Gorgeous Carat Galaxy by You Higuri

Gorgeous Carat Galaxy

Florian takes Ray and Lila to a distant relative's estate/castle known for its unique garden with sculptures of monsters. Jacques, who now oversees the estate, is forced to sell some of its treasures for upkeep and to take care of his cousin, Eleonora. Things are complicated by a blizzard and the arrival of Jacque's fiancee, Charlotte, who abhors Eleonora. A mysterious figure starts to attack guests, and Eleonora kidnaps Florian, who she sees as ...

Details Gorgeous Carat Galaxy

TitleGorgeous Carat Galaxy
Release DateJul 11th, 2006
PublisherDigital Manga Publishing
GenreSequential Art, Manga, Yaoi, Boys Love, Romance, Shounen Ai, Historical, Fiction, Comics, Lgbt, Mystery

Reviews Gorgeous Carat Galaxy

  • Kati
    It's You Higuri, of course I loved it. This was a re-read for me, I just felt like visiting Ray and Florian and Lila and Solomon again... It's a stand-alone volume set after the "Gorgeous Carat" series and once again, Florian is the damsel in distress, hehe. Also, I love this sort of gay stuff - the possible relationship between Ray and Florian is only hinted at, there's no sex, it's all plot and character stuff.
  • Cornerofmadness
    This is a standalone long volume from a different publisher than the rest (and apparently in Japan this series also lost it's publisher and was picked up by someone else). This was vaguely better than some of the others I read but there is nothing really new here. I did like that it riffed off Castle Orsini's Gardens of Bomarzo which is filled with grotesque statuary.In this case, the grotesque statuary belongs to another impoverished branch of F...
  • Derekica Snake
    This is a second series featuring Ray (Noir-jewel thief) and Florian (pretty boy collateral) and their adventures in a creepy mysterious castle with murder and mayhem as a side dish. Needless to say Ray owns Florian, maybe he even loves him, but until the matter of the debt is cleared up he will remain exotic and aloof. (See Gorgeous Carat – good luck finding #2)There is a creepy squick factor winding its way through the story line. While the l...
  • Leila Anani
    A rather odd volume in the Georgeous Carat universe this one is a stand alone gothic tale that has Florian convince Noir to help out one of his relatives by actually buying some artwork. They get stuck in the mansion by a freak snow storm and of course family secrets and skelletons in the closet are revealed. This feels far too light for an incredibly dark story hinting at paedophilia and incest. The yaoi content is equally minimised although we ...
  • Anna
    I remember how excited I was when I found out a new Gorgeous Carat book was coming out. Even then, I found this volume disappointing. It was uninteresting and lacked intensity compared to the main plot of the series. The relation to soap operas was depressingly evident. We also learned nothing new about our main characters. It was episodic and bland. But I guess fans of the series clamored with a new addition. Anyways, I'm at least done.
  • Emily G
    Ray and Florian are back and it's not long before one of them is in trouble and needs rescuing, and let's face it, it's generally Florian *g*! But despite this predictability, I do love Gorgeous Carat, Ray and Florian endear themselves to you with their tragic pasts and obvious love for each other.
  • Petra
    So much memories! Vzpomínám si, jak se tahle knížka dala sehnat na jediném livejournalu na celým internetu, půlka scanu byla japonský, druhá půlka až nečitelne zažloutlé... A jakou jsem z toho měla radost :3 skvělá oldschool klasika, musím si ještě někdy znovu přečíst i tu původní sérii.
  • Sarah
    Love this - who could resist?
  • The other Sandy
    Beautiful artwork; lame writing.