I Shouldn't Be Telling You This by Kate White

I Shouldn't Be Telling You This

New York Times bestselling author Kate White is the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, the #1 young women's magazine in the world, and a hugely successful businesswoman. In I Shouldn't Be Telling You This, she shares her secrets to success. A witty, wise, straight-talking career guide for women, I Shouldn't Be Telling You This is the perfect book for the current economic climate, whether you're just starting out, re-entering the workforce after mat...

Details I Shouldn't Be Telling You This

TitleI Shouldn't Be Telling You This
Release DateSep 18th, 2012
GenreNonfiction, Self Help, Business, Feminism, Leadership, Buisness

Reviews I Shouldn't Be Telling You This

  • Emma
    I bought this book because I have always had a strong ambition to do well in my career, but over the years I have found myself losing direction and purpose. I love my job, but I knew I wasn't doing it to my best ability. I'd taken a wrong turning somewhere and needed someone to set me on the right track again. And this is what Kate White did to perfection.I have to admit, I was surprised by just how valuable this book was to me. I knew Kate White...
  • Kitty
    If you work for a magazine, it may be a good idea to read this. Any other profession, it is hard to believe she has any idea of what goes on in the real world. An entire section on how you need a new haircut (no longer than shoulder length), plucked eyebrows, and you absolutely MUST have a designer handbag in order to be a successful business woman...is hard to digest. Does she say things in the book that are worthwhile? Certainly! Interview tips...
  • Stefanie
    I always have a hard time reading career books (zzz... boring!) but I did this as an audio book and I was able to stay pretty engaged in 30 minute increments for a few days. Overall, the book was pretty entertaining and I took away some real insights. I liked the time management, work relationships (boss / direct reports) and motivation advice. But there were some parts that made it clear the author didn't understand that not everyone works in a ...
  • Tiffany
    Though the book was based on Kate White's own experiences, I felt she was overly repetitive in her work here. Not only did she mention her job title at every chance, she also referred the reader to different parts of the book rather than writing out an entirely unique part. Over all, the work is nice and offers some good tips. The writing, however, leaves something to be desired.
  • Christina
    This star rating is really meaningless. I hated this book, I thought it was choppy and poorly written. This advice is only good if you work in a profit-driven company with means and motivation to be promoted easily, and not for people, like me, who deal with strict budgets and collective agreements. Besides the fact that her advice isn't particularly helpful for me, I was embarrassed by her constant name-dropping. I understand that they were used...
  • Chanda DeCristoforo
    Overall, Kate offers some good advice (especially regarding how to find your dream job, the importance of networking, the importance of doing more, the importance of asking for what you want, etc.). That being said, I would encourage readers to take the book with an anvil-sized grain of salt, because a lot of her other advice is industry specific (for example: having a specific haircut and carrying a designer handbag might be important if you're ...
  • Heather Gibbs
    The only thing valuable I received from this book was the recommendation for a good eyebrow pencil, Shobha. I had no idea who Kate White was when I started reading the book, but she humble brags so much that you instantly know who she is. The constant name dropping was annoying in that I usually missed the point she was trying to make.
  • Lisa Hura
    Sometimes, a book comes along for review at just the right time. I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know by Kate White comes along just as I am doing going through a bit of personal career evaluation, so there are definitely tips and tricks in this book I can use.I like the structure of the book. It’s broken down in three chunks related to success: how to get it, how to go big with it, and how to savor it...
  • Kitty
    There were a few good tips in this book, but they represented less than 5% of the whole of the writings. There was a lot of name-dropping and references to specific companies. So much so, that I have to wonder if there were some sponsoring deals or just some general industry back-scratching going on here. If I want ads, I'll pick up a magazine. The tips included in this book are probably far more useful if you are a woman looking to move to the t...
  • Jessica
    I really wanted to like this book. However there was nothing of value that Ms. White imparted that hasn’t already been trotted out by other sources. In fact almost every chapter could have been an article on Indeed or Monster or any of the other career sites out there. I know to dress one step ahead of my position. I know the importance of networking. I know how to interview, write a resume, and apply to a job. I also know to participate in mee...
  • Meghan
    This was a re-read for me; although I gave it the same rating as I did originally, this read very different to me this time around. The two major differences are 1. this time I'm in my 30s and 2. I'm working in a much more corporate environment than when I read this 4 years ago. I still find White's style of writing refreshing and her advice still rings true several years later. I may never be a full-on "gutsy girl" but I've certainly learned som...
  • Kait Neese
    One of the best books I have read in a long time. She was a editor in chief at Cosmo and her writing is something I can relate to and truly enjoyed. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to be a "Careerista".
  • Kasey
    On the whole, I took a lot of little tips from this book and I love how short the chapters are. Easy to read one or two a day.
  • Ella
    Kate White the former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief, raised two children and I believe wrote twelve novels and four nonfiction books. Her book “I Shouldn’t be Telling Your This” is written in a reference style, broken down in three sections related to success: how to get it, how to go big with it, and how to savor it.  In addition, each chapter had bullet points and breaks down the key concepts for you.  It’s broken down in three chunks ...
  • Leslie Graff
    Meh... not all that impressed. This reads like a random collection of magazine snippets - probably an obvious assessment from a career magazine editor. There are some good things in here, especially when White discusses the "Gen Y" workers. However, I feel like her attempt to write a book to all 'gutsy girls' from Gen Y interns to CEOs makes the whole thing fall flat. It gets very, very repetitive at times, even referring to other sections of the...
  • L
    I wanted to like this book but I find it hard to for the following reasons. - A lot of women should be xyz in this book. This includes standing out by having a distinct hair/style/dress. - Hustle it out for mat leaves because this is America. - Lean in but save 30 min a day to yourself which is very overused. - Make everything "go big or go home" a.k.a. how to make everything sensational rather than substantial.There is a tone to this that I just...
  • Jenna
    The beginning of this book was a little crude--which I suppose is to be expected of an editor-in-chief of Cosmo, but I found it to be a little off-putting. There are a few good nuggets of advice in this book. Some is repetitive and generic. I do appreciate that the author is real about kids and maternity leave--she doesn't pretend everything is fine, and she doesn't pretend that you're doomed if you have kids. Instead, she gives practical advice ...
  • Alexandra
    Loved this book.practical and no-nonsense.my favorite: if you're trying to get in the creative mindset squeeze you hands on your desk as if you're pulling your rolling chair in. this motion (bringing things toward you) makes the brain think a novel item is now your focus.Don't hole up with your promotion thinking you can't do it (or now that you've gotten what you want what do you do?) - throw yourself in more. Listen harder and idea more.Don't a...
  • Christy Keeler
    White is a master at getting ahead and genuinely and, in many cases, blatantly tells readers how they can do the same. Her method isn't easy—it takes lots of work—but for the highly motivated career woman, it's right on target! It would behoove any 20-something female in the work world to read. I even had my son read parts of it as he prepares for his first job interview.The three stars is simply because I could never get over the panties com...
  • Alex Shrugged
    It starts off spending too much time telling me what she is going to tell me, but once she gets past all that, the book just sings. I loved it.FYI, she does a lot of name-dropping, but I found that to be a natural part of her story. Her job involves meeting famous people. What do you expect? She has a lot of practical advice to give to women, but as a man I benefited as well. Very good.I recommended it to my granddaughter.
  • Hanna Scanlon
    Although a few small tips are outdated/misogynistic (I understand, you have to play by the patriarchy's rules until you have the power to rewrite the rules) or more specific to creative fields like magazines, overall it was great. I plan on buying a copy to highlight, dog ear, and revisit frequently.
  • Julie
    A good review of what to do and not to do in your career. Mostly sound advice. I can’t imagine a software engineer really needs to worry about having a top notch designer handbag, though. You get the idea.
  • Jessica Dzubak
    Practical advice for professional women. While you may not agree with everything she suggests, she’s right. These things matter and make a difference. This book is also fun to read, while still being helpful.
  • Lauren
    Full of realistic, practical advice for the working woman.
  • Tea
    The Career Bible 🙌🏽 I know I will refer to this book for years to come.
  • Anne
    Great book for women starting out in their careers.
  • Linda
    Great advice!
  • BriZen
    I thought this book was entertaining and helpful. It was well written and I appreciated the authors candidness. It's full of great advice for career women, and I would definitely recommend it.
  • Haley Arzt
    Pretty close to 4 stars but a large percentage of the advice didn’t apply to my work-at-home life. Still definitely worth the read, and I do recommend!
  • Laura Lou
    Maybe helpful for some people but I couldn’t figure out how to make almost any of this apply to my life as a public school teacher! It was mildly entertaining but also infuriating at times.