Death Note, Vol. 3 (Death Note, #3) by Tsugumi Ohba

Death Note, Vol. 3 (Death Note, #3)

Light is chafing under L's extreme surveillance, but even 64 microphones and cameras hidden in his room aren't enough to stop Light. He steps up the game, but before the battle of wits can really begin, a family emergency distracts him. But even though Light isn't using the Death Note right now, someone else is! Who's the new "Kira" in town?

Details Death Note, Vol. 3 (Death Note, #3)

TitleDeath Note, Vol. 3 (Death Note, #3)
Release DateJan 3rd, 2006
PublisherVIZ Media LLC
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Graphic Novels, Comics, Fantasy

Reviews Death Note, Vol. 3 (Death Note, #3)

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I'm still loving this series! Now L and Light are hanging out together. I know right? I really hope this series has a happy ending! NO ONE TELL ME! Mel ♥
  • MischaS_
    You know what? It does not matter what you read, what genre or if it's a manga. The only important thing is if you like the story. And I can tell you that I like Death Note very much to the point where I can say it makes me feel physically good. I feel myself smiling and relaxing; I'm excited to turn the page. I need more of this in my life. And what else can I say? I'm so happy that Misa is finally on the scene. I love her chaoticness and childi...
  • C.G. Drews
    WHY IS THE 4TH BOOK NOT IN MY HANDS. AHHHH MASSIVE PLOT TWIST AT THE END OF THIS ONE!!! Okay so, as always, I am a fan. (I mean, DUH. I'm on Vol #3, when usually anything that remotely smells like a series takes me 19 years to work through.) I loved this one particularly much because of the sheer amount of deducing and battles of wits. I loooove smart books. This series is SMART. We're talking genius' battling it off and trying to make the other ...
  • Mohammed Arabey
    It's a Misfortune Volume.."They say humans haunted by Shinigami have nothing but misfortune.”— RyukOkay, So you think all it'll be just 'The Hunter and Haunted"?Well, think again..The surveillance between L & Light, Light & L is taken to whole higher level.. and it sure drive Light insane..But he's smart, he'll recover...BUT...again, Think AGAIN..“Kira is evil ... There's no denying that ... But lately I've been starting to think of it more...
  • Dannii Elle
    Yet again, another stellar installment of the Death Note series!This third volume felt more action-packed than its predecessors. The good/bad binaries became even more muddied and the the art work turned darker in tone to accommodate it. It felt like this volume marked a shift in the series, where from here on out we have entered more into the world of the psychological thriller. Again, there were many levels to this and many genres were converge...
  • Pooja
    L has instructed the police officers to put Surveillance cameras in Light's room to have a closer look at his activities. Ah, Light will not like this:But he has plans to get rid of it.This series' best and most important success factor is that both main characters are equally strong and intelligent.Let me get a phone and recommend this series to you!
  • Katie.dorny
    This storyline keeps twisting, twisting and twisting.I did not see that ending at all - i did not expect this to head in this direction.
  • Connor
    Really love where the story is going and how even more layers have been added to the suspense. Looking forward to seeing what will happen next!
  • Karl Marberger
    Light Yagami is a megalomaniac monster and must be stopped. Go Team L!
  • Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen)
    3.5 Stars My favorite of the series so far! This is such a crazy smart series, and the plot keeps twisting in ways I'd never expect. Light and L are both fascinating characters and it was super interesting getting in both their heads as they face off. It still moves a little slow at times and I'm not certain what I think overall-- but I'm definitely invested in seeing where this is going.
  • skylar
    *I actually read Volume 3 in the Black Editions, but you can't count the volumes separately there so here we are."They say humans haunted by Shinigami have nothing but misfortune.” — Tsugumi Ohba, Death Note, Vol. 3: Hard RunOne of the best cat-and-mouse games I've ever seen in literature, tbh. Light and L are absolutely brilliant. The tension was high, and the reading experience is addictive! I sat down and finished this in about 1 1/2 hours...
  • Ashley *Hufflepuff Kitten*
  • Nickyjen
    This one was kind of slow ... I mean I liked all the smart conversations, however it only consisted of talking. I wish it would’ve been more action-packed like the previous two.
  • Ferdy
    4.5 stars - Spoilers-Liked this more than Volume 2. It was more engrossing and the battle of wits between L and Light was immensely entertaining. -I didn't expect L to reveal himself to Light, it was a cool twist. I loved seeing them both trying to stay one step ahead of each other. -The twist at the end was great. I was wondering how Kira/Light was killing off people without knowing their names - I really didn't see the second Kira thing coming ...
  • Clarissa Emiria
    In the final parts I tried to be better about taking the time to look at the graphics as well as reading the story as I had noticed my tendency to just read the text and speach bubbles I was so engrossed in what was happening I wanted to know more, I needed to know more.. xDI am enjoying myself SO, so much, I feel like a broken record saying it over and over again, but I really do :-) And I finished this in time to go to the library today, too, I...
  • Giota
    Wow! I think so far this is my favorite volume!Firstly, Light is downright scary!Secondly, L is one of the most insightful and competent detectives I've ever come across, and while I know next to nothing about him I strongly believe he is a great human being!Thirdly, every single character is so fleshed out and realistic!Fourthly, Tsugumi Ohba has done a marvelous job creating a clever and suspenseful story full of though provoking messages!Lastl...
  • Amy (Other Amy)
    I've never once considered finding that notebook and gaining this power a misfortune. In fact, it's made me happier than I've ever been. And I'm going to create a perfect world.Light continues to be a psychopath. Light's dad continues to be a total badass. L continues to actually live up to his reputation at his own funky pace. This serious continues to be a lot of fun. I have trepidation about the reveal from that last set of panels and the fact...
  • Sesana
    I really enjoy the battle of wit and will between Light and L., now pumped up a little with the two of them meeting face to face. A new character, another human with a Death Note, is introduced towards the end, somebody who did accept the shinigami eyes. Interested to see where this is going, especially since Light is starting to show some cracks around the edges.
  • Marija
    I just finished it and I need time to comprehend what I've just read. This plot twist/cliff-hanger blew my mind. Let's not forget the other plot twist that happened earlier in the volume. I just can not..And L and Kira are going to...Need to read the next volume ASAP
  • Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote)
    What do you do when you want to keep tabs on your number 1 suspect? Get goddamn closer. Love what L does to keep himself safe while trying to uncover Kira's identity. Sometimes a bit oddball, but more often smart as hell.And this is where the whole Kira story gets even more complex with the arrival of a new player in town!Yours truly,Lashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog:
  • Cassandra
    I love the direction we're heading with the story -- I think this one is my favourite thus far :)
  • 47Time
    Surprisingly, this volume has some depth to it. On one plane you have L directly involved in checking on Raito who is suspected of being Kira. On another plane you have L's views on Kira and his more aggressive new tactics to lower crime. This comic starts to have similarities to the Columbo tv show in that you know who the killer is and are shown how the investigators discover him.With his room wired with no less than 64 cameras (how overkill ca...
  • Kelly
    I think I have an issue with these books, I'm flying through them!! This one was much better than volume. 2 because the rivalry between L and Light has intensified massively. Light is still very clever but has had the arrogance knocked out of him a little by L who is also incredibly clever. There were a few more heart-in-mouth moments, twists and turns and a great revelation at the end BUT I don't have Vol. 4 so I have to wait for it!! Really lov...
  • Madison
    *insert a million heart eye emojis*
  • Saru (Queen of Bookland)
    L is actually a giant puppy and I want to cuddle with him.
  • Shinjini
    With great power comes great… Evil?!The second volume ends with Raito finding out that he was under surveillance due to L’s orders. Which meant he couldn’t directly write in the Death Note as he was sure to be seen by one of the 64(!) cameras placed in his room. L is pulling the net around Raito but there is a lot more to come. Raito doesn’t give up easily. He devises a brilliant plan to fool L and his own father. And Kira strikes again. ...
  • Bookishrealm
    Ahh this was so good and a quick and easy read. I can't believe how complex the characters but then again I can and I must say they are amazing and the ending oh boy!!! I need the next volume in my hands now.
  • Caroline Millan
    i cant stopthis is too intense
  • Daisy Gonzalez
    These just keep getting better!
  • Fatima Zuhair
    Light is a college student now & the surprise that L is his colleague so kira and L might be friends..We have second Kira at the end , maybe ..