Pushback by Selena Rezvani


Popular leadership blogger gives the low-down on standing up for yourself In Pushback, top leadership consultant Selena Rezvani argues that self-advocacy is critical to success. Yet women initiate negotiations four times less often than men, resulting in getting less of what they want--promotion opportunities, plum assignments, and higher pay. This book shines a light on the real rules of holding your own and pushing back for what is rightfully y...

Details Pushback

Release DateApr 10th, 2012
PublisherWiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
GenreNonfiction, Business, Self Help, Leadership, Womens, Feminism, Psychology, Buisness, Personal Development

Reviews Pushback

  • Robin
    Much of the information in this book I learned through Managing Up, Negotiation and Emotional Intelligence courses, however Pushback:How Smart Women Ask--Stand Up--For What They Want pulls it all together with interviews with women executives, psychological and executive research findings and practical methods to prepare for negotiations or difficult conversations.This book is aimed to women who are interested in moving up in their career. Selena...
  • Melina
    Excellent book on how to ask for what you want in a professional setting. The first few chapters help to set the stage on why women struggle to ask for what they want or deserve. The rest of the chapters focus on techniques and examples. I reread these chapters as I was preparing for job interviews and critical business negotiations.I highly recommend this book to any female professional looking for guidance on this subject.
  • erica
    I read this book for my company's Women in Leadership book club. Pushback is an excellent little book on how to ask for what you want in a professional setting. The first few chapters outline several reasons why women struggle to ask for what they want or deserve, and the remaining chapters focus on negotiating techniques and examples from female professionals with plenty of quotes and anecdotes thrown in. I especially appreciated how Rezvani hig...
  • Jaclyn Day
    I've read dozens and dozens of books on business, workplace behavior, advancing in the workplace, navigating the professional world as a woman, learning to be a productive working mother--and the list goes on. But none of them have come close to the searing, thought-provoking, and actionable content in this book. I started dog-earing pages early and ended up folding over the corners of nearly every single page. There are constant gems: some you c...
  • Leah Hortin
    I thought this was a pretty good book! I got it to help me for professional reasons - it focuses on negotiating in the workplace. A lot of it is common sense (and stuff I had already been doing) but it was good to reaffirm I was doing the correct thing. I also snagged some good lines and phrasing. It goes through everything from preparation to body language to different techniques (like the power of silence) all the way to the follow-up piece. I'...
  • Word Owl
    None of the information was exactly new or surprising, nevertheless it was a great, practical read.
  • Christine
    This book is somewhat akin to having a short pep talk with a career coach and focuses on how women can negotiate favorable outcomes in the workplace. I particularly enjoyed the many quotes that Selena Rezvani incorporates from the female executives she interviewed while doing background research for the book. As a side note, I don't think the content of this book is correctly labeled as "pushback" (a title that suggests coming from a place of wea...
  • Maggie Oates
    Like most good pep talks, this book won't tell you much you probably didn't already know. I think it's best-read if you have a specific upcoming or previous negotiation in mind. It'd be helpful to frame and organize your thinking going in. You'll get more out of it if you're a deliberate and interactive reader, rather than scanning for tips. More empirical research would have been a lovely complement to the interesting exec anecdotes. The studies...
  • Laura
    I recommend this book to women who would like to up their negotiating skills. The tips are practical and easily applied. The tips range from job offers to performance reviews to sales pitches and other business examples. 4 stars because there is a small underlying condescending "don't you dare let him/them treat you that way" which I felt did not add benefit to the message of the book. That in itself should not stop you from reading it at all, bu...
  • Mariah
    Good key pointsThere were some good tidbits in this book, but I didn't need to read it. I have read other negotiation books that had similar advice, without the feminine slant. If you've never read a negotiation book, this is worth it. Good for someone early in their career, learning to navigate the career world.
  • Benedicte
    Enjoyed the book as giving some great insights and tips as what Women can do to make their way to the top. I am a big fan of Lean In and found this book to go a bit further in "how to get there". It is a straight forward read with practical advices.
  • Ask TPJ
    I highly recommend for women who aim to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Corrie Campbell
    Got to about 35% and couldn't make it any further. Tried to push through for my work book club but could not make myself read any more
  • Tracey Axnick
    10/21/2014I went out and picked up the hard copy of the book - I simply felt it HAD to be better than the audio version. And guess what? It was! The book is well structured and has some excellent ideas. I enjoyed it very much, and recommend it for any woman in the workplace. However, I can't recommend the audio version - try as I might, I just couldn't get past the narrator's grating and sarcastic voice and delivery. 7/24/2014Tried listening to t...
  • Desi
    There are books out there on women and negotiation and some are better than others- consider this one in the "better" category. Using her research of women executives from different industries, the author identifies why we need to negotiate and what's at stake if we don't. I definitely think the tips in this book can help me make a bigger impact- not just when negotiating, but in contentious meetings and debates too. The use of many scenarios, fi...
  • Maurya
    I give this 5 stars because I really believe it should be read by most women, regardless of what field they are in. (I also think men would benefit too.)I believe it will be a confidence booster for most. She talks about mindset, our confidence sets, and other areas to think about to be the best we can be.Quotes from this book: If it's true, it's not bragging.If two people always agree, then one isn't needed.Importance of Subject - 5 starsWriting...
  • Jennie Morton
    Practical, no-nonsense, straightforward advice. Skips over the "why" women and men are different in the workplace and cuts right to empowering women to be more vocal and active. Unlike other books of this nature, where you really have to work hard to translate the advice for non-executive positions, this is full of great tips that could be used for any professional exchanges.
  • Kelly
    Loaded with practical advice and strategies. Ms. Rezvani is adept at providing ample quotes and examples to illustrate her points, which I found helpful when trying to draw parallels to my own situation. Highly recommended.
  • Sasha Boersma
    Pretty straightforward "how to" on developing negotiating skills and be less of a pushover through self-advocating.While designed for women, would also be a very good read for men who struggle with insecurity and imposter syndrome.
  • Tanya
    I liked the interviews with women executives part, however most of the book was about the basics of negotiations which is useful but not what I expected to get out of this book.
  • Lucas
    Interesting and useful information and perspective on business, negotiation, and one's career.
  • Maria Meadows
    Great book for women in business.
  • Kathleen
    Unlike many "ask" books, this one give clear advice, worksheets, and scenarios. Let's see if it works :)
  • Brittni
    This didn't really apply to my professional career.
  • Stephanie
    Nothing new here for me. This is a limited topic. I didn't find this to be an engaging read.