The Connected Company by Dave Gray

The Connected Company

The future of work is already here.Customers are adopting disruptive technologies faster than your company can adapt. When your customers are delighted, they can amplify your message in ways that were never before possible. But when your company’s performance runs short of what you’ve promised, customers can seize control of your brand message, spreading their disappointment and frustration faster than you can keep up.To keep pace with today...

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TitleThe Connected Company
Release DateSep 18th, 2012
PublisherO'Reilly Media
GenreBusiness, Management, Nonfiction, Leadership

Reviews The Connected Company

  • Deborah
    Having lived my life in and through the network, Dave’s book hits a sweet spot for me. It’s layout, structure and format make it so easy to read and use – a huge plus! First, being a lover of etymology, I love Dave’s elaboration of Product as a Service Avatar on many levels. First, it’s so so true and second, the basis of the word avatar. So, second first – Avatar comes from Sanskrit. Ava means descent, coming down and Tatari means cr...
  • Mikal
    Summary: A compelling survey and manifesto that unifies a lot of specialized concepts into one organized whole. I really hope we begin to embrace "The Connected Company" not necessarily as Dave Gray has defined and outlined them here, but as a philosophy and hypothesis for further development and exploration by leaders, academics, consultants, professionals, and individuals. The connected company is here and we need to shape it.I preordered this ...
  • Yuval Yeret
    Great book. Lots of practical tips, useful concepts and metaphors, as well as interesting stories. This is a roadmap for managers looking to the next big thing in how to design &run companies Really enjoyed it
  • Jurgen Appelo
    The new organization is a network, not a hierarchy. Great argument and well written.
  • BCS
    Some books are great to read from start to finish, with tons of stuff to enjoy, learn or be amazed by, but perhaps not always in the same package. However, this is one those books that has it all, and it was a real delight to read from start to finish. So where do I begin?First of all, the subject matter for The Connected Company is right at the heart of everything that organisations have to deal with these days; namely, how to adapt the culture ...
  • Shane
    The first part let me down a bit. It felt incomplete and rushed, lacking detail.However, the remaining parts are worth it. The message resonated with me, having been in a large corporation my whole career. Learning the six-sigma methodology, which focuses on building a process that can be reliably reproduced the same output, it always bothered me that by reducing variation you're not only cutting out the processes that under perform, but your cho...
  • Kristian Norling
    This is THE best business book I have read this year. Simply put a great read. The book is a manual for the company of today and tomorrow. Glad I read it before starting on a journey as a entrepreneur. And I will make sure colleagues and friends read it. Highly recommended.
  • Anne
    Anyone in a service industry and in education should read this. We should be looking at our work differently. Though there are reasons for developing efficiencies we should be looking toward opportunities and benefits with connected to our customers and others.
  • André Gomes
    I just love to learn about better ways to design and structure an organization.This book offers a lot of ideias and invites you to think about new ways to organize people around a goal.I definitely recommend the reading. It is fun and filled with lots of nice drawings.
  • Philippe
    This book offers an interesting perspective on companies that want to thrive in dynamic environments. The basic idea underlying the book is captured in the following quote: “Connected companies learn faster - they can coevolve with partners and competitors, and they more easily adapt and respond to change. They do this by distributing control to semi-autonomous pods, supported by platforms and connected by a common purpose.” In its presentati...
  • Geert Hofman
    A good overview of how to transform your company to be more fit for the network society. The book is particularly interesting as it contains lots of examples of companies that have turned around in the right direction. There is however a primary focus on large companies which makes it perhaps somewhat less useful for SME scenarios. That's the main reason why I chose to give the book only 4 stars.
  • Edgar Correa
    Grandes corporações ainda podem se reinventar para realmente atenderem as necessidades de seus clientes, criando lugares melhores para se trabalhar, liberando e libertando a criatividade e permitindo conexões genuínas.Uma nova forma de pensar e de lidar com a complexidade!
  • Breean Miller
    I want to highlight every word. Great insights!
  • Kat
    Dave is excellent at making complex subjects simple to understand. I enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoy hearing Dave speak at events.
  • Alfonso
    Good intuitions, but quite generic and fuzzy in the identification of consequences and guidelines.
  • Peter Auwera
    Management book of the year by @davegray > mandatory reading for any incumbent wanting to have a chance in the 21st century hyperconnected economy
  • Frank Calberg
    Reading this book, these are my takeaways:Connect through purpose- Page 246: A company is healthy and sustainable when its primary purpose is creating value for customers.Purpose examples: through design / architecture- Page 4: Lowering the size of coffee machines at coffee houses can help users better connect with workers.- Page 225: Developing shopping districts can help people connect with each o...
  • Luis Fernando Franco
    Un excelente libro que comencé a leer pensando que se trataba de otra cosa.Las compañías conectadas son aquellas que se organizan en unidades independientes y autónomas, pero que viven dentro de una cierta norma que les impone algo de límites.Puede tratarse de empresas pequeñas, o de empresas corporativas tradicionales, que es lo que me resultó más interesante. Parece que las prácticas son más aplicables en las compañías pequeñas, pe...
  • Mbogo J
    I read this to supplement an earlier book on scaling and networks which I had found underwhelming. It helped a bit but just slightly. The prior caveat shows that my reservations with the book are more personal rather than universal. If it is your first time coming across networks then the book is a good primer. Personally I found it a bit shallow on technical details and relied too much on anecdotal evidence rather than real data. Gray cherry pic...
  • Visalakshi Kannan
    Reinforces the point quite well that for a company to succeed it has to be a part of the feedback loop, learn, reinvent and never be complacent about success. It's really is always Day 1. Personally I'm going to relook at how I can increase customer touch points and front-line interactions for my team to try and become a more "connected company".
  • Len Kennedy
    I found the book quite compelling. A must read for every hospital administrator. Perhaps they’ll see that their preoccupation with numbers is misleading. Especially as they’re constructed on shaky coatings.Digitising the hospital supply chain will give them accurate figures based on what caregivers actually use.
  • Cristen Boorman
    Short chapters, with loads of examples. A great book to understand how a business can become connected to its customers by changing the way it is organised and managed.
  • Bram Wijngaarden
    Felt like a list of success stories without too much depth. Didn't really connect.
  • Pavel
    A very interesting view of organisational design perspectives. Recommended to all digital transformation leaders.
  • Jay Oza
    Disclaimer: I received this book from O’Reilly Media to provide a book review. Note, there were no conditions attached. The book "The Connected Company" by Dave Gray with Thomas Vander Wal provides an excellent road map for companies to become “connected.” By connected they mean can a company provide a service to a customer the way he wants it, expects it and has a satisfying experience so he keeps coming back and tells others about his goo...
  • Carla
    What can I say? This is a great book! Highly recommended for anybody interested in business, future developments, innovation. Gray gives a thorough description of what a connected company looks like, why they are needed in this era of change, how to develop a connected company. He describes many examples of companies, what went well, where it went wrong. And all very readable in short chapters (chunks of information). I read this book in Dutch fo...
  • Jari Pirhonen
    Excellent book. Very clear and convincing arguments why businesses need to focus on services, listening customers and networking instead of products and profits. The author explained required steps to change from hierarchical organization to networked one. He also described possible pitfalls. Besides business, the book also gave ideas which can be applied in security leadership. Recommended reading for leaders who want their business to survive c...
    Brilliant Book. Must read for middle level managers. Compulsive arguments for a new form of Complex Adaptive Organisation. I like the way the book is organised. Each chapter is very short 5 pages or less and complete by itself yet a critical piece of the overall assertion. I also like how the author gives examples from real world Companies who are already in such a form. Information Technology professionals, in particular, will love this book. Wh...
  • Dimas
    This is really good book to understand how the company works and relation with other company. Many success companies that we never know how the process work inside, which made an open mind on how it works. This also book also very good on leading the company and how efficient on the processes work. The Book really interactive and not boring at all. Author has put lot of diagrams and pictures which help reader to imagine the processes.
  • Robson Castilho
    Great book about the future (or should be the present?!) of the companies.A 21th century company shouldn't be seen as a hierarquical structure but as a network of pods (or cells). Command-and-control management is history and most companies are still stuck at Industrial Age.This book presents cases of modern companies that got the message and gave autonomy to front-line people do the best they can to support their customers.(Give one copy to your...