Death Note, Vol. 4 (Death Note, #4) by Tsugumi Ohba

Death Note, Vol. 4 (Death Note, #4)

With two Kiras on the loose, L asks Light to join the task force and pose as the real Kira in order to catch the copycat. L still suspects Light and figures that this is the perfect excuse to get closer to his quarry. Light agrees to the plan in order to have free access to the task force resources. But when Light manages to contact the new Kira, he discovers that his rival is anything but as expected. Will Light escape from love unscathed?

Details Death Note, Vol. 4 (Death Note, #4)

TitleDeath Note, Vol. 4 (Death Note, #4)
Release DateMar 7th, 2006
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy

Reviews Death Note, Vol. 4 (Death Note, #4)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I didn't like this one as much as the first 3 but it's still freaking awesome! ❤ I didn't like this one as much as the first 3 but it's still freaking awesome! ❤️
  • MischaS_
    Guys? Am I the only one who's still waiting for their own Death Note? 😍This is probably one of the funniest books in the series. I had a sheet mask while reading this, and I kept smiling, so it was not sitting right around my mouth! 😂I really like Misa (not only because she is my namesake) but because she's childish, impulsive and a bit unpredictable. I love it that Light is suddenly forced to make his plans around this ball of energy that ...
  • C.G. Drews
    HEEEEELP MEEEEEE I HAVE LIKE 7 ANXIETIES ABOUT THIS SERIES. No wait. I have nine anxieties. Seriously I am so stressed out right now. AH. AH. AH. (Ahem.)So Vol #4 was filled with many new plot twists that TOTALLY threw me. I honestly cannot predict what is going to go down next. And is it bad that I'm kind of devastated that Light (view spoiler)[has quit being Kira??? I FEEL SO BAD BUT OMG EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. (hide spoiler)] My brain is spinn...
  • Colleen Venable
    Okay is it just me or are the representations of women in this particular volume SO SCREWED UP? Girls are not as smart. Girls always need saving. Girls make good pawns if you happen to have a notebook that can KILL PEOPLE and need something to distract the police from suspecting you. (I can't tell you HOW MANY DATES I've been on for that reason. All you fellas out there and your notebooks of death.) I had thought it might have been my imagination...
  • Dannii Elle
    Still a good installment to the Death Note series but I can't say I was as enamored with this volume as I saw with the previous three. The plot still surprised me at every turn and remained as action-packed as ever but the addition of the character Misa was a let-down for me. I was hoping for some bad-ass girl power but what I received was a submissive girl who falls in love at first sight and is displayed in an entirely sexual nature. She also s...
  • Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen)
    I really liked Misa at first-- she's a really smart and quirky character. But I'm not a fan of her motivation, and it seems like they devolved her down to a girl with a silly crush. I would have really liked it if she'd had real goals of her own.But the plot in this one was so great and the twists kept coming! Super interested to see what happens now!
  • Connor
    Not as great as the previous volumes but still really, really good. This story is just incredibly compelling. I can't wait to watch the TV show after I finish the manga series.
  • Pooja
    There is not any other thriller manga that can compete with Death Note.L and Kira are the characters who stays with you for a life time. In this part of Death Note, a fake Kira is creating troubles day by day, that too just to come into limelight and show herself/himself to the real one.I admit that at first I didn't like the female character in it. Making this series a male dominating series. But yeah, what can I say. It has to be the way it was...
  • Daniel
    Pocetak me je malo smarao i vec sam kreno da mislim da Ohba ostaje bez ideja ali je zato kraj stvarno dosao totalno neocekivano i ostavio me u stanju da stvarno neznam sta se desava. U ovom slucaju svaka cast.Ponovo navucen :)
  • Andrew
    The series is more and more exciting and the fourth volume is no exception. In this new chapter, the circle narrows around Light, with 'L' always careful to the events about Kira and there is the appearance of a new character, Misa. I read it in one breath, captured by the many events and plot twists that occur during the story. The fight between Kira and 'L' is increasingly tight, every move of the first, as cunning, is immediately examined and ...
  • delaney
    L. just being his adorable self.
  • Maddy
    I remember finding Misa annoying, but damn this time around she is irritating as hell. Loved it though. L is the greatest!
  • Roula
    Εαν δεν το εχω ηδη πει...Ο ΛΑΙΤ ΜΟΥ ΤΗ ΔΙΝΕΙ ΣΤΑ ΝΕΥΡΑ👿👿
  • Gamze
    sonu çok iyi bitti, hemen diğer kitabını almalıyımm! :)
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    The hunt continues and it is even more complex with the arrival of Misa. Unfortunately, she is not as smart as Naomi, but what she is capable of is a real threat to Light Yagami. I wasn't particularly fond with what her motives are and how she impacts the bigger chess game between Kira and L, but it does make things so thrilling at times, especially with that ending.Sort of fearing that one volume where things will definitely be insane, yet still...
  • Manisha
    Misa coming in and throwing a wrench into Light's plans is absolute hilarity. I was giggling like a school kid. Also... I got some major Harley Quinn vibes from her.This story gets better and better.
  • Carrie
    It's not like there's anything new happening at this point, is there? L thinks Light might be Kira, Light is Kira but has a brilliantly convoluted plan to convince L that he's not Kira, Light's father spends a lot of time wearing suits and looking shocked, so on and so forth.
  • MischaS_
    TO je tááák boží.
  • Hiba Arrame
    *MIND-BLOWN*Everything is absolutely very well-thought, the characters, the monologues, the dialogues, everything is just perfect. I can't wait to read the rest, I'm going so fast through it all and it's absolutely addictive.
  • Shakira
    This is definitely my favourite volume so far. I laughed out loud at many points
  • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*
    Addiction is a thing.
  • Marcelino
    Esto se está poniendo bueno
  • Mikhaela
    OK, now I'm just annoyed! I wasn't crazy about the portrayal of women earlier in this series--mainly due to the lack of meaningful women characters. But now that there's an important female character, all she does is squeal and mope about boys and wear short skirts and model. Oh, and get tortured. GRRRRR.
  • Nickyjen
    It wasn’t as good as the previous ones. I feel like the only female representative is kind of helpless and way too dumb. Why does she rely so much on Kira?? I don’t really like her role and I would’ve liked a smart and bad-ass girl in that story. Maybe it’ll change in the next book but for now it just didn’t do it for me.
  • Josiemaus85
    Spannend, spannend...
  • Sercan Vatansever
    Herhangi bir manganın yakınından bile geçmek istemiyorum. Hiç ama hiç sevmedim şu olayı.
  • Dana
    Both Light and L are so sharp that it makes me feel dumb -_-Anyway, what the HECK with that Misa!!! I want to slash her neck, cut her arteries and veins one by one, and then I shall suck her blood like Robert Pattinson used to do in Twilight (I didn't watch it actually; I'm only assuming). GAAAAAAHHHHH! What's wrong with that idiot!! I have to admit that I like the idea of another Death Note carrier, but that child was so &%*&E(*#&)(#)*^#Though I...
  • Ömer
    Çok heyecanlı be!
  • Nada Emad
    Well, I think I've found myself a new addiction. Great. Right on time. *looks at mountains of past papers in the distance*
  • 47Time
    This volume would have been more enjoyable if it hadn't been made up of 50% preparation, 40% thought-bubbles/floating-text thingies and 10% action. Somehow the 10% made the thing worth it, even though it twisted on itself multiple times, and I'm hooked again.(view spoiler)[L wants to draw the second Kira out in the open and plans to use Raito to do it. Raito is spotted by Amane Misa, the second Kira, in one of the places she wrote in her diary. S...