sure everyone will fin...
  • Andrea Broomfield
    I would never have come across What Katie Ate had it not been for the now-defunct Cookbook Guru, a consortium of food bloggers who selected six cookbooks a year to read, cook from, and write blogs about. I joined Cookbook Guru in its last months, and indeed, What Katie Ate was the last book up for exploration. I am glad that I was introduced to this gem of a cookbook. Davies is a Dublin, Ireland, native who now resides in Australia. By profession...
  • Amy
    Beautiful cookbook! Some of the recipes were a bit more on the exotic side, which are still interesting to try. What was so unique about this cookbook were the beautiful pictures throughout the book! This was a feast for the eyes! I found some recipes I am really looking forward to trying to prepare in the near future. This book would make a nice addition to any cookbook collection!
  • Sharan
    So nice
  • Jessica Furtado
    Not sure how many of these recipes I will actually make, but I really ordered the book for the stunning photography. Katie has an incredible eye for the beautiful & delectable.
  • Anastasia D
    2 things I enjoy most in the world are cooking and books. "What Katie Ate" became my absolute favourite experience of both. I bought it when it was only just released in Australia after following Katie's blog for years. I did not mind spending a small fortune on Australian price + delivery and it was 100% worth it. I have moved countries twice since then and this book is the first thing I pack every time.Now I have confidently cooked though most ...
  • Rayna So
    This is just a short excerpt from my longer blog review found here:http://onehugestackofbooks.blogspot.c...I reviewed 4 recipes along with pictures so take a look if you're curious what type of food is featured.Elegant and thoroughly delicious, What Katie Ate is a mouthwatering temptation that's hard to resist. Quite simply, it's one of the most beautiful cookbooks I've seen. The food photography found within its pages feels rustic, yet highly po...
  • Alena
    Very pretty pictures, but I don't use it a lot/at all.The Raspberry Friands are delicious, attempting rhubarb tart later today. Recipe seems kind of incomplete as instructions say to boil the water you use to soften the rhubarb down to sirupy, but never says if you're supposed to use the syrup for anything in the recipe.There's a lot of things in this book that look delicious, but many of them have one weird ingredient I don't know where to buy, ...
  • Marg
    When it comes to cookbooks is there anything better than sitting down and looking through a gorgeous book with great production values including a style that has obviously been thought through to the last detail and gorgeous photos of food? If, like me, you enjoy spending time flicking through such a book then What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davie might just be a book for you. I have included a photo of a page below to give you a small idea of the ...
  • Tina
    Such a beautiful book with photos to jump start your appetite while you marvel at the aesthetically pleasing presentations. The format is very unique and is a pictorial journal styling. It’s gorgeous.Katie Quinn Davies isn’t a trained chef, she is a graphic artist. Combine those talents with someone who loves to cook for people she loves and you get this book. Dublin born and married to an Australian, Katie has created a web site and book sha...
  • Jocelin
    This cookbook had some amazing sounding recipes. For example:1. Poussin with spicy rub and grilled lime2. Slow roasted tomatoes with Manchego Cheese3. Katie's fish pie w/ crunchy bacon & leek topping ( little adventurous recipe but the picture made it look so great)4. Strawberry, basil and black pepper ice cream ( very different but, intriguing).This was a cook that is well worth purchasing. The recipes were very simple and easy to read. I loved ...
  • Suzanne
    First, this book is beautiful. I would expect nothing less from a food photographer. She is good at her job.I would recommend the book to people who can spend $500-600 a month on food and have quite a bit of time to spend cooking. In other words, if I made about $400 more a month and only had one job, I would cook out of this book every night.What surprised me the most was the chapter on salads. As salads would rank about 105th on my favorite foo...
  • Katie
    This cookbook includes a wide variety of recipes, and it is super cute. Super, super, super cute. It is so cute that I found it extremely difficult to read -- all of the recipes are printed on different colors of patterned paper, and each recipe features at least 5 different fonts. I found the overall design to be whimsical and precious and totally impractical for a cookbook; it's hard to read the recipes straight through, let alone follow them w...
  • Deodand
    Interesting, but not enough recipes to my taste for me to purchase this cookbook. There are a lot of sour/bitter/salt flavours I'm not thrilled with like rhubarb and capers. I realize that not every cookbook can contain 100% recipes of my dreams - sometimes I just appreciate the photography and move on.I was also a bit irked at the use of many different fonts per page. The book has a disjointed feel from a graphic design perspective because the f...
  • Relyn
    This is a gorgeous, gorgeous book. I mean, really, really beautiful. I am not much of a cook. Instead, I read cookbooks for the visual enticing and the flights of fancy they can send me on. This is one of the most gorgeous I've ever read. I was also struck by how nicely her recipes were written for a novice cook like me.
  • Amanda
    I am smitten with Katie. She jumps off the page and you immediately LIKE/LOVE her. And her photography is nothing short of gorgeous. Which hypnotizes you into wanting to try every recipe. Post haste. And that is usually when the spell breaks. However, I have tried 5 recipes now, and I am still swooning. Absolutely equal parts stunning + impressive...and the same goes for her cookbook! ;)
  • Kim1983
    Beautiful pictures. Great salad recipes, but I found that a lot of the recipes were very meat-focused and time consuming. Also a lot of the recipes (or ones resembling closely) are on her blog. Great coffee table book but not quite right for me.
  • Lisa
    Loved this so much. There were pictures with every recipe, that in itself deserves full stars. 99% of the recipes were yummy and pretty easy to make and would appeal to most people. I would totally buy this for myself or as a gift for someone else.
  • Janet
    Likely won't make anything from this book except the Sticky Chicken with Sesame and Chile and the Raspberry Friands (whatever they are!) but the book is beautifully put together with some luscious photos.
  • Linda
    Found this at my favourite Sonoma winery, Bella wine caves. It was on a book stand, open on a page for a Guiness and Steak pie recipie. Hmmmm....The food photography and styling is exquisite. Cookbooks as Art books: this one more than qualifies!
  • Beka
    I don't know what makes me love this book more the gorgeous, drool-inducing photos or the straight-forward recipes that accompany them. I have 2 needs concerning this book: Katie to come cook me everything in it and to be able to take amazing pictures like that.
  • Simon Perkins
    Simply outstanding. Lovely pictures and recipies that serve everyday to dinner party. Reading more recipies from her blog what I love about this author is the detail and the tips that are added, she actually makes you a better cook by osmosis.
  • Gina Enk
    Beautiful photography and innovative yet approachable recipes. You'll want to cook something from nearly every page! Davies has a gift for writing about food that will make you feel like friends in no time.
  • Carol
    Everything about this cookbook is beautiful. The paper, the layout, the photos. I love the way she photographs food. It's not clean and glossy, its messy with crumbs and sauce dribbled on the table but still beautiful. I would love to be sitting at any of these tables. Very well done!!!