Swords of Waar by Nathan Long

Swords of Waar

Jane Carver, a hell-raising, redheaded biker chick from Coral Gables, Florida, had found a new life and love on Waar, a savage planet of fearsome creatures and swashbuckling warriors. Until the planet’s high priests sent her back to Earth against her will.But nobody keeps Jane from her man, even if he happens to be a purple-skinned alien nobleman.Against all odds, she returns to Waar, only to find herself accused of kidnaping the Emperor’s be...

Details Swords of Waar

TitleSwords of Waar
Release DateOct 23rd, 2012
PublisherNight Shade
GenreFantasy, Science Fiction, Audiobook, Fiction

Reviews Swords of Waar

  • Lyuba
    Having just finished and loved Jane Carver of Waar I immediately started on Swords of Waar and I wasn't disappointed. Everything that I loved about the first book was present in the second book, although it also felt slightly more realistic than the first book. Yes, the action and adventure were still on the overload, but since the initial world building was already established, Nathan Long was able to focus on some of the more specific issues. M...
  • David
    This is a sequel to Jane Carver of Waar, which brought a six-foot redheaded foul-mouthed biker chick name Jane to a planet called Waar, a feudal world populated by purple-skinned princes and princesses, tiger-centaur warriors, airships, sky pirates, lost technology, and lots of swordfighting. It's a straight-up send-up of Barsoom, of course, with Jane upending all the classic Burroughs tropes by bringing her modern Earth sensibilities to a planet...
  • Thomas
    Proof that if you are given a freebie it might make you an addict. Read the free Friday book on my nook "Jane Carver of Waar" and the minute I finished it I had to buy and read the second book. Seriously great fantasy adventure with a saucy wench for a heroine who never fails to kill, shag, make inappropriate jokes and just simply excel at being the southern biker babe on a distant world we wish we had a shot with. Second book was much better tha...
  • Abhinav
    You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:http://thefoundingfields.com/2012/11/...Shadowhawk reviews the sequel to Nathan Long’s Jane Carver of Waar, which he called “a perfect novel”.“I had thought that it would be next to impossible to top the awesomeness that was Jane Carver of Waar. Nathan Long fortunately proves me quite wrong on that account for Swords of Waar is even better than its predecessor!” ~The Founding Fiel...
  • Rich
    "Swords of Waar" picked right up where "Jane Carver of Waar" left off, meaning: Jane is in trouble. It doesn't take long before Jane finds herself in a dangerous situation, running like a bat out of Hell in order to escape said dangerous situation, and then, after getting out of that dangerous situation number, she would find herself falling ass over teakettle (she said it, not me) into a brand new (usually dangerous) situation.The best way to th...
  • Stephen Ormsby
    I did not know this was a sequel, but there some really good news in this. You don’t need to know or have read it, though I have already made plans to do just that. This picks up after the first book, but you quickly get up to speed on where the story is up to, which I found a refreshing change.More great news about this is that it is really very funny. Paragraph of paragraph has some wonderful little line that makes you chortle whether you wan...
  • Aggie
    This is a great follow up to Jane Carver Of Waar. Lots of action and smart ass commentary from Jane. But what I really liked is the growth and changing dynamics of Jane and Lhan's relationship. There are some incredibly tender moments between the two. And even when he is being a stubborn putz and an ass, Lhan is pretty damn lovable. Makes me wish I had my own little purple dude to love on. I cannot wait for the next installment in what is turning...
  • David Marshall
    This is actually better than the first in the Jane Carver series, presenting a much better constructed story while preserving the spirit of ERB.http://opionator.wordpress.com/2012/1...
  • Will
    Whats not to love. Naked biker chick with 6ft sword chopping up purple people.
  • Pamela
    Jane misses her beloved and needs to find her way back to Waar. Of course, she can't keep herself out of trouble no matter where she is, so we find ourselves on another journey with the raunchy bad mouthed biker girl. It's a fun ride if you enjoyed the first of the series, being more of the same. I enjoyed it, but was ready for it to end too, as I grew tired of listening to Jane's nonstop swearing comical routine. Dina Pearlman is spot-on as Jane...
  • Per Gunnar
    I think this book was a tad better than the previous one. Maybe it’s because Jane Carver do not screw up things by freezing and hesitating as much as in the previous book or maybe it’s just because I knew more what I was expecting when reading this one.The book is pretty much a non-stop fantasy/adventure/action story and a fairly good one. The first book in the series suffered perhaps somewhat from being a bit of a John Carter look-alike but ...
  • RJ
    Great follow-up to the first book. Our busty-crusty heroine Jane began a relationship with one of the purple-people; go figure. She then proceeded to take on the powers-that-be in this new world, help out the under-dogs, and unleash her American attitude and ferocity on the alien bad guys. A surprising revelation turned the plot on its head confronting our heroine with an entirely new problem and course of action. She perseveres of course, defeat...
  • Iori
    I don't know how to describe the second book of Jae-Ne adventures, it was more than fast paced. I couldn't stop reading unless it was to eat or drink. Jane was sent back on eart and she found a way to get back on War to her man and more problems that she wanted to face. To know what happen you should seriously read this book who is better than the first one. It was inspired by John Carter warlord of mars but this book has a story of his own and i...
  • Alice
    Excellent book twoJane continues her battle with the Church of the Seven, which turns out to have a couple of very different and unexpected villains. You will be rooting for her also, as she jumps from disaster into a full Armageddon while protecting her true love and fighting for the common man. Although this wraps up nicely, I can see where a book 3 could go. Mr. Long, pretty please?
  • Connor
    Follow-up to “Jane Carver of Waar”. Same fast pace and filled with tales of a woman who gets her way. Disappointed in Jane’s one liners when facing death and dismemberment or a prissy bureaucrat. Jane is mouthy and her repartee was the best part of the original book. I enjoy repeating her taunts and comebacks to shock and amaze my friends.
  • Steven Fowler
    This is a fun romp with a southern biker chick through her return to an alien world in a very ERB-esque fashion. It has elements of fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, historical fiction and porn all rolled into a philosophical social critique that is unmistakable yet not taking itself too seriously to distract from a plane fun read.Waar would be a fun world to explore in an RPG!
  • Caerigna Lunaltii
    good snarky fun, and a wonderful sword and plant book. homage to the older books of it's kind (as well as having references to books such as HHGTTG). homage, not retelling, not rip-off, and not continuation/spin-off. sword and planet is a sub genre that has many books, not just john carter. don't let some of the pigeon holing reader comments deter you.
  • Randy Smith
    Very good look at this old setting.
  • Tahmi
    Jane is a romp. Fun, fluffy read.
  • Leon Taylor
    I enjoyed this book a great deal. It is the second book in an update of the John Carter of Mars series. I'm not so sure how much you would enjoy it if you hadn't read that series in your youth.
  • Rozlynn
    This book was satisfying, fun, action packed, entertaining, was written perfect for the story, had a great characters and unique villains. I didn't want the book to end.