Home Made Winter by Yvette van Boven

Home Made Winter

“Because I’m often headstrong, I’ve sometimes interpreted classic recipes completely in my own way, and I hope you won’t mind. Because I’m often impatient, I’ve sometimes drawn the recipes because it’s faster, and because at times, probably unnecessarily, I worry that you don’t think in the same realm as I do, I’ve also added memories and photos so you get a sense of what I mean. Just like a formally decorated table, or a beauti...

Details Home Made Winter

TitleHome Made Winter
Release DateOct 1st, 2012
PublisherHarry N. Abrams
GenreFood and Drink, Cookbooks, Food, Cooking, Nonfiction

Reviews Home Made Winter

  • Mbgirl
    What a cool cool find. Not only are the recipes ones I desire to make, her hybrid or dutch, Irish, and French draw me in— big time.This cookbook has a very skilled photographer; the winter photos of Europe are endearing and so precious for me to linger over, with a cup of steaming tea in my hand!
  • Kelly
    Artsy book with fun illustrations by the author, plus lots of nice photos of the places she has lived (or still lives). Lots of interesting recipes, but more than half of them are ones that I wouldn't make at my time of life (two toddlers and not a lot of extra money!).This might make a good gift for the creative cook in your life.
  • alana
    I loved reading this cookbook! The photos are gorgeous, and I love the illustrated recipes which look like handmade journal entries. Recipe-wise, this should be more of a 3.5 for me simply because I likely won't make most of them myself. It's been awhile since I read a cookbook which wasn't entirely vegetarian or vegan. There are tons of meaty recipes in here! Also, the recipes are a bit more froo-froo than I usual make. I have flagged quite a fe...
  • Alicia
    Beautiful illustrations and photography - the recipes aren't necessarily my style of cooking but fun to read nonetheless.
  • Cat
    Lovely recipes! I borrowed this book, but am now going to purchase it!
  • Breanna Nater
    Another winner
  • Shanlie
    Loved. The author took this project to heart and you tell by the tender loving care illustrated throughout. Full of whimsy and deliscious meals, desserts and winter drinks taken from her life in France, childhood in Ireland and ancestry from the Netherlands. Heartfelt, heartwork....and so good! Curl and dig in, i guarantee you'll feel well traveled and hungry (thirsty!) afterwards. Fun and beautifully photographed.
  • feathers
    this is a very pleasant book, combining the photography and rustic intimacy of the river cottage cookbooks with van boven's own charmingly laid-back approach to the kitchen. plus, she has v. nice handwriting. while this book would be primo for the backyard chicken set (so many eggs!), it's not so great for the likes of me. so there you go.
  • Jennifer
    OK . . . so this is more of a criticism of me than the cookbook author. I knew when I read homemade butter and goat cheese fondue that I was NOT ready for this kind of action. I think I need to stick with Martha Stewart's Cooking School or the Mom 100. Gorgeously designed though. Some good nuggets here for the advanced blogger/cook.
  • Susie
    I want, no I NEED, my cookbooks to have pictures, but this one, this takes the cake! I have yet to make anything out of this book but just opening it makes me long for sweaters and cold weather. I can't wait to try almost every recipe in this book. Not only do they look yummy, but they are interesting and unusual and exciting. Can't wait!
  • Gina
    Read this whole thing and loved it (the pictures are gorgeous: Ireland!) but while I found it really interesting I just don't think I would make anything from it as it is fancier than my normal cooking style.
  • Gina Enk
    This cookbook has beautiful photographs and whimsical drawings that are a pleasure to look at. The recipes are too European for me and my family of somewhat picky eaters, although they could be just right for yours.
  • Mrs.
    I gave the author's first book, Home Made, a 2 star rating, not because it wasn't any good, I just thought it was not very inspiring or interesting. Not quite sure what happened with this book, but I love it! So many recipes to try, and it just makes me itch to get in the kitchen.
  • Ady
    I loved both Homemade Winter and Homemade Summer. They are cozy, uncomplicated, and just like my own normal style.
  • Lee Heffner
    Charming, interesting recipes & artful
  • Beka
    Another lovely book with a yummy mix of Irish and Norse recipes.
  • Laura
    Lots of tasty ideas here but I'm more partial to lighter fare. Home Made Summer is more my style--I wanted to make EVERYTHING in that book.
  • Cyndi
    This is a gorgeous book, but it seems like the layout is more art than serious cooking. Plus lots of raisins...
  • Melissa
    What a beautiful book!