The Lives of Rachel by Joel Gross

The Lives of Rachel

A prequel to The Books of Rachel that follows five more Rachel's through earlier turbulent times in history. Each part takes place in a different era - namely Judea, 168 B.C.; Rome, 63 B.C.; London, 488 B.C.; the Byzantium empire in 756; and Mainz during the year 1096. Each Rachel is unique and has a different story to share; yet similar in her nobility, strength, spirit of conviction, perserverance, courage, beauty and in being either gifted...

Details The Lives of Rachel

TitleThe Lives of Rachel
Release DateNov 30th, 2011
PublisherSylvan Court Productions
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Short Stories, Christian Fiction

Reviews The Lives of Rachel

  • Mirta Ines Trupp
    Dissatisfied and dissapointed. The narrative follows five different Rachels throughout the ages. It had tremendous potential; I was looking forward to reading fictionalized Jewish history, but with all the violence, rape and torture of women, it was comprable to Game of Thrones- without the dragons. I understand and expected some level of violence, it, after all, is biblical, but most of it was unnecessary. When I had to skim through pages of hor...
  • Mara
    Extremely disappointed as I loved the Books of Rachel. Highly violent sexually and was not necessary to be that detailed in teh story line. Other flaws as well. Felt like reading it was a waste of time and I rarely feel that way about books.
  • Dessy
    I thought this would be a nice story of the Jewish faith as told through the centuries. The history was interesting and it did seem that it could be enlightening to Jewish beliefs but I could not finish it because the sexual content was so graphic. One scene seemed to cover at least half a dozen pages, I kept flipping to try and get past it and it just continued on in the same vein. I understand the need to portray SOME of what happened but the l...
  • Kelly
    This book had the potential to be a very good book.....there is some really neat Jewish history in it, but you have to drag yourself through all the violence, rape and torture of women to get to it. I didn't even finish the book, because the last section I read I had to skim the majority of to not be horrified. Not into this scene.
  • Elaine
    Five Rachel's, from the same ancesters,down through history:Judea, 168BCRome, 63BCLondon, 488ADNicomedia(Turkey), 756 ADMainz,1096ADMany gem scholars agree that the tradition of birthstones arose from the Breastplate of Aaron: a ceremonial religious garment set with twelve gemstones that represented the twelve tribes of Israel and also corresponded with the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve months of the year. "It was square -- a span [22...
  • Kbee
    3 days and nights of complete waste!!!!!How I read through the whole book I don't know. I was expecting something to come out but it never did.Started last night (May 7th), very hard to follow the story. Don't really know if it's the way it is writen or all the biblical thing about Jews, Greeks, Catholic and Muslims. The more I think about it I guess it's both.Will read a bit more maybe it will get easier.It did not get better this was the author...
  • Margaret Klein
    I loved this book when I first read a "Readers' Copy" that I picked up at an American Booksellers Association many years ago. I love it again and maybe appreciate it more now that I have a degree in Jewish Studies. The history is fascinating and Gross makes it come alive as he traces one family from the Spanish Inquisition to modern times. In every generation there is a Rachel who is strong and courageous. However, in this reading, it seems that ...
  • Peggy
    Read this as a loaner on Amazon Prime - loved it. I had read the Books of Rachel many, many years ago and always knew there was at least one other. Excellent storyline, continuity - may be fiction but shares a glimpse of how God's people have continued through the years through faith. Worth reading. I own the hardback copy of the Books of Rachel so will probably reread it as it has been a good 20 years. Yeah I keep books!
  • Sheila
    This book was a prequel to 'The Books of Rachel.' It was very slow moving and not as exciting as the first. In fact, it took me forever to finish this book. However, it was not a bad book - just not as good as the first one.
  • Kary
    A lot of history interesting lots of details of living life bc and ad
  • Janet
    I thought I would like this, but way to slow I could not follow the plot
  • Laurie Weiss
    fascinating history of the Jewish people. A compelling read.
  • Annette
    A chain of stories some intreging, most bad. It took me a long time to finish.
  • Laura
    The stories - tales of five Rachels in the same family, beginning in 168 BCE and ending with the Spanish Inquisition approaching, have interesting content. The prose is wooden and pedantic.
  • Janet Miller
    I didn't like it and in fact, quit reading it after I got about 1/4 of it read. I was really disappointed after reading The Books of Rachel which I loved.