The Golden Tower (Magisterium, #5) by Holly Black

The Golden Tower (Magisterium, #5)

The final, thrilling installment in this extraordinary series from bestselling authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare.A generation ago, powerful mage Constantine Madden came close to achieving what no magician had ever achieved: the ability to bring back the dead. He didn't succeed . . . but he did find a way to keep himself alive, inside a young child named Callum Hunt.Facing up to what he is, Callum has battled chaos and evil across four years...

Details The Golden Tower (Magisterium, #5)

TitleThe Golden Tower (Magisterium, #5)
Release DateSep 11th, 2018
PublisherScholastic Inc.
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Magic

Reviews The Golden Tower (Magisterium, #5)

  • Emma Giordano
    Update 12/21 - Dropping my rating to 2 stars2.5 Stars. Unfortunately, this book was a big let down for me. It was one of those situations where I was not *super* bothered while reading but the more I think about it after the fact, the more frustrated I become. The plot was very weak and the characters were immensely watered down. Though much of the series was endearing despite not being my favorite, the final installment was truly a drag. I reall...
  • Chloe
    This was a pretty satisfying conclusion but also a little underwhelming. I enjoyed reading it, but it definitely wasn't my favourite in the series. Sad to say goodbye to these characters though!
  • Vanessa
    Yeah, no.This series started out pretty mediocre, but I saw potential, so I continued to read it. At first I thought it would pay off, because I genuinely enjoyed the second and third book... but then The Silver Mask happened, which felt like the authors just wanted to be done with it and wrap the story up. There was still a little bit of potential left for this one, so I was crossing my fingers while simultaneously lowering my expectations. And ...
  • Cynthia
    I'm giving this a full 5-star review before it even came out. . . . Cassie, Holly, it better be the best book I will ever touch, understood?
  • Tina ➹ the girl who lives in Fandoms (Book.Enchantress)
    Magisterium series:1) the Iron Trial: ★★★★★/52) the Copper Gauntlet: ★★★★★/53) the Bronze Key: ★★★★/54) the Silver Mask: ★★★★★/55) the Golden Tower: ★★★★★/5Their titles were chosen totally ingenius!talented! spectacular! unique!I love them, they are according to the year they were in each books, but they also referring to something else about the book.binged reading the last 3 books in 2019the Golde...
  • Meaghan
    Stars (Out of 10): 3/10 StarsI had such high hopes for this book after the redeeming of the series (for me) in book 4. Just in general, there was so much potential for this series, and I had such expectations both from books 1 and 2 and from Clares and Blacks prior works.Now, I get this is a middle grade series. It wont be as deep as Blacks The Cruel Prince/Tithe/etc. or Clares The Infernal Devices/The Dark Artifices/etc. I also get that these bo...
  • Lerizza Mae (books&teacups)
    Finally done with this series!Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed. The whole series seems so rushed. There could have been a lot more world-building for a five-book series. The main characters are somewhat good, a bit shabby, not too great. They are a bit mediocre for me. And the main villain was too petty! A villain who demands all that he wants, may it be a girl, a tower with a TV room and a villain who just wants to sit on his throne just to spit...
  • Lucy of House Rojas
    Call, Aaron said. Everyone wants to livewell that hurtscall 911 cause i'm deceased2019 LUCY'S BOOK AWARDS:- BEST BOOK COVER (NOMINATED)
  • tappkalina #원호야사랑해
    4.5 ✰That's it! I'm shook.I read this whole series in 10 days! I just couldn't stop even for a minute. Thank Godness I bought the whole series when the last book was out.This is one of my all time favourite series from now on! This is a fuckin' masterpiece.Thanks for the authors x99999.
  • Jamie
    I have finally reached the end. Overall satisfied but I still wanted a few things different regarding a couple characters. But most things had a nice ending. Although some things I also felt were a bit rushed in the explanations. I feel like Call has really started to grow into a young adult. Jasper though has grown the most. In comparison Alex continues to act more immature in each scene he is in. Ridiculously so. I don't get how it wasn't picke...
  • Sage Elizabeth
    1.) The Iron Trial ★★★★★2.) The Copper Gauntlet ★★★★3.) The Bronze Key ★★★★★4.) The Silver Mask ★★★★★This should probably be a 4 star book but 6th-grade-Sage is making me give it that extra star.
  • ambsreads
    reading this series its important to remember the target audience isnt my demographic. basically i think would my cousins read this series? the answer is yes full review to come reading this series it’s important to remember the target audience isn’t my demographic. basically i think would my cousins read this series? the answer is yes full review to come
  • Elif
    Oh.My.Oh.My.Goodness.Holly and Cassandra, you are extremely talented.You two are now my favorite authors and you are the authors of my favorite series and favorite book. Yes, it did go really fast, but that really fit in with the plot because the plot speeds as fast as a bullet. You two did amazingly in making sure the writing doesn't slow this plot down. I'm speechless.
  • Melany
    Where do I even start with this book? The first issue is that it was paced at the speed of light. Omg, it was so rushed so that nothing seemed to feel important. The second thing is the addition of another character that felt forced and unnecessary. It bad enough that Jasper, even after 5 books, felt like he didn't belong and unnecessarily forced into every scene that he is, so the fact that the new unnecessary character was his love interest mad...
  • Lara
    My review for Magisterium I never thought Id come to like these books this much, but thats what I get for underestimating middle-grade literature (one would think Ive learned my lesson with Percy Jackson, but no). What seemed like a mediocre Harry Potter inspired attempt in middle-grade fantasy, turned out to be a fun and original story with unforgettable characters and amazing adventures. Holly Black and Cassandra Clare combined their writing ge...
  • Alison♊⚜️✨(semi-hiatus)
    4 starsHuh, well, I actually saw a couple of people who said that this book was the weakest in the whole series, but I think that while it wasnt the best out of all of them (the 4th book is still my favorite), it wasnt the weakest either. The pace of the plot was a mix between book 1-3 & 4 as, though there were less boring parts than in the first 3 books, there still more than in the 4th book However, in terms of plot twists, the first one came...
  • Sally ☾
    Perhaps I am unknowable. But I will burn for your sake all the same. That ending was so completely Holly and Cassie that I actually hate it.These authors will be the death of me.This series is definitely not targeted toward me anymore, but hey, I enjoyed the ride anyway.It helps that these books were very quick reads. I definitely think they could have been shorter, but I guess I understand what they were going for with the titles and all. ...
  • Stephanie
    This was a big ball of incredibly anticlimactic scenes
  • Chelsea
    Look, I know Im about to be really harsh, but something about this series just feels off to me, so Im going to rant for a second.Holly Black and Cassandra Clare are both amazing writers, which they have proved in numerous solo projects.Nothing about this series is recognizable as their work. There's none of Holly Black delectable, dark writing. None of Cassandra Clare's vivid characters and laugh-out-loud snarky dialogue. None of the tightly plot...
  • ✨Gayatri ✨
    Oh my gosh. Its done and now im rly sad. It was AMAZING!!!
  • Ronin
    I literally finished the 4th book 5 minutes ago and it was so good. I expect better from the 5th even though it would be hard to top. #best series ever
  • Julie
    *More of a 3.5*Well... That's it. That's the end of the Magisterium series. I'm both sad and happy. This book was kind of a mess tbh. There were parts I liked and I did kind of like the ending for the most part, but a lot of it didn't seem right. I don't really like the direction they went with a lot of the characters. Alex was almost an obnoxious caricature of himself and a lot of the dialog was kind of cringey. The whole thing with Maugris was ...
  • Samythenerdybeasty
    Such an amazing conclusion to an epic series! This trio will stay in my heart the same way the HP trio has. All of the characters are so well done. I loved them all, even the villains. The magic was unique and added so much adventure to the story. I laughed, I cried, and I wanted to throw this book at one point....totally an epic read!
  • Aria Mia
    A robust and fun ending to a series Ive followed since the very beginning. A worthy farewell for these characters and this world. Twists and turns are abundant! A robust and fun ending to a series I’ve followed since the very beginning. A worthy farewell for these characters and this world. Twists and turns are abundant!
  • ✨ kathryn ✨
    4.5/5A wonderful little ending to the Magisterium series. Well written, with a well-paced plot. Love Call. Love Tamara. Love Aaron. Love Havoc (big time). Love Jasper too, to be honest.. Cute.
  • Danny
    So, I never LOVED this series but I liked it for what it was: a short, middle grade series written by two good authors. I found the characters relatable and the storyline engaging, even though nothing was explored very deeply. Again this was understandable for the type of series it is. I WAS pretty disappointed with this final (?) installment, though. I felt like the ending was a total copout. We find out Constantine Madden, the big bad, actually...