Death Note, Vol. 5 (Death Note, #5) by Tsugumi Ohba

Death Note, Vol. 5 (Death Note, #5)

After a week locked up with no one but Ryuk for company, Light is ready to give up his Death Note and all memories of it. Freed from his past actions, Light is convinced he's innocent. But L is ready to keep Light under lock and key forever, especially since the killings stopped once Light was incarcerated. Then a new wave of Kira crimes hits Japan. Someone else has gotten their hands on a Death Note, and these new deaths aren't focused on making...

Details Death Note, Vol. 5 (Death Note, #5)

TitleDeath Note, Vol. 5 (Death Note, #5)
Release DateMay 2nd, 2006
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy

Reviews Death Note, Vol. 5 (Death Note, #5)

  • MischaS_
    So, this is how it will be? A Death Note every day? But that way it will only last me till the end of this week! Fabulous as always but I have to say (view spoiler)[without Light knowing that he is Kira it's a bit not as good? But I love how Light is still careful not to say something to L even if he does not know that he is Kira. (hide spoiler)]I love Light and L mind games, so much fun. But I miss Ryuk too much. 😔
  • Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen)
    Eh. This seemed to suddenly change directions and now nothing is like it was? The original premise and conflict that were so interesting seem to have been thrown to the side in exchange for these corrupt businessmen?And will Misa ever do anything that doesn't revolve around Light??What ever happened with the Police Chief's health? He had a heart attack like two issues ago, supposedly stress induced, and now all this goes down with his son but he ...
  • Connor
    [4.5 Stars] Still really great. This one has a lot of build-up for what will be going down in the next volume. I am so pumped for it!
  • Magdalen
    densely written and less interesting than the previous volumes. saw it coming but nbd. It gets better.
  • Hiba Arrame
    I don't think the idea of forfeiting the death note was very good, but I think there was no way around it as everything got really tight and there must've been a way to clear it up.I'm excited to know what comes up next.
  • Roya
    Another flawless instalment. The humour, though short-lived and rare, was scintillating as always.Ohba never fails to impress. Alas, it may be some time before I can return to the Kira Investigation. There seems to be an endless influx of trivial books that have taken a liking to butting themselves into my TBR list. If they were animate, you can be sure that I'd put them in my death note._____________________________Reread on 22/03/2015
  • Giota
    The plot, the character development, the execution are still perfect, but I have to admit I liked the original concept way better. I miss the Light-going-up-against-L-in-epic-fight-of-wits.I don't care for the new characters that have been introduced and consequently I'm nowhere near as invested as I was. It's also taking a very Hollywood turn which makes everything very predictable.Last, but not least, I'm disappointed by Misa's character develo...
  • Nərmin
    That twist... But hey, Light is cuter when not being Kira))))
  • Marianna Neal
    Almost halfway through the series, I feel like it's getting a bit too complicated. This volume did seem like a transition into something more important (hopefully), so perhaps the next one will bring the excitement back. Sure, I was still really into it, but the Shinigami-human interaction was missing for the most part and I wasn't happy about that.!!!! SPOILERS !!!!The whole memory loss situation really isn't working for me. I suspect there is g...
  • Nicole
    Only three stars for this volume because I think Light's voluntary memory wipe is a total cop-out...although to be honest, I didn't see many other ways to extend the plot without putting Light-as-Kira to rest for awhile and transferring the power to kill to another character.Otherwise, the series remains enjoyable, even though Misa drives me nuts.
  • Gorab Jain
    This has been a low point in the series so far.Didn't realize earlier I'd miss Ryuk this much :PFelt it was exceptionally thrilling with Light and L... and now its drifting across a new dimension which is also interesting, but not even close to that level.
  • casey
    light really did THAT
  • Manisha
    Actual review: 3.5The turn in the story made it lag a bit. Not to mention that Light was the driving force of the story all this time, and now...
  • Barbara McEwen
    Ughh, this series is losing me I think. It is taking some weird twists and turns, which may not be bad but I am also getting tired of L and Light's constant over-analysis and re-analysis of the situation. They are both pretty annoying really and the addition of Misa isn't helping.
  • Ashley (JaffaCaffa)
    3.5 stars?I definitely liked this one more than the last volume, but I really missed Light's personality. The event that took place just took away a big part of what I love about Death Note and I felt a bit disconnected from the story because of it.I have Volume 6 ready to read but I'm sad, the series is going downhill. :(
  • Ananya Singh
  • علي الماجد
    simply brilliantine
  • C
    Misa annoys me a lot and I don't like this eight businessman at all...This is the worse volume so far because things became so unrelated to what we started with. Light has become someone different, he is not present as much as he was brain wise. L takes more parts this time but I liked how they were fighting reason, what made them special was their weird relationship.These 8 men are so boring to read, the action is not needed if it's going to be ...
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    As much as I love this manga, this is probably the story arc where things become a bit less exciting as the focus is shifted onto an evil corporation to find a Kira hidden among 8 mysterious figures.There's some interesting moments, but it mostly stretches a relatively boring idea a bit too much. In fact, what was initially a question of justice, of good and evil based on actions, is now a question of success and money, of personal wealth and hap...
  • Shaz
    3.25This volume has been the least thrilling (I'm using that word very lightly) so far... there was a lot of strategy and build up in this though therefore I'm expecting big things from volume 6.
  • Madison
    This one kind of annoyed me but i get why this chunk of the story was written.
  • Kathy - Books & Munches
    I kind of enjoyed the first novels more than these.. It's way more schemes and serious stuff now, without me actually feeling the suspense and thrill.
  • ˗ˏˋ✰ l a r i s s a ✰ˎˊ˗
    if i’d read this before having watched the anime, i’d have given this volume 4 stars, or maybe even 3. i remember being really disappointed and sad when light and misa lost their powers and memories in the anime. i found it weird, and i felt like it would only get worse from that point on. i hated the sudden change of everything, and it wasn’t nearly as exciting and addictive anymore. i won’t spoil anything, but i promise you, it WILL get...
  • Mike
    This is my main review for the entire series. It doesn't really apply to this book, but it's far more intelligent than anything I have to say here, so just read that. Also, unmarked spoilers for previous books follow. You've been warned.Some background, in case you're too lazy to click the link. I have loved Death Note up until now. I loved the artwork. I loved the characters. I loved the moral complexity. I loved the suspense. At this point in t...
  • XCatherineReads
    Ok. Considering I rated the other books in this series much higher this may come as quite a shock. I actually enjoyed where this story was going, until I read this one. I know my feelings are not the most reliable source to judge a book but I just really did not like this. The story flipped into a totally different direction that I just wasn’t into. I got bored. And then I got kind of mad cause I was so into the first four volumes. Now I’m ju...
  • Sanara♥
    Hmm.. I loved the series when it was just Light vs. L. Even Misa coming into the story (although she's kind of irritating :p) was good. But now Kira's power in the hands of some evil businessmen makes the story less interesting. I hope they disappear soon so that it can go back to being Light vs. L lol ♡♡
  •  Readaholic Jenn
    Not as good as the first four but still interesting.
  • Lys 🥰
    Hmmm this new company is a direction I didn’t expect but nether the less I still enjoyed it throughly. I can see how this series is so very word heavy.
  • Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
    A filler volume. It's super slow and much of things you enjoy Death Note for take somewhat of a back seat.
  • Lily the Bibliophile
    3.5 stars